Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring: Eating Outdoors Again!

Missy Tippens

It's that time again...time to enjoy eating meals outdoors! In Georgia, we have a short period between when it's too cold to eat outside and too hot. So I'm trying to enjoy it every moment I get!

First, a few weeks ago we cleaned and restarted the fountain in our back yard. We had emptied it for winter, and I missed the gurgling sounds. The fountain was one of the main attractions when we bought the house! (Along with my office.)

Our son and his wife recently spent time getting their outdoor area ready at their rental house. They bought a picnic table and stained it.

Then bought flowers for the patio. They also strung some lights. 

They invited us over for a cookout, and we had such a great evening!

We had grilled chicken, roasted vegetables and quinoa. It's so nice to be back to grilling weather!

Do you love eating outdoors? If so, what do you like to cook? Any favorite spots for a picnic?


  1. Oh my goodness.. I'm in LOVE! First of all, I love eating outdoors. Secondly, I'm a fool for red check and blue accents. Thirdly, don't twinkly lights make everything better? It's so charming!

    We have a table that's usually covered with someone's art project, a large chicken coop, and a river a few hundred feet away that gets sluggish and good for mosquitos midsummer so.... We do love eating outside but we don't do it as much as I'd like. Mostly just for parties!

    1. Mary Virginia, I DO think that red check with the blue flowers was stunning! And twinkly lights are one of my favorite things. I'm thinking of trying to hang lights around our deck somehow. Just haven't figured out how.

      I'm sorry about the mosquitos! We had them so bad last summer that we called the pest control guy to spray. I'm hoping we don't have to do that again this year. I'd never seen them that bad before and am hoping it was something to do with last year's weather.

  2. I love it, Missy.

    Today was that day here - the one where the temp suddenly soars, it's Friday night, windows are open, and you can hear everyone out in their back yards (well those lucky enough to live on yard levels).

    1. Sounds wonderful Mary Cate! We had a gorgeous day here, too. We went out to dinner with friends and really enjoyed the short walk from the parking lot to the restaurant. We decided to eat inside because it was actually a little too hot outside. :)