Friday, March 27, 2015

Tips for Making Perfect Fudgy Brownies

Missy, here. I almost forgot to post! So fifteen minutes before my regular posting time, I decided to share a couple of tips. One I've used for years. The other, I figured out recently.

I'm going to show you how to make the best fudgy brownies (as opposed to lighter, cakey ones) with a brownie mix. And hey, if you like brownies cakier, then just ignore this post. :)

You can use this method no matter what brand you buy--Pillsbury, Duncan Hines or others.

The first tip I'm recommending you use comes from the back of the Duncan Hines box.

No matter what the mix says, I add:

1 egg
⅓ cup water
⅓ cup canola oil (vegetable oil)

Mix with a spoon until just blended.

And here's the really TOP SECRET tip. Free to you! (You're welcome.) :) Okay, the secret to really good, fudge brownies:

Spread into a greased rectangle pan. Not a full size cake pan, and not a square pan. Mine is 7.5 x 11 inches. It makes PERFECT brownies. (By the way, I spray my pan with Pam.)

Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes. You can't test brownies for doneness like you can cakes. So just trust me on this if you're using my size pan.

Now enjoy the best ooey gooey brownies ever!

Sorry, no photos. These got eaten almost instantly. I won't tell you how many people contributed to the eating. :)


  1. mouth is watering. I was actually going to make brownies yesterday until I discovered my oven didn't work! Gasp! The fuse is blown. So proud of myself for figuring that out by myself. I have replacement fuses but the blown one is so black I can't figure out what amp # I should use. I have 15, 20 and 25. Argh...I can almost taste those brownies!

    1. Oh, Kav, how disappointing!! I guess you can get the model number of your oven and look up the fuse amperage online. I'm impressed you knew to check that!

    2. Kav, can you plug the model and model # into Google and find out what size fuse it needs? I do that all the time for my appliances so I can have a clue what's going on. Or, if it's a household fuse, (in your fuse box), the color should tell you. Here's the color code I found online:

      Round fuses are color coded as follows: Blue 15amp fuses; Red 20amp fuse; Yellow 25amp; Green 30amp fuses. Most household circuits are 15amps.

      Match the color, you're back in business!

    3. Sigh. It's really old -- Admiral -- but I can't find the model number anywhere. I tried googling just Admiral and stoves in general but I haven't found anything useful. The stove is really, really old. The blackened fuse says 125v etched on the glass part but I have no idea how many amps that would be. And yes, I tried googling that and didn't get very far either. I've put a call in to my landlord but isn't known for his quick replies. LOL.

    4. Good luck with it! You may have to go buy a brownie somewhere to satisfy your craving. :)

    5. I suppose it's too much to hope your landlord might replace the stove? ;)

  2. Brownies are a staple around our house, and I love fudgey ones!

    Years ago, I took a meal to an acquaintance who had surgery. You know, the standard casserole in 9x13 pan. I had purchased a couple extra 9x13 pyrex dishes to use for things like this, so I was good to go.

    Except when she returned my dish, via her husband, via my husband, I ended up with a 7.5x11 inch dish.

    I was disappointed, but I wasn't going to make a fuss about it. After all, her husband was my husband's boss.

    But what can you use a 7.5x11 dish for in a growing family of six?

    Now I know!

    1. Yay, Jan! I'm glad I solved your mystery. hahaha