Wednesday, July 22, 2015

While I'm at RWA - a Sweet Treat for You

I was going to do today's blog on my infernal sweet tooth.

Except that RWA15 starts today. They're not giving us lunch or dinner. They are giving us desserts.

The Death by Chocolate party is Thursday night.
Harlequin's Black & White Ball (always loaded with yummy desserts and chocolate) is Friday night.
The RITA/GH reception with it's dessert tray is Saturday night.

You see my dilemma?

I think I'll save the sweet tooth post for next week.

But to tide you over while I'm gone, I have a yummy dessert recipe that's actually healthy.

My local health food store distributes a free magazine called Delicious Living. This recipe was in an issue back in 2013. You can find the actual recipe in the magazine here, but I'll post a picture with it too.

So many delicious and healthy ingredients - dried sour cherries, dark chocolate, coconut, dates, walnuts. And so pretty too.

I hope you enjoy this sweet treat. I'm sure by the time the conference ends on Saturday night, I'll be craving healthy, clean food.

But help me get ready. Let's talk about that sweet tooth. Is it as big a problem for you as it is for me? Are you able to resist or is it not even a temptation?


  1. I love sugar. I know it's bad for me, and I know weight control is huge, but I love cookies.... cakes.... pies!!!! And fudge, oh mylanta, I had two gifts of fudge, each a pound and a half, in 8 days time.

    One is in the freezer. The other isn't. Sigh.

    And even though I know I should be high protein/veggie as often as possible, sometimes I cave and sometimes I HAVE TO cave. I keep a freezer container filled with small pieces of frosted carrot cake for those moments.

    They're one layer high rectangles, just enough to make me feel decadent without going overboard, because once the sugar/yum button is turned on, it's so hard to turn back off!

    We can fight the sugar monster together!!!! :) Because taming that bad boy is never easy.

  2. Do we really want to tame that sugar monster? Yes? Rats! Sweets are definitely my temptation. Not a crazy salt girl at all. But, oh, I do love a dessert. Cookie, pie, pudding, cake...I'm not picky. Oh...and chocolate.

    My attempts to control this craving don't always work but I do have two hard and fast rules. If I want a sweet I have to make it myself. No processed, prepackaged temptations in my cupboards because that would be too easy. (Confession: I occasionally break this rule for Timtams)

    The other rule I have is that when I bake I have to give at least half of it away. That's because I live alone and really, I do not need to be eating a whole cake on my own.

    Enjoy the conference!!!!!! So excited to see pics and hear stories from everyone.

  3. Well I hate to tell you this, but sugar isn't my craving. I can pass a dessert table real easy. But don't despair. I do have that craving bug in me and its for salty crunchy things like chips. Oh my. Don't let me get near a table with chips.

    For you moms out there, I think I don't crave sugar because my mom never allowed us to eat sweets. She only made dessert when it was a special day like birthdays or holidays. Hence, I've never been plagued with the sugar craving. But because of my salt craving I certainly empathize.

    I wonder if anyone out there craves things like celery sticks. LOL

    1. Sandra, Dave is like you. He can eat chips, nuts, popcorn, anything salty.... and he could care less about sugar. So we haven't killed each other over snacks, so that's good! We may have discovered the secret to a happy marriage... Not liking the same treats!

  4. Oh yes, forgot. Have a blast at the conference.

  5. Oh yes, the sweet cravings are all over the place! I've found some recipes that use stevia as the sweetener, though, and that helps curb the cravings without eating a lot of sugar. And that's the best of both worlds!

    Have a great time at RWA!

  6. I'm back and forth between salty and sweet. Brownies are my can't-resist sweet.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! (I hope I can read it on my compute. It's tiny on my phone. LOL)