Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Attack of the Tree Pollen

So the last two weeks have sort of gone missing.

These beautiful trees were preceded by the nasty stuff that makes it difficult to breathe...or stop coughing... or think... or do anything more than veg on the sofa.

Okay, I don't usually whine about allergies, but I've never had them as bad as this year. I was pretty much immobilized for a week.

Which wasn't such a bad thing because:

a) I was on Easter break; and

b) this cute guy had just had surgery on his ACL and couldn't do anything more than sleep.

Fenway would probably be embarrassed that I posted his naked leg, but he's a dog and doesn't know I'm posting it. :)
Still not feeling too well, but at least he got some air!

The good part was I did a lot of reading.

I did not do a lot of cooking.

So I had to dig back into my phone photo library, and I came up with these three simple meals that I threw together.

They're pretty self-explanatory.

First up:

I buy salmon burgers from our local health food store. I like them better than salmon steaks. I added a bed of couscous, some fresh asparagus, some roasted beets, and I sprinkled lemon juice over the whole thing.

Simple and tasty.

Second two are salads. I made a lentil salad and a salmon burger salad. Have you figured out I love to add fruit to my greens? I love using the fruit instead of dressing. Not just because the calorie count is lower, but because I love fruit in my salad.

Finally, my church had this sign posted for Easter. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all kept this message in our hearts?


  1. Oh, Cate, I love that sign! Kindness is such a perfect gift to others. It costs nothing and gives everything. What a wonderful sign to have in church!!!! And what a wonderful image for how to live our lives as an "Alleluia"!

    Sunshine invites me to salads!!!! And our sun is spotty here, but the trees are all in blossom (so Dave is kind of feeling like you're feeling) so the allergy reactions are strong...

    So sorry!

    And I forgot that I love salmon loaf and salmon burgers. How did I forget that, Cate???? I'm such a nerd!

    Now I'm craving salmon burgers... and I like them with ketchup.

    Don't judge!!! :)

    1. Not judging. I like them with horseradish. Of course I like fries with ketchup and some may get on the salmon burger if I have it that way, and that's okay too.

  2. Ah, sorry about the allergies...and poor Fenway. And even though he's a dog, he's going to know you posted that naked picture of him. LOL. Be prepared to pay in treats. Hope you both feel better soon.

    Our trees haven't even budded yet so no blossoms to wreck havoc with sinuses.

    Love that sign -- the quote and the image. Powerful.

  3. I kept looking at the weather map and envying the people up north, but it all comes eventually, right? Unless I move to the Arctic.