Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - aka Adventure Week

Last week, my boys were on spring break, so we decided to spend a nice, relaxing week at the ranch. But as often happens, things didn't turn out quite the way we planned. 

Our first day we awoke to rain. LOTS of rain. To the tune of five inches.
Our lovely island that usually looks like this--
Suddenly looked like the incredible shrinking island.

But the rain did eventually stop and it was time to go exploring.
 My traveling companions loved the water.
Dixie's motto seemed to be, "Why walk on dry ground when there's a perfectly good puddle nearby."

As the sun rose the next day, the waters were receding.

Which meant it was time for more exploring. Some of us--though I shall not name who, only that they are sixteen years old--got a little over zealous.
Creating extra work for his brother and me.
I suppose, however, that turn about is fair play. Because this is very reminiscent of the scene created by  big brother during spring break 2012.
Needles to say, big brother had no room to complain.

Since we were running out daylight, though, we decided to wait until the next day to tackle this job and returned to the camp to find this in the barn.
Any guesses what that black and white striped thing is?

Yep. It's a skunk.

Imagine my surprise when I entered the barn and it waddled right past me. 
You know, I've never fancied myself a runner, but I was that night.
Luckily, Pepe LePew was gone the next morning.

After about three hours of digging, pushing and pulling, we managed to get the Polaris unstuck and safely back to the camp without further episode. Leaving plenty of time for more exploring.

Late winter/early spring always means lots of new calves.
Aren't they cute? Especially that little one lying next to its mama just right of center.

And would you believe it, there were even signs of spring.
There were even a few bluebonnets. Very soon, countrysides all across Texas will be blanketed with these beautiful flowers.

As the sun set on our adventurous week, we pondered how boring life is in the suburbs. Many of our greatest adventures have taken place at the ranch. And though we may not live there yet, it's definitely where our hearts call home.

Where is your heart at home?


  1. Sounds like you had crazy good fun. Tons of wonderful memories too. Even the skunk! But oh, all that mud! I'd take it over the freezing rain pinging against my window right now. LOL

    My funny skunk story happened when my two black and white shelties were puppies. I was walking them in the early hours of the morning before the sun was up and it was garbage day. Simba man loved all the interesting smells on garbage day and he'd nose around each driveway no doubt cataloguing everything each family had eaten over the week. He was spending way too long at one spot so I gave a tug on the leash but he wouldn't budge. When I got in closer, I found him nose to nose with a skunk! I froze in horror and watched the silly, puzzled pup run his long pointy snout all down the skunk's back. I'm sure he was thinking something like, Hmmm, looks like me, but doesn't smell like me. Thank goodness the skunk seemed to enjoy the impromptu massage and we were able to part ways without mishap.

    As to where I call home...my heart still yearns for Ireland and on St. Patrick's Day I get a wee bit nostalgic.

    1. Black and white shelties? Awww.... I can just imagine what was going through your head while your dog sniffed that skunk, though. Something akin to, "Please don't spray, please don't spray?"

      My boys ended up cornering the poor thing and I feared they'd get it. Which would have been really bad because while I could have gotten the tomato juice, we don't have a tub in the camphouse. So glad it didn't happen.

      Happy St. Patrick's Day, Kav! Do you think you'll ever live in Ireland again?

  2. It looks like you had a fun and memorable week!

    And oh! The bluebonnets! I have some great memories of our time in Texas, and bluebonnets top the list. They don't grow as well in West Texas, where we lived, but we would visit my brother-in-law in San Antonio most springs. We'd drive the back roads - more direct than the interstates - and the farther east and south we got, the more bluebonnets we'd see. I love them!

    Home? Hmmm. You know how it is when you move a lot. Northern Indiana was home while we lived there - more than any place we've lived before or since those seven years. A lot of it was because my family has lived in that area since the 1850's, and also because our children were all children then. The youngest was born there, and that's where they grew up. We still miss it.

    And where we live now is becoming home. I never want to move anywhere else :)

    But when I think of {{home}}, it's heaven. I'm just a pilgrim passing through here on earth :)

    1. Jan, I can see you spending the rest of your days in the Black Hills. Your love for the area is evident.

      However, you are correct. We have an eternal home and that's where our hearts truly belong.

  3. What a fun week! Extra adventures and all. :)

    I LOVE that last photo. It instantly made me sigh and relax.Very nice!

    1. Thanks, Missy. I liked that one, too. :)

  4. What a blast, that you made it out without having to take tomato juice baths is a miracle! So how do you get an ATV out of soul-sucking mud?

    So envious of the bluebonnets! I know you will be so happy once you finally are on the ranch permanently...except for the skunks of course.

    Peace, Julie

    1. Let me tell you, Julie, it wasn't easy. Lots of digging to try to free up the tires, some strategically placed tread thingies to provide traction and a come-along. Actually, without the come-along, we might not have made it out. It's kind of like a winch that you anchor to a tree. Definitely worth having.

      I do love those bluebonnets. Especially when they're mixed with some Indian Paintbrushes. The deep orange really sets the blue off. Too bad they're around for such a short time.

  5. When I get overwhelmed by schedules and work I long to get away to our little lakeside Cariboo cabin. It's a great escape -- no neighbours to distract, although no conveniences, either, so it isn't a luxury holiday.

    Thankfully, I've never seen a skunk there!

    1. It's nice to have a getaway, isn't it, Carol? I so appreciate being able to escape the city and enjoy a slower pace. Preferably without skunks, though. :)