Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cupcake Doll Cake for Showers and Birthdays!

Time:  An hour +/-

Using white and chocolate cake mixes, make 28 cupcakes... Feel free to eat any extra!

Arrange cupcakes onto a sturdy form like this:

Once I knew it worked, I transferred the cupcakes onto a foil or paper-covered cookie sheet. I had to make sure I could "SEE" the dress form in the cupcake arrangement. Note that the slight curve of the arrangement makes the shape of the dress. How amazingly simple!

Now I use homemade frosting because I love making frosting! So easy and so much cheaper than anything in a can! And those all taste like chemical waste anyway, and while I love a Slurpee that tastes like chemicals, I want my frosting to be DELICIOSA!!!!

Frosting recipe is below.

Fill frosting bag. Use large star tip. Starting at outside edge of the cupcake, swirl the top with frosting just the same way you see them do it in an ice cream shop. Your swirl should "end" in the middle of the cupcake in a little peak.

Frost each cupcake the same way, letting frosting fill in the tiny spaces between the cakes. (This is a great cake idea to practice on because swirling frosting through the tube is the easiest move of all...)

Once done, we added pearls (From JoAnne's or A.C.Moore or Michaels) and then I did a frosting ribbon at the waist with a rose petal tube, #104.

BUT if making the "sash" seems difficult, you can just use a pretty little fabric ribbon to do the same thing. Here's the "dress" before I put the sash on....

And here it is with the pearls and ribbon around the waist:

This way they had a "breakaway" cupcake cake for the shower and it's a darling look! Colors could be alternated to do a little girl's birthday, a Sweet 16 party or a quinceanera.

Ruthy's Decorator Buttercream Icing:

Beat together:

2 sticks soft butter
2 cups Crisco  

Add in:

7.5 cups of powdered sugar
1/4 cup milk
4 teaspoons flavoring (either vanilla, almond or blend of both)

Beat until well mixed, then whip on high speed for 6-8 minutes. Frosting will turn very light and fluffy, perfect for decorating cakes.

I love new cake ideas, so if you guys have any you want to share, give us a shout. Cakes are such a fun experiment in the kitchen!

Because even if you crash and burn, it's no big hardship to eat the remains!


  1. Replies
    1. Cute and simple. That's how I'm rollin' as often as possible these days!

  2. Wow! I am so not a cake decorator! Mine always look like someone (me) blopped some icing on the cake and smeared it in. I like to think of it as cottage country or rustic style but really it's just a big blob of smeared icing. That's why I make pies or squares for pot lucks. :-) I bow down to your artistic skills!

  3. KAV!!! Hahahahaha! I totally get it! But I promise, this is a simple maneuver, like swirling whipped cream. And if the frosting is soft enough, you could actually do it with a butter knife.

    But I love pies and squares and cookies, so you come to my campfire anytime!!!

  4. That's GORGEOUS!!! I'm so impressed, Ruthy!

    1. Such a cute, simple idea, right????

    2. I wouldn't call it simple. Any kind of fancy icing work is not simple--at least for me!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, Leona! Someone had sent me a picture because they wanted to see if I could do it for a wedding shower, but in reality? It's a very simple, fun beginner project.

      And we get to EAT THE MISTAKES!!!

  6. I have shared this idea with so many people since I saw your picture. So simple and so good.

  7. Hey!!! I wanted to pin this, but realized we don't have that button. I found a way to add a button. All you have to do is hover over the photo you want, and the pin button pops up! :) Ruthy, your cupcakes are now on Pinterest. :)

    1. I'm a Pinterest Girl!!!! Well, at least my cupcakes are! SUHWEEEET! Thank you, Missy!