Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Deadlines, Parties and RWA

Like Jan, July is a busy birthday month in the Obenhaus home. And amidst all of these birthdays, I have a rapidly approaching deadline, plus I will be leaving for RWA in New York City one week from today. 

It's times like this when multitasking is of the utmost importance. 

Sunday was our first-born son's 20th birthday, so why not celebrate it with about 20 guests. 
(insert googlie-eyes)  
There's nothing quite like making bacon burger patties (recipe here) and typing on you manuscript at the same time. Especially when you have a sneaky husband who decides to take a picture of you while you're doing it. But hey, I was on a roll. And don't worry. No raw meat actually made contact with the keyboard.

My deadline is actually Monday, but I'm praying I can get it in on Friday, which will give me the weekend to prepare for my trip and think about what to do for my mother's birthday the day before I leave. I'll let you know next week if I made it or not.

In the meantime, I've put hubby on notice. He's in charge of dinner this week. I guess that means Cheap Chicken Monday from the grocery store and Taco Tuesday from a local restaurant. After that, who knows what it'll be.

Now, I must bid you ado, but not without showing you a little surprise I found at my local Walmart on Saturday.
August comes early to Texas. And I am in awe of all the fantastic ladies I get to hang out on the shelf with for the next month.

Hubby says you know you've hit the big time when you're book is 25% off. Ha!


  1. Multi-tasking, yes! So funny. I hope all of you gals gathering in NYC have a ball! I will be home writing, the lure of conferences wore off a while back for various reasons, although I do love getting together with my writer buds! I hope to hang out in Nashville next year and see people who gather for ACFW, and see Nashville again. I love Nashville! What a great city!

    Now I need a bacon burger. And I love seeing your book on the shelf! And my buddy Mia is right there, too! Hello, Love Inspired ladies!

    Have a great, wonderful, marvelous time next week, Mindy!

    1. Ruthy, I have no doubt that your are the queen of multitasking. With all those little ones running around, you have to be.

      Yes, getting together with my writer friends is usually the biggest draw for me to conferences. These people get me. I can't talk yo them about my characters and they think it's completely normal.

      Of course, this year part of the draw in NYC. I've never been there, so I can hardly wait. I'll be the one on the street with her head tilted all the way back, going, "Whoa..."

      I love me some Nashville, too. Great town, great music... Wonder if I could arrange to see Luke Bryan. My youngest would be SO jealous. :P

      I can't speak for others, but I do miss seeing you at conferences, Ruthy. How else am I going to hug your neck? Perhaps I should bribe you with some Starbucks.

    2. I agree! Mindy, we need to pester her into going again. :)

  2. I'm aiming for Nashville next year, too. It would be sweet to see you there, Ruthy and Mindy!

    And your deadline is approaching FAST! And here I am in panic mode with a September 1 deadline. Okay, maybe not panic, but certainly not relaxed. My husband has already mentioned how little cooking I'm doing this summer...

    But in my defense, my favorite pizza place opened a new location just down the road. Boy, oh boy, is that ever dangerous!!! And they sell personal size pizzas.

    We only ordered from them twice last week....

    Happy July birthdays to your crew, and have fun in NYC!

    1. LOL, Jan! Only twice??! :) :)

    2. Chipotle is my downfall. But as long as I stick to the salads, I can have my steak and eat it too. :D

      Jan, I will miss you this year. Piece of cake on the deadline. Or should I say, piece of pizza. :P You can do it, girl. Go, go, go, go...!

    3. Chipotle is about to open a branch one block from my house. This could be dangerous.

  3. Mindy, I love that photo!! And I look forward to seeing you soon!!

    1. That sneaky Richard.

      See you next week!

  4. Great to see those books on the shelf. Good inspiration to meet that deadline early. smile. Best wishes and happy writing.
    PS I'm an expert at quickie meals. Rule in our house when working-if we can't cook it in five minutes we don't eat it.

    1. I like that rule, Sandra. Around here, it would be if I can't fix it in 5 minutes. Call me selfish... :D

  5. Can't wait to see you next week, Mindy.

    I've been hoping for Nashville too. Cafe reunion!