Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cold Mornings, Hearty Breakfasts

So we spent the last week at the ranch, hubby, the boys plus one of their friends and me. It was a nice time of relaxing and enjoying each other. Which really is sort of a feat since, for all practical purposes, it's a one-room camphouse. 
You should have seen the steam rolling off the water a few hours earlier.
I spent most of my time writing and cooking, two of the things I love most. 

Hubby wasn't exactly thrilled with the weather, though. Temps stayed in the low to mid forties and it was rainy and drizzly much of the time.

"I don't like cold, " he said. "I don't like wet. And I especially don't like cold and wet."

Ah, the poor fella. Almost sixty-five years old and he doesn't know how to dress for the cold.

Rainy weather means full tanks.
But mama's got to take care of her men, so I made sure to send them off with a good breakfast. Something that'd really stick to their ribs and warm their tummies. 
Something like breakfast burritos.

These are so easy to make. You can even prepare everything ahead of time and assemble later.

First thing you want to do is brown a pound of your favorite breakfast sausage. 
Regular or hot, whatever you please.
I like to throw in some onion, bell pepper and jalapeno. 

Once the meat is cooked, drain and return pan to the heat.

Now, mix together 8-10 eggs, a little bit of milk, salt, pepper and whatever seasonings you like and add to the sausage.
(Can you tell there's no exact science to this?)

Cook over medium to medium-high heat until eggs are set.

Remove from heat. Spoon into tortillas of your choice (usually flour), add some cheese, salsa, whatever you like, and roll, tucking in the sides.
Goober me accidentally picked up the fajita-size tortillas, so we had lots of mini-breakfast burritos.
Normally, you would use the burrito size tortillas.
(For those of you asking, yes, they do make different size tortillas for different purposes.)

And as you can see, by the time my men were done, there was only one burrito left for me.
Of course, that was all I needed.

Now that my boys are getting older, they can take care of lots of things for us.
Like building the bonfire on New Year's Eve.

All I had to do was show up--loaded for bear.


  1. Yummmy! I like some canned green chilis too. You look so cute in that hat. But what is in your hands??

    1. Ooo, I hadn't thought of green chilies, but that's a great idea, Tina.

      Those are firecrackers. We always do fireworks on Nee Years Eve. Actually, they weren't mine, but one of the boys. I'm more of an artillery shell girl. ;)

  2. Mmm! Breakfast burritos! One of our favorites!

    But I never make them for breakfast, LOL. They end up being a quick "brinner" or a Sunday noon meal.

    And your poor hubby! He doesn't like the cold? Actually, I agree with him on the cold and wet part. One thing I didn't like about Kansas, Kentucky and Texas is that it was rarely cold enough to be bracing and wonderful. It just got cold, wet and miserable. Give me a good hard freeze any time!

    1. He's a native Texan, Jan. Born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast. Then again, he used to be an avid snow skier.

      I'm with you, though. I prefer the cold weather.

  3. No cold breakfasts for me until May! Thanks for the recipe and the pictures. Still jealous!

    1. LOL, Julie! I'm still having my smoothies in the morning, but it's becoming a chore. They're usually followed with a hot tea chaser. ;)

  4. Hmmm...what to the dogs think of the fireworks? I'll take your forty degree temps this time of year, Mindy. Mind you, I shouldn't complain about cold since I don't have to go out in it but my house does have a wind chill factor.

    Nothing like something that will warm you up and stick with for breakfast. We had a brunch over the holidays and my daughter made scrambled tofu...it was really, really good -- mix of seasonings and veggies and kale made up the flavour, tofu gave the protein and my goodness, but I wasn't hungry the rest of the day! Anyway, the scrambled tofu would be great wrapped up in a burrito. I'll have to tell her that because she always has left overs that she brings to work. Wrapping it up in a tortilla would be a handy dandy way to do that. Thanks for the idea.

    1. No, the doggies aren't too fond of the fireworks. One tries to eat them so we have to make sure she's in the house. The other two run for the house as soon as they hear any kind boom or bang.

      Tofu, huh? Well, to each his own. At least it has protein. But you are so right about wrapping it up in a tortilla. Tortillas are great things for leftovers of just about any kind.

      So Kav, what do you mean your house has a wind chill factor?

  5. Yum! I had a cheese burrito almost every morning. I should add eggs sometimes.

    Love the cute photo!

    1. Missy! (She said, fists jammed into her hips) No eggs? Seriously? You need that protein, girl. Yes, you should add eggs. ;)

  6. I love breakfast tacos/burritos- I usually use the smaller tortillas because they're easier to keep together and handle! one of my fave 'healthy ' versions is to cook some potatoes int he microve then drain then simmer them in salsa and add onion/bell peppers/jimmy dean turkey sausage crumbles and egg and liquid egg whites..sometimes I make enough fililng for 3-4 meals.but Il ike the flavor the salsa gives..hadn't thought about green chilies.that could work too!
    I did use rotel tomatoes a few times

    1. Wow! I'm making note of that, Susanna. Sounds like a great mix.