Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Nut Roast Style

Hello, Cafe dwellers. Happy Thanksgiving Eve.

This time last year, my husband, daughter and I were caught in a Maine snowstorm that began hours earlier than predicted. When we woke up Thanksgiving morning, we were mostly thankful to be alive. Driving through that snow was truly the most treacherous driving we've ever endured. The Mainers were smart - they all stayed home. We had to get someone but then we stayed put too!

I thought I'd share some photos and then the delicious nut loaf recipe that my daughter and I cooked. We were the lucky ones. Most of the town had no power, but the house we had rented stayed on grid.

Inside the cozy house we rented in Ogunquit, ME.

Thanksgiving morning!

I didn't take this one, but it's Ogunquit beach on Thanksgiving morning.

Wild turkeys that survived Thanksgiving!

More wild turkeys.

So food -

My daughter is a vegan so hubby had turkey, but DD#2 and I had vegan nut roast (which honestly I much prefer to the turkey!)  We followed this recipe. Mushroom Nut loaf.

I thought I had taken pictures of it and us making it, but apparently not.

For those who have never had a nut roast, I highly recommend them. Think sort of a veggie meatloaf but with ground nuts instead of beef.

This picture gives a pretty good idea of what one looks like. As for taste, my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is the stuffing. Because of the seasonings, nut roast pretty much tastes like one big delicious piece of stuffing!

Special thanks to Kav for her lovely review for Love by the Reins. This nut roast is for you!


  1. Oh, Kav writes the best reviews! Congrats on your new book! Is it indie? I haven't heard about it. Looks pretty!

    1. Virginia, it's not entirely Indie, but sort of. Cynthia Hickey does the uploading. She had put together a series of sports-related novellas. I chose horseback riding for mine.

      So I guess you could say, this is me tentatively dipping a toe in Indie waters. Which, thanks to Kav, I feel more confident about now.

  2. Cate! Congrats on the new release, just in time for Christmas!!!! The nut roast looks wonderful, and I love stuffing too.... With puddles of gravy.

    Hi, I'm Ruthy and I'm a gravy-holic.

    MMMMMM.............. I know it would ruin the vegan-ness of this, but I bet gravy would be awesome!

    I'm a huge fan of cranberry orange relish, too. Love it. It might go beyond love, like to excessive love of cranberries and oranges together, like Virginia put in the scones last week.

    I think I'm getting hungry, mentally preparing. We celebrate on Friday so my married kids can spend time with the other side of their families, and take the stress of running around off of cute grandkids and beautiful daughters-in-law. No one needs extra stress, ever.

    Cate are you staying in NY for Thanksgiving or traveling again? And I love the snowy pictures, but think of all those folks without power on Thanksgiving..... Fire up the wood stoves and the backyard barbecues, after you sweep the snow off!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

    1. LOL Gravy away, Ruthy.

      We're home today. Nora flew in this morning. So no snow this year.

      There's sort of a funny story attached to the power outage. I had convinced my husband to stop at a diner so I could have lobster pie on Thanksgiving eve, but we couldn't find it in the snow. I later found out the reason we drove by was because they had lost power too. I've never seen such dark as dark in a snowstorm with no power anywhere.

  3. Oh my, I want to move to Maine as long as I can stay in that cozy cottage! Love the dapper doggy duds. :-) And thanks for the review's easy to write reviews for great books and your novella was just what the doctor ordered. I'd been hankering for a horsey story for grownups and voila there it was. :-)

    And love this recipe. I'm going to try it for Christmas...only my daughter is allergic to nuts so it will all be for me. Bwahahaha! I actually had a nut loaf recipe that I loved. Got it when I took a vegetarian cooking class. Alas, I lost it and have never had the courage to try another one because there's a lot of 'fail' vegetarian recipes out there. Since this one is tried and true I'm willing to give it a whirl.

    1. You'll love having the leftovers, Kav. I left them with my daughter last year since we had the drive home. I was sad not to have them.

      We're trying a different recipe tomorrow. I'll let you know how this one goes.

      You'll have to come visit me when I (fingers crossed) move to Maine.

  4. This sounds delicious!!! I can't wait to try it!

    Loved the photos. I rarely get to see snow like that. What a scary but fun time!

    1. Fun the morning after, Missy, but it was a white-knuckled drive.

  5. Kav does write the best reviews, ever! Thanks for the shout-out on the blog, Cate :)

    This nut loaf looks interesting, and you say it's like a loaf of dressing? I'm all in!

    And your Thanksgiving in Maine looks so cozy, even with the storm. What a beautiful cabin!

    And now I'm off to make pies. I love Thanksgiving.

    1. Yes, Jan. I wanted to keep the cabin. SO adorable.

      We're doing an apple pomegranate crumble for dessert.