Thursday, June 27, 2013

Refrigerator Roll Cheese Danish

This amazingly delicious and simple recipe came to us by way of Facebook.

My daughter Beth gave me the original.

I changed it.

Now sometimes when I do that, things BLOW UP!

But not this time. This time my changes made the recipe better.

Five minute prep time.


And it's uber delish and crazy popular and people will think you're the Kitchen Diva.

Please note that this original picture doesn't have the two egg yolks or two tablespoons of flower I added. The original recipe came out with the cheese too runny in the middle. Adding the eggs and flour gave it a New York Cheesecake type taste and texture... And we LOVE NEW YORK!!!!

Which means:


And now we return you to our regularly scheduled food and fun blog!

Cheese Danish

2 cans Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (We tried with a generic brand and it came out much neater and better with the real deal in this particular case!)
2 8 oz. packages cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla (Lemon extract can be added or mixed, lemon/vanilla is like a citrus creamsicle!)
2 Tablespoons flour
2 Egg Yolks

Preheat oven to 350°. Open first can of rolls and simply unroll them (still attached) into the 13 x 9" pan. Mix all other ingredients until smooth.

Spread on rolls. Open second can of rolls, unroll the crescent rolls and lay on top.

Here is the evidence that I added the two egg yolks... One green egg, one white egg. Because that's how we roll 'round here!

Top with:

1/4 cup butter melted
Very Generous Amount of cinnamon sugar  :)

Brush butter over top of rolls.... generously layer cinnamon sugar over that.

Bake for about 20-30 minutes until golden brown.... You may drizzle with glaze of powdered sugar mixed with small amount of milk, but it's really not necessary. This Danish creation is perfect just like this!


  1. Ooooh, yum! So if you used citrus/cream cheese, would you put cinnamon on the top? I'm wondering at all the delicious things that could go in here! I'm definitely making this on our camping/cabin trip!

    1. Cinnamon and lemon.... sure, why not? Lemon zest cookies..... I guess it's a matter of taste.

      Mulling that one, maybe butter with plain sugar would work better? Let us know which you do!

      And I don't see why you couldn't swirl raspberry or strawberry jam or pie filling into that cheesy=goodness layer, right?

  2. OMGosh - I think even I could handle this baking (if I didn't burn it or something!)

    1. Susanna!!! Easy, right?????? Big grin here!

  3. Personally, I'd prefer a gratuitous canine Jeter picture next time. :-)

    This looks yummy, Ruthy. I've never attempted a cheese danish...or any kind of danish for that matter. Do you think you could add some fruit to it or maybe a bit of cherry pie filling? Or would that mess it up? Blueberries would go well with the cinnamon sugar too. Just thinking out loud.

    1. Oops, I just put that in my comment to Mary-of-many-names because I don't know why you couldn't. Just not too much so the cheesy mix bakes properly... Kav, you will love this and I'll do puppy Jeter pics soon.

      He's a-stinkin'-dorable!

  4. Fabulous. Just fabulous.

    And easy. That's a must!

    Thanks for the tip about making the filling more substantial. I'm with you - cheesecake-like filling beats runny melted cheesy filling every time.

    You'd have to make it for an occasion, though, or a crowd. There couldn't be any leftovers or I'd eat them for lunch. And snack. And dinner.

    1. I sent every last smidge home.

      It is addicting. No kidding.

  5. OH, WOW! I've always loved cheese danish. I'll make this to impress my kids one morning. Will be perfect for when my daughter has friends spend the night. There's nothing like competing with moms who make homemade waffles or cinnamon rolls (and I'm providing cereal or pop tarts). I may be able to redeem myself!

    Thanks, Ruthy!

    1. Oh, Missy! That can be an ugly competition! And your only judges are teen girls' appetites! It's a good thing Ruthy gave you some powerful ammunition :)

    2. You will win the battle, hands down. This is that good. I promise.

  6. What kind of "flower" did you use?

    Yes, I'm picking on you. ;-)

    Looks and sounds good, but I wonder how it would be with homemade crescent roll dough... We don't buy the refrigerated kind (have you noticed that Pillsbury still uses trans fats in their stuff? Last I checked they did anyway). And since son and d-i-law are doing some detox and other stuff starting July 1st, DH and I are going to make some changes in our eating, too--support one another and all that. Guess cheese danish is out.


    1. Melanie, of course it would be good! Just wouldn't be as quick, but sure, use homemade....

      I love that folks are taking such good care of their bodies. I'm a big fan of seeing how generous God was to give us one... and then expects us to take care of it. What always helps me (not to sound like a preacher girl, but this is my push to try and stay somewhat healthy)...

      If we are vessels for Christ, if we are gifted with the Holy Spirit, why wouldn't we take the best care possible of our body, the temple wherein God resides?

      Not that it's easy, especially here in America where we have so much stuff available to us... and feel good/taste good stuff, too.

      But taking care of that "temple", the human body: I have total respect for that. Good for you!

  7. This is just too easy. Passing along this recipe to my daughter!

    Peace and thanks, Julie

  8. She will love it!!!!

    I just love that it impresses folks and I am THAT PLASTIC!!!!