Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cowboy Potatoes!

I've been dying to do this for a while... they sell these at our local amazingly delicious Texas Barbecue Joint and it's a meal on a plate...

But rarely do I have the forethought and the ingredients for everything on hand!

For New Year's Eve, I did!

Big Idaho potatoes (just like on that giant potato truck!!!)

A wonderful pot of chili (RECIPES HERE!!!!) 

I did this before but it's worth talking about again, a total fun TEX MEX meal depending on which chili recipe you pick!

We did the standard tomato/chili powder + other good stuff and chock full of beef variety... but all work, even chicken chili/white chili!

Bake the potatoes but don't overbake them. Be kind.

When chili and potatoes are ready, get out shredded sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream, salt and pepper and layer...

An 8 quart pot of chili..... Football New Year's Eve!!!

I like to cut my potato up a little first. Why waste time once it's ready??? :)

Now layered....

No, there is nothing redeeming about this meal! Potato... YUM!

Chili... YUM!!!

Sharp cheddar cheese???  YUM!!!

And sour cream dollops? Well... mountains, actually!!!


So that was our fun "Grab when you're ready" New Year's Eve meal.... and it made a whole lot of people happy!

And here's a little glimpse of winter on the farm...

Cat blankets on the old couch..... Cocoa Mocha and Honey Bunny White Socks.

Don't ask.

Morgan's 3 year old birthday party. She wanted a "green" party... Easy peasy! With a Peppa Pig cake...

I wish they were always that easy to please, don't you????

And here in Western New York, home of the Deep Freeze so many of us are enjoying...

And these....

Softened by THESE!!!!

The KITTENS!!! The ones Farmer Dave and Farmer Seth rescued from under mountains of wood... Almost ready for homes! Hello, kittens!!!

And that's it from the frozen forests of Western New York where quiet tiptoeing writing in the middle of the night is like the BEST writing time ever...

For crazy northerners like me!

Multi-published, award-winning inspirational author Ruth Logan Herne (Ruthy!) loves God, her family, her country, dogs, cute kids, front porches, gardens, frogs, toads and did she mention chocolate? Because that ranks right up there! Friend her on facebook, follow her on Twitter and she really loves it when folks follow her on Amazon and BookBub.... to make her editors so very happy!


  1. Love the snow pix, Ruthy! I'm actually kinda jealous. Then again, I don't have to shovel it either, so that skews my way of thinking. But to sit inside where it's nice and warm and look out the window at all that white beauty while sipping a warm drink... I'm there.

    You know, no matter how many times I see it, I've never been able to get into the whole chili-on-a-potato thing. I like chili, I like potatoes, just not together. I'm more of a cornbread-or-tortilla-chips-with-my-chili kind of gal.

    Okay, now I'm hungry for chili. And I haven't even had breakfast yet. This could make for an interesting day.

  2. This looks fabulous! And this combo is always a hit when you do a baked potato bar. :-)

    The snow...oh, I miss snow! We do get some, but usually in two-three inch amounts, or dumped on us by the foot. Living in a semi-arid climate is SO much different than living just off Lake Michigan (where I grew up.) There's nothing like the lake effect to give you plenty of snow to enjoy.

    And those baby kittens...adorable. Just adorable.

  3. Oh, those look AMAZING!

    I'm sitting here enjoying a snow day. I really didn't think we'd get one because the snow totals aren't supposed to be THAT high (only about 5-8 inches), but the winds are crazy. I'm sitting in my living room and can barely see the house across the street. Whiteout conditions do not equal good driving weather so the city made a good call closing schools.

    Too bad I don't have some potatoes and a pot of chili!

  4. Hmmm... I think I'll have to put chili on the menu next week. Nice and hearty and warming for these c-c-c-cold days.

    Love the kitty blankets! Do they double as purring headrests? And all that snow! We've had snow nearly every day since before Christmas but we're missing the big blizzard you guys are getting now. It's heading out east instead of lingering here.

  5. Ruthy, I love this!! We do this with chili and also with leftover barbecue pork. Potatoes make a great, filling, low cost meal!!

    Sweet birthday photos, too. :)

  6. Oh my stars!!!!! I love, love, love chili potatoes topped with LOTS of cheese and sour cream...add bacon and I'm in heaven!!! Yummer city!!! I'm going to have to make this at my house soon, Ruthy :-)

    Happy 3rd birthday to Morgan, what a cutie patootie! I bet she brings you lots of joy and keeps you feeling young. My grand-girl will be four in March & she's the delight of our lives. People a pig is such a cool kids show, I love the English accents ;-)

    You know what else I'm in love with?? Those kittens, especially the gray one with gray feet. If I lived closer, I'd be snatching that one up!!! Love me some warm, fuzzy kitten fur and feeling the soft purring rumble against my chest as I cuddle...melts my heart. <3

    Love this post....

    1. Oh dear, that's suppose to say Peppa Pig....dern autocorrect!