Friday, June 10, 2016

Chef Tina has a HEAT WAVE!!!

We're having unseasonably warm temps this first week of June in Phoenix. The house central air is on 74 degrees 24/7. However my south facing office stays warm, even with three fans going. 

 My husband's recent trip to the Northwest and his old stomping grounds, inspired a chilled seafood dinner and tonight is the perfect opportunity to prepare it!

Crab Louie is a recipe that's been around since the turn of the century. 

From Wikipedia:

 A typical Crab Louie salad consists of:

Crab meat,
Hard boiled eggs,
Served on a bed of Iceberg lettuce with a Louie dressing based on mayonnaise and chili sauce on the side.

Here's the price of Dungeness crab in Bothel, Washington two weeks ago. 

And this is a native Crab Louie salad served by terrific friends on Whidbey Island. The shrimp and crab are fresh!

 Here's our land-locked Arizona version (where Dungeness crab costs $19.00 a pound).

We used frozen shrimp (no tails-ready in ten minutes), and canned crab meat.

Along with:

Romaine lettuce
Hard boiled eggs
Sliced olives
Cheddar cheese
Garbanzo beans (that Italian touch!)
Thousand Island Dressing

Delicious. Ready in 15 minutes and gone in ten! 
Any crab and shrimp fans out there? How's this recipe tantalize your tastebuds?

Tina Radcliffe lives in Phoenix, Arizona where there are two seasons: hot summer and cold summer.

Her 2015 Love Inspired release, Safe in the Fireman's Arms is a 2016 Bookseller's Best Finalist as well as a 2016 Holt Medallion finalist. You can get your copy here.


  1. I've never had this! It looks amazing. I have a can of crab I need to use. I may make it even without the shrimp!

    Must try to eat everything in the fridge this week before the move!

  2. It is delicious. Delicious. Delicious. If I had asparagus growing in my yard like Ruthy, I would have tossed that in too.

  3. Sounds yummy!! And we love Whidbey Island! Last year we also stayed on Harstine Island, which th kids totally loved because we could canoe around the whole thing in a few hours. Plus, we could see whales from the house. I love that area! I just wish it was closer. Well, I guess it is about the same (7 hours vs 6.5) from the Oregon coast, but the traffic adds so much travel time (several hours) we end up settling on the beach in Oregon rather than fight the crowds!

    1. I can dream. But I can never live there. Too expensive. But good to have lovely friends who live there.

  4. P.S. It was 104-105 for a few days here and it FINALLY broke into a thunderstorm and some light rain. *whew* We were miserable!

  5. Oops, I meant Herron Island, not Harstine (which is also nice). And do I get an award for most comments??

  6. Oh, this looks marvelous! Of course it was cold here this week so I made soup... enough for a couple of nights so I could weave tender tales!!!! Other than the hard-boiled eggs which are not a friendly presence in Ruthy world... and including the asparagus which I eat abundantly this time of year, and possibly turn green!!!.... this is perfect, Teenster!

    Mary Jane, I'll give you an award, of course!!!! Most Tenacious Author!!!!!

    1. Cold. I remember cold. I don't.

  7. I cannot imagine those temps. I'd be killing someone, I'm such a wuss.

    Blizzards I can handle. Shoveling snow keeps me in shape and then it feels so good to build a fire! But super heat????

    I can't get away from it and then I'm just not a nice person. Shame on me!

    But it does give me Middle East insight.

    How can anyone stay warm, happy and friendly when it is almost always miserably hot????

  8. You can type with your gloves on, but writing naked is not good.

  9. Yes, summer has definitely arrived. No 100s in North Texas yet, though. THANK GOD! Just thinking about Whidbey Island has a cooling effect. My daughter lived there for a few years when she was in the navy. It's where our granddaughter was born, so it will always hold a special place in our hearts. Just beautiful.

    Now about this salad. Love crab, love shrimp, so this looks great. Naturally you snuck those garbanzos in there. I wonder how Loius would feel about that. Still looks like a great meal.

  10. A garbanzo a day, keeps the doctor away!

  11. This salad looks fabulous! I'll have to make it to celebrate some time next week. I love both shrimp and crab.

    And garbanzos!

    And the weather! Our June weather has been typical for us: warm days and cool nights with a heat wave thrown in for a few days somewhere.

    Of course, when does this year's heat wave come? This weekend. The temps on Saturday are supposed to be flirting with 100° before a front moves in late Saturday/early Sunday.

    And when is the wedding? Saturday. Of course.

    I am SO GLAD my daughter chose an indoor venue! With air conditioning!

  12. Is this Jan Drexler in disguise??

    1. Yes, it IS Jan Drexler in disguise! I stopped by the Cafe for a quick visit this morning and hadn't noticed that my daughter had signed into HER Google account when I let her use my computer a couple days ago.

      Now I'm beginning to wonder where else I've commented under Carrie's name.... Hmmm....

  13. OH, this looks SOOOOO good. I love anything seafood, pretty much, but this looks amazing. And I have some shrimp in the frig.

    I have a feeling my husband might like it too - although he might also ask why to mess with a perfectly good shrimp by mixing it with anything else. ;)

    You know, if we could take your unseasonable 110 and average it with our unseasonable 50's, we'd have a really nice temperature. And we could still eat this - just outside!

    1. 50's????? How bizzaro is that???

    2. Well, we did make it up to 70 finally.

    3. You have made me hungry for seafood! The salad is perfect in the heat we're having.

      Sorry, Mary, about the cold spell you're having.

    4. I know. I'd love some catfish about now, Janet.

  14. Oh yum. so glad I popped over. I LOVE crab. Reminds me of my grandparents. They would take me to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco whenever I came to visit.