Friday, March 25, 2016

Holy Week Fellowship

I'm copying Ruthy this week and sharing a previous Holy Week post because I love this week so much! Rather than taking new photos and reinventing the wheel, I'll just share the ones from last year...

Missy Tippens, here. Do you remember how I shared our special Ham & Egg supper our church does each year? (Click here to see that post.)

Well, we also have daily noon as well as some evening services each day during Holy Week. It's a community gathering with guest preachers from other churches around town. And after each service, we have a meal together.

I attend the noon services, and for our meals, we enjoy sandwiches and dessert. On Thursday, we also have homemade vegetable soup (my favorite day of the week!). Traditionally, each day is hosted by a different United Methodist Women's circle. My circle has always hosted Tuesday, but we're also helping with Mondays as well now. Circle members as well as others in the church donate the sandwiches and cookies/desserts.

This week, I took photos to share! So y'all can feel as if you've been there with me. :)

This is after I made my sandwiches at home. Four loaves of ham or bologna sandwiches--cut in half so the insides show for making selections. And I saved the end pieces to freeze to make croutons!

Here you can see where we've set  up the tables so a large number of people can flow through, picking out their sandwiches. Lots to choose from!

Here's the iced tea station.

Here are two sneaky official taste testers caught in the act. :)

And here comes the crowd filing in from the service!

Some close ups of the more popular sandwiches. Spinach (I'll get you the recipe later!). 

Here you see ham and cheese, chicken salad (some had cranberries and nuts that was SO good!), ham salad, peanut butter and jelly, and egg salad. Oh, and another one so scarce I couldn't get a photo before they were gone: pineapple and cream cheese!

Here, along with my finger, is a photo of those chicken salad sandwiches I mentioned.

And here's the popular peanut butter and jelly on raisin bread.

And of course, the homemade cookies and brownies!

Here's a shot as the tables were filling. Lots of eating and fellowshipping this week. One of my favorite weeks of the year. We've had some great preaching as well, time to reflect on the Passion of Jesus.

No cooking to share today since I made ham and bologna, :) but I hope to get a couple of recipes to share later.

I pray you each have a blessed Easter weekend!


  1. First, I love that your church does this.

    Second, I love that you keep the food simple, because the focus stays on God and Christ and sacrificial love, not on someone's best chicken piccata or alfredo..... This is the perfect simple fare that allows fellowship without a mountain of fuss involved.

    So perfect!

    And bringing in preachers from other places, working together, offering services at various times, is so important. Working folks can come in the evening, retirees or work-at-homes can be there mid-day.

    Missy, what a wonderful idea!!!!! I love it!

    1. Ruthy, I love hearing the other preachers from different churches around town. And I love when their parishioners come with them!

  2. I love this tradition too. And the idea of fellowship around simple food. My church meets in a high school auditorium so we can't do this, but they are combining with some other churches in the area for different services over the weekend. No food though. :-( LOL

    1. Kav, it sounds like fun joining with the other churches! I love that aspect of Holy Week. It has the feel of a community event.

  3. This is a great tradition, and the simple lunch is so great.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend, everyone!

  4. Gosh, Missy, I haven't had some of those sandwiches in years. You've got me craving bologna or PB&J on raisin bread.

    We have a full week of services, but none include food!

    1. Mary Cate, I ended up making bologna this year (it was buy one get one free!). And I had some leftover. :) So I made a fried bologna sandwich once this week. It's a rare treat that reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad would make them.