Friday, February 19, 2016

Missy's Copycat Pasta Salad (revisited)

I've been sick this week and totally forgot about doing a post. So I'm sharing a repeat because I love this salad so much! At the bottom of this post from a year ago, you'll see our 2015 spring books mentioned. I decided to leave them in since it's nearly spring here in Georgia. I saw daffodils today! Which makes me extremely happy.

Missy's Copycat Pasta Salad

Missy Tippens, here. I got inspired by Ruthy's post a week or two ago (click here) to make my own version of her pasta salad. It turned out so good I decided to share mine!

First, I went to the deli at the grocery store. I bought thick slices of pepperoni, hard salami and provolone cheese. I also gathered several Penzey's spices since I found out the salad seasoning Ruthy used has whole sesame seeds in it (I can't eat them).

I wanted to add sweet peppers as well and bought this bag of mini peppers for the first time. They were SO GOOD. Very crisp and sweet and easy to use. I'll be buying them again in the future.

I'd recently had this dressing, Ken's Greek, on a pasta salad at a luncheon so decided to pick up a bottle. It's VERY good! Not too tart like some Italian dressings (in my opinion).

I cooked the pasta about two minutes less than the package recommended. Then added the chopped veggies, meats and cheese. Look how pretty!

Wait!! I forgot the olives! So I sliced and added them. I used calamata, my favorite.

I added the dressing to taste, the spices, and then stirred well. I ate it right then, but it was even better the next day.


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  1. Missy, I am so sorry you're sick! Get better, my friend!!! And I love pasta salads, on the busy days of summer on a farm and all the patching I have to do after winter toys with this old house, having a bowl of this in the fridge is like having a soup pot on the back burner in winter.

    It's an instant go-to meal and a crowd-pleaser! Get well, my buddy!!!

  2. Thanks, Ruthy! This has been a rough week--especially since I had to cancel a trip to visit my parents. But I'm soooo thankful I didn't go and possibly share germs.

    I'm hoping with the medicines I got yesterday from the doctor that I'll finally turn a corner in the next day or so.

  3. sorry you are sick. :-( That's no fun. But good thing you stayed home and didn't share your germs. And even though you're sick...I have to admit that I'm jealous about your daffodils. Seriously? In February? We just keep getting more snow. Another 10 cm today so our daffs are tucked under all that snow dreaming about warm earth and sunshine. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Kav, I was very surprised to see the flowers. I wish I'd pulled over and photographed them. Still, we've had a very mild winter, so I should have expected early signs of spring.

      I hope you get some relief from the cold soon!

  4. Being sick is no fun! I hope you feel better soon.

    On the other hand, this recipe is perfect for a carry-in dinner at church on Sunday! How serendipitous. :)

    1. It's perfect for that. It makes a huge amount.

  5. I hope you're feeling better, Missy!

    I missed this salad the first time round, so I'm happy to see it repeated. I've never tried that dressing. Will have to look and see if our supermarket carries it.

    No daffodils here - 28 degrees this am. But it's supposed to be 50 and sunny tomorrow. I'm ready.

    1. Thanks, Mary Cate! It's supposed to hit the 60's this weekend. I can't wait. (it's already 53 degrees now!)

  6. Missy, here's thinking good thoughts that the meds will help you turn that corner very soon :-)

    Like Mary Cate, I missed this recipe the first time, so thanks for repeating it. Looks delicious!

    Nancy C