Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hodge Podge Lodge at Ruthy's

It's been crazy fun here, and I've met my deadlines and I'm pushing for more, and I've got some breathing room so why not plan which room to paint???

Painting soothes me. Like gardening in the summer, painting in the winter allows my creative juices to flow. I work scenes mentally, and plot things out in my brain... I picture them while sanding wall putty and scraping wallpaper off !

But those pics are for a coming week, today we're just going to have some old-time fun because it's been cracking here!

We had our Half a SuperBowl party and I forgot to take pictures.... But we did have these!!!

Ree Drummond's "Pioneer Woman's" apple dumplings, oh my word, I love them!!!

And we had this, but that's going to be next week's blog...

Angelina's Pulled Beef Barbecue courtesy of the Double S Ranch and "Back in the Saddle"...

And we'll be giving away a copy of that soon-to-be-released book, too!

And then there is this:

Our grandson Nathan sent us a package of Ethiopian coffee for us to try! Nathan was born in Ethiopia and came to us at age two.... And Grandpa and I loved it!!!! It was great coffee!

Here's Nathan...

Clifford paid us a visit:

That was a "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" moment!

And Finn started his Super Bowl party with ice cream, because why wouldn't you???

We had 12 kids and 8 parents here for the big game, and it was so much fun!

And I caught a cold from Eli...


And my credit card got hacked for almost $3,000, all of which the credit card company caught... God bless them!

But honestly, over a thousand dollars at Target, fourteen hundred at Apple Store, and $71.37 at


The reason I use a business credit card for business purchases is because you just never know who might be grabbing info at the other end of the online purchase...

So I'm thrilled that Chase/Southwest wasn't fooled!

So next week we're doing the Pulled Beef Barbecue, perfect for a hungry cowboy crowd or any crowd! And then Angelina's homemade bread (suspiciously similar to MINE!!!)...

And then  the cherry cake that is so wonderful!

I'm leaving you with my best and most blessed wishes for a beautiful Lenten season, a time of prayer and reflection and thanksgiving. God bless you!


  1. Ruthy, I'm sorry about the debit card!! Is the a second stolen credit card?

    Love the photos!! I look forward to the upcoming dishes!

  2. Missy, yes... the December one was my debit card and someone in Nashville grabbed those numbers and replicated the card. And this was my business card that I only use for Amazon and donations, or the occasional farm business expense.

    Stinkin' scammers!

  3. The party sounded fun. And knowing you, I'm sure it was full of love and laughter. So sorry about the credit card. We have been through that also. Which is why I also have different cards for different things. sigh. And yes, they are wonderful about getting to the bottom of the issue. Most of mine were stolen at restaurants. sigh

  4. Sandra, good morning! I love that you stop by! Hey, sometime when you're doing something with a group, try those apple dumplings. They are crazy easy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

    I know it's going to happen to everyone, but it's disheartening to think that folks would rather mess up other people's lives, than get a job.

    Good old fashioned work is a marvelous thing!

  5. Phew! I feel like I've catapulted out of a Ruthy Whirlwind after reading this! So much wild and crazy fun at your house! Mine is as quiet as a tomb this morning -- and just as cold. Brrr. We finally have 'normal' winter temps up here which means I'm back to having a windchill in my rickety old house.

    Boohoo over the credit card scammer. That happened to me only with my debit card and they cleaned out my account. I wouldn't have known about it except my bank called me to question some purchases and withdrawals. I thought that was really sharp of them until I discovered it was the bank machine (inside the bank!) that was the culprit and they were calling everyone. Freak out time. It was the first of the month and I was about to bounce my rent cheque. It took five weeks to get the money back in my account...a lean five weeks. A shame everyone can't play nice.

    1. Kav, I'm so sorry to hear that. That's a LONG time... when we're living paycheck to paycheck, that's harsh stuff, my northern buddy!!!

  6. First of all, I love that plate. So pretty.

    Second, I'm with you on the painting, Ruthy. It's creative, relaxing and it's instant gratification. Nothing changes the feel of a room quicker than a fresh coat or new color of paint. Wish I could be there to help you.

    Stinks about the credit card, but I'm glad they caught it. Stuff like that drives me crazy. Why can't people just get real jobs instead of preying on others?

    1. Mindy TOTAL AGREEMENT ON ALL! :) The paint and the scammers. But at least they resolved it quickly, but yes: Get a job. Stinkin' brats!

  7. Really?

    I can just see that profile - "Single female looking for a guy who likes to travel and party. I'm paying!"

    Or - "Twenty-something guy looking for a long-term relationship, maybe marriage. Don't worry about finances - I've got it covered."

    Very romantic, isn't it?

    It's sounds like your Half Super Bowl party was fun, as usual! You know, if you lived out here, you could watch the whole game and still send the families home in time for bed. ;)

    1. Ruthy runs to put FOR SALE sign on the farm!!!!!