Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An Accidental Delight

Caveat: this meal is brought to you courtesy of some nasty grapes.

I love red grapes and lately I've been eating a lot of them. They're a great natural way of keeping your blood pressure down! And all those antioxidants! Honestly, I just feel so virtuous when I'm snacking on them.

So last week, I bought a big bag of organic ones. I was so excited to have them to snack on while I wrote.

Alas, they had some nasty muck on them.

It might have been mold. It might have been dirt. But the thought crossed my mind that it could also be bird poop, so there was no way I could enjoy them.

But waste not, want not.

So I decided to roast them after thoroughly washing!

I put a little coconut oil in a baking dish and put the washed grapes in it in a hot oven.

They were okay, but a little sweet.

So then I had this brainstorm.

I needed lunches for work, so I made a pot of brown rice and cooked another pot full of sprouted lentils. 
I added some garam masala. 

I added turmeric to the rice, but I don't recommend it. Pretty but the flavor was overwhelming.

When the rice and lentils were done, I mixed them together and added in the grapes.


The grapes were the perfect counterpoint to the rice/lentils mix. It tasted great warm and it also tasted terrific chilled.

I sprinkled some toasted almonds on top!


  1. My jaw dropped. I'm gaping at the computer. Did she just say lentils, rice and grapes??????? This is why I'm an awful chef -- I have no imagination when it comes to cooking. I might get brave enough to try this sometime. And you've reminded me, I have some red grapes in my fridge. I feel snack time coming on. And a mellow blood pressure reading. :-)

    1. We aim to stun!

      I worked backwards based on what I had on hand that I thought I could mix with the rice and lentils. It was definitely an adventure.

  2. I've seen several recipes with roasted grapes this fall! I pinned them on Pinterest. You should go look for them. I think one was similar to this! Very cool! I'll have to try it. I've been on a grape frenzy too. :)

    1. Oh, I'll have to go look, Missy. I haven't been on Pinterest in forever.

  3. Very interesting, Mary Cate. Kav is correct, though. You are adventurous in the kitchen. Gotta love that.

    1. About the only place I am (and not even usually). At least I'm not facing off scorpions.

  4. You really do have an active imagination and not just for writing. Love all of this. I bet it was delicious.