Friday, July 10, 2015

The Ever Popular Breakfast Bowl

Hello from The Belle! I wanted to share a recipe my daughter made this week. She's really into Pinterest and has seen a ton of recipes for healthy breakfast bowls. This is one she decided to try. It's from

She made the basic bowl:

⅔ cup light coconut milk
2 TBS chia seeds
1 TBS maple syrup (the real thing!)

Mix these together, cover and let sit in the refrigerator overnight so the seeds plump up. (If you haven't seen this before, it's pretty amazing.) It comes out with the texture of a pudding.

My daughter actually added greek yogurt and a dash of vanilla to her mixture in the morning to make it creamier.

You can check the original recipe (click here) to see the ingredients they used to top theirs. My daughter topped hers with fresh blackberries, fresh pineapple and shredded coconut. But you can go wild and try any toppings! :)

Have you seen these popular bowls? Have you tried making them?


  1. Missy. Don't judge. I have never heard of a breakfast bowl. What planet am I on?????

    This looks fun and delish but don't we use chia seeds for plastic head pets?

    I'm confused.

    Will I grow hair out of my nose?

    Please help.

    Your friend,

    Ruthy "The Yank"

    1. OMGosh!!! I'm dying laughing here. YES! They are the same chia seeds! LOL But they're also very healthy to eat. :)

      I can promise you, though, that you will NOT grow nose hairs if you try this. hahahaha

  2. LOL -- I was thinking along the same lines as Ruthy -- about the chia pets. Though I know the seeds have become the hot new fantastic health food fad. I've never used them in a recipe.

    And for me a breakfast bowl is full of oatmeal! Mind you, my daughter is always on the lookout for fast breakfast ideas since she sometimes has to venture out of the house at five. And she's vegan so this would totally work for her. What did it taste like?

    1. Kav, it was very good! Reminded me of tapioca pudding, which I've always loved. But that may be because she added the yogurt to make it creamier. I didn't taste it before she added.

      I agree about he oatmeal! It's hard to top that.

  3. BTW, I bet Mary/Cate will be able to tell us what's healthy about the seeds!

  4. I've never tried using Chia seeds to make "pudding", although I've been tempted.

    But every time I slow down to look at the package at the store, the jingle starts going through my mind. You know the one: "Ch-ch-ch-chia pets!"

    And now we all have that song going through our minds!!!

    But I'll have to try this. I LOVE tapioca pudding. Chia seeds are going on the grocery list!

    1. LOL!! Gee thanks, Jan. Now it's stuck in my head!! But you're right. At first, all I could see was the chia pet we used to have. :)

  5. I just made refrigerator oatmeal for these 4 nights shifts (made 6 so have a couple extra) but I used 1 tsp chia seeds in each one. I've never tried the pudding though or with coconut milk. I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk in these - in the past I used fat free milk - but the almond milk tends to last a little longer than regular milk.

    need to look up breakfast bowls on pinterest...


    1. Yeah, I've noticed the almond milk lasts way longer. Very nice if I don't drink a lot of it. :)

      Sounds good to put the seeds in oatmeal!

  6. ok pinterest breakast bowl seach made me hungry!
    Susanna who's gonna see if I get to pick all the liquids again to prove I'm not a robot..sigh...