Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Babies, Fishing and My One Word

Mindy here, fresh off of a relaxing weekend trip to the ranch. Temps were in the low 70s all weekend, making things darn near perfect.
I have finally resigned myself to the fact that we are not going to have any winter here in Texas this year and spring is upon us. I can't wait for the wildflowers.

For now, though, it's calving season.
This little guy is a cutie.

So is this one.

Something spooked this little guy.

Those mamas will watch you like a hawk, though, when you get too close.

Of course, when roaming through the pasture, it's always a good idea to watch where you step.

Right, Maddie?

Dixie's content to steer clear of it all together and stay on the road.

My guys took a little time out for fishing.

Nature's beauty sure is hard to beat.

Especially if you're reeling in the big one.

Yesterday, Jan talked about her one word--BE STILL. 
Last year, I didn't choose a word, so OVERWHELMED was assigned to me. Yes, 2015 was a challenging year for me on many levels. 

So this year, my word is DELIBERATE. 

I'm tired of playing offence. This year, I'm going to be deliberate in my actions. Whether work or play, I'm going to approach everything with purpose. Even those things that might come out of left field. And we all know about those. Just ask Jan and the unexpected week she had. 

Now it's your turn. 
What's your one word? Or are one who prefers making New Year's resolutions? Care to share some of those?

Come on, grab a cuppa your favorite hot beverage and pull up a stool. 


  1. I love looking at the ranch!

    My one word has morphed to Joy. I like joy. I love that while weeping endures for the night, joy cometh in the morning.

    Joy makes me smile. It makes others smile. With so much friction in life, in families, in the world, just spreading gentle joy is good.

    Love the kaleidoscope of cow color!!!!! Perfect!

    1. Ruthy, you bring joy to so many people, so that's a perfect word. Like you said, the world needs more joy. And I LOVE that verse. Love it.

  2. Great words Mindy and Ruthy. My word is LISTEN. Kind of goes along with Be Still. chuckle.

    1. Ooo... That's a good one, Sandra. God had hit me with that one in the past. Not sure if I succeeded or not. :P

  3. Love all the photos of the ranch. And the babies. And congrats to your son on his great catch. I bet those tasted yummy.

    1. Just catch and release this time, Sandra. Though they caught enough that we could have had them for dinner.

  4. Love that protective mama stance. LOL I can't believe it looks like that down there and with those temps while up here it's white out conditions. Brrrrr.

    My one word is Irish -- Tearmann -- pronounced chair-ma, soft on the ch and emphasis on the ma — English translation — refuge; sanctuary

    I want to seek refuge in my Lord. Learn to let go, let God, seeking the peace of that special understanding so I can draw closer to Him. And, in doing so, I hope to be able to offer sanctuary to others.

    I think I'm making progress on the seeking refuge in God. Have had a lot of challenges since the beginning of the year and I am seeking Him first more and more instead of becoming anxious or worrying myself sick. It's been a hard lesson to learn, but a worthwhile one.

    1. That's beautiful, Kav. Anxiety and worry are tough things to kick. That's when we have to reflect on what God has done for us in the past and how He's carried us through and caused things to work out for good. Yet when life throws us a curve ball, those two things seem to be our first instincts.

      Glad you are making progress. Hang in there. I promise, He won't disappoint.

      Wish I could send some of this wonderful weather your way. We're supposed to hit 80 by the end of the week. Makes me fearful of one REALLY hot summer. But all you cold weather folks and take comfort in knowing that there is a tradeoff in this nice weather. Allergies are running rampant. Mountains Cedar and oak are everywhere because there's been no cold snap, so even those who have never suffered before are feeling the affects.

    2. Oh, Mindy, I was just remembering the balmy early springs we enjoyed in Texas, and then you mentioned the mountain cedar. Would you believe I didn't suffer from allergies until we moved to Texas? The mountain cedar did me in!

    3. I'd believe it, Jan. Very typical.

      This is more than an early spring, though. We simply haven't had any winter. Meaning that mountain cedar has been a problem for months. Care to come visit us? ;)

  5. Your one word makes me cheer, Mindy. We can go through a season of being tossed by the waves, but then we need to start swimming deliberately toward our goal. Both seasons are necessary, I think, but there needs to be a turn toward progress sometime. :)

    I love the pictures! I can enjoy them, remember the joy of the warmth and sunlight....and not sneeze a bit!

    The ranch is beautiful. I know you'll love living there.

    1. You are so right, Jan. Love the analogy of being tossed by the waves. That's exactly what was going on with me last year. Good thing I've been working out, strengthening my muscles to help me swim right past or through those waves toward my goal. :)

  6. Oh, I love this cafe. There is such wisdom here and I love getting to partake.

    I hear you on your choice of words, Mindy. I had something similar in mind the year I chose INTENTIONAL. I didn't want to be playing catch-up on everything in life and just reacting. I'm not sure how well it went, but at least I tried.

    My word for this year was placed on me also. Peace.
    Just letting go and accepting.

    I did a Pinterest search for Peace and love all the beautiful images and quotes that came up.

    1. Intentional, deliberate...sounds like the same word to me, Mary Cate. All we can do is try.

      Peace... I love it. You should have been at the ranch with me this weekend. Snakes and scorpions are still hibernating, so you'd have been okay. :P

    2. I was wondering about those scorpions as I read it.
      My daughter recently worked a gig on a cruise ship. Part of it involved going to an island for a day. The catch was that no one could stay on the island overnight because once the sun set it was overrun with scorpions!

    3. Now that would creep me out, Mary Cate. I've had enough scorpion stings to last me for a while.


    I just came across a recipe for "pasta fazool" of "When the Moon Hits Your Eye" fame!


    Have you ever had this dish here at the Yankee Belle? I'd love to see what you all can make of it before I try it myself.


    1. I don't believe we have, Vince, but we might need to check it out.

  8. Replies
    1. Good one, Tina. I think I could benefit from that, too.

  9. Mindy, I'm sorry I missed your post. I've been sick this week. Just didn't feel up to getting on the computer.

    Loved the photos! And your word. Mine is TRUTH. As in the Voice of Truth. It's the second time God has given me this word. I hope I can learn to listen to His voice better.

    1. No worries, Missy.

      Okay, since you've had this word twice, does that mean you're ignoring the truth> ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist. Praying you will learn to discern that truth in 2016.