Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Post Christmas Wrap-Up

Here we are in that weird week between Christmas and New Years. Actually, our Christmas isn't quite over. Since our oldest daughter's husband had to work on Christmas, we'll be celebrating with her family later today. I can hardly wait.

Were y'all like me in the days leading up to Christmas? Baking your little heart out and loving every minute of it? 

Here's just a bit of the carnage as I prepared for the fun.

On Christmas Eve we gathered with the rest of our kiddos for fun and fellowship.
The grand girls kept things lively.
Though my own kids did their best not to be outdone.

And did I mention food?
 The bacon appetizers were the first to go.
 Though the sausage and chocolate came in a close second.
You all know that Christmas calories don't count, right?

Which is a good thing, because we pretty much repeated things the day.

All in all, Christmas 2015 will go in the record books with two thumbs-up. 
And as we begin to focus on 2016, we take stock, regroup and contemplate what lies ahead. 
Lord willing, we'll meet up a year from now and reminisce just what that was.

Happy New Year! 


  1. Happy New Year, Mindy! Enjoy your family gathering today. I love the years when Christmas gets spread out over the week. More fun and anticipation.

    1. Agreed, Kav. After all the preparations, I want the fun to last more than one day.

  2. We're still gathering today, too... and the food supply is finally dwindling to a low roar!!! :) So funny! Mindy, aren't we blessed to be in a land of plenty and with family intact? I thought of that this year especially... our grandson who was born in Ethiopia was up here with us for his first northern Christmas!!! And it was delightful to have their whole family here, the first time we had all 14 grandkids together at Christmas, so no matter what ever happens, I have that memory and there's nothing like those memories.

    Here's to great family, no politics, peace on Earth and the blessing of a baker in the family!

    To health, one and all, for 2016!

    1. Here, here, Ruthy! We are so blessed. And I love that you were able to have all of your grandkids with you. Was that the pic on Facebook? Greatness.

  3. Merry Christmas, Mindy! I love those years when Christmas is spread out, too. It helps to satisfy the anticipation, and lingering celebrations are always a good thing!

    Enjoy your bash today. Alas, we're all back to work today. The tree is still up until after New Year's, though!

    1. Jan, you had an exceptional Christmas. Congrats on your daughter's engagement. Guess we know what you'll be doing in the upcoming year.

  4. What fun, Mindy!

    I feel like my celebration is extending because my daughter is home for two weeks. Lots of cooking time together and good memories.

    Wishing you continued joy into the new year.

    1. Mary Cate, we definitely cook out of love, don't we? Whatever they love, we're on it. Just to see those smiles. :)

  5. We've had a late gathering with my family which is why I've been scarce. Looks like you had a great time!