Monday, June 17, 2013

My quickest lunch ever...

Jan here, letting you in on a little secret.

I think you might know by now that I love spending time in the kitchen, cooking for my family and friends...

...but occasionally I have a day when time is a premium.

Like when I'm in the middle of rewriting a proposal for the third time.

Or when inspiration hits and I just CAN'T step away from the computer, even though my stomach is telling me my time on this earth is going to expire if I don't send something down SOON!

On those days, I usually resort to a spinach/cheese omelette (about 15 minutes prep, but very satisfying), or PB&J (about 5 minutes prep, but not satisfying at all).

And then I found these at Sam's Club last week:

I usually pass by items like this, but that day they were giving out samples (don't you just love those samples!), and I thought, I think it's time for some convenience foods....

I started with the Asian mix (yes, I bought one of each!). When I opened the package, this is what I found:

The veggies are a blend of cabbage, carrots and cilantro (mmm, I love that cilantro...). The dressing is an Asian style sesame/ginger dressing (with no MSG - I checked), and then there were little rice snack thingies and slivered almonds to use for a garnish.

The package said there were 3.5 servings, with 120 calories per serving. I split the contents in half - which gave me a humongous salad for Thursday and another one for our Father's Day picnic yesterday.

The view during our picnic on Father's Day :)

And it was delicious.

How much time did it take? About 3 minutes, including stopping to take photos!

And then I revised another scene of my new story while I ate my lunch.

I'll be eating the Garden Salad version this week - probably Tuesday and Thursday.

:) I love it when I have lunches all planned out!

And, of course, Monday wouldn't be complete without a gratuitous puppy picture!

Thatcher, 11 weeks

So, let's chat! What is your favorite quick lunch?


  1. I've never tried those packaged salads. Always thought they'd the veggies would all be wilted and know yucky! I had a quick lunch ready for me this morning. Leftover coleslaw and potato salad and homemade banana bread which I made on the weekend so I guess I'd say that leftovers of any kind are my favourite quick lunches.

    LOVE, love, love the gratuitous puppypic. I'll admit to heading here with high hopes of a Thatcher fix. He's adorable! And he's growing up! Look at that boy sitting pretty for his picture! And he's still so fluffy and clean! I bet his little pawpads are still pink!

    1. Actually, I don't like most of the packaged veggies.

      But I live in a place where it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to get decent lettuce - even in the summer.

      The problem is the shipping. Because of the distance from the nearest large city (Denver or Sioux Falls), the produce has to stay in the truck an extra day before the quality suffers.

      We're learning to eat lettuce-less salads - more of the other veggies that are grown locally or hold up to shipping better.

      But with these packaged veggies, I find that the cabbage family - cabbage, broccoli, etc. - are actually pretty good!

      And I also use left-overs for my go-to quick lunch...when we have any. My sons have endless appetites :)

    2. Oh, and Thatcher's paw pads are beginning to be more doggy than puppy - it's that daily mile walk we do in the morning.

      I call that walk my sanity - it gets his energy used up so he'll take a midday nap and I can get some work done!

    3. Can't you grow salad greens where you are? I thought they were pretty hardy and liked cooler weather. I buy Boston leaf lettuce that's grown hydroponic (sp?) It comes in a plastic bubble pack with the root intact. It lasts over a week in the fridge. Bet that would survive your shipping problem.

      Hey -- I could move into your area and start a hydroponic indoor garden centre and provide produce year round to y'all.

    4. I've used the Boston leaf lettuce - I like it, but hubby doesn't (sigh). So I get it once in awhile.

      And yes - I have greens in the garden (yay!) - but it will be a couple weeks. Thinking seriously about adding a cold frame so I can plant earlier...

      Move here? What a great idea! You'll have to look into the hydroponic garden idea :)

  2. I love Thatcher!!!!!

    My broccoli slaw comes like this but without the add-ins, Jan. So I buy the bag of shredded broccoli and carrots and then add nuts and sesame seeds and if I have a veggie leftover (grilled asparagus last week) or chicken leftover I throw that in. And I add sharp cheese because I love the mix of veggies and cheese.

    I think this is the most fun diet-conscious food in the world.

    And I love CRUNCH!!!! :)

    1. I love your broccoli slaw, too! These packaged things reminded me a lot of your concoction.

      But I don't always have the add-ins, or the slaw...and these have been working perfectly for my time-crunched couple weeks.

      I love the CRUNCH in my food, not in my time!

  3. Gratuitous puppy pictures are up there with gratuitous pictures of grandkidlets. They are much appreciated.

    I am with Ruthy this week. Man O grilled tons of chicken and I bought broccoli slaw and bagged romaine salad. Chicken salad for lunch!

    But when I don't have the fixins on hand, I grab a handful of almonds, a cube of cheese and a few carbs of fruit or raisins. Trying to keep things as low carb as possible.

    Peace, Julie

    1. Your non-chicken salad lunch sounds like my go-to snack. You know, that 4:00 slump when supper is two hours away? That time when a certain candy company used to urge us to keep a Snickers in our desk drawer, just in case?

      Mm hmm, give me some protein and nuts over candy...most days, at least!

  4. Yum! I love salad kits!! Haven't bought one for a while. I think it may be time. :) My fav is always the Asian because I love that sesame dressing.

  5. I'd rather eat the snickers bar but my clothes fit again so I'm staying hand-in-hand with broccoli!

    My teens are making homemade cupcakes today... and homemade frosting... and sprinkles.

    It's so fun having teenagers around the house.

    LOVE IT!

    1. Isn't it great when they start cooking?

      I always have two rules: 1) be willing to share, and 2) clean up after yourself.

      Of course, if they share enough, I'll pitch in with the clean up!