Friday, October 12, 2012

Miscellaneous From The World-Traveling Belle!

Missy, here, just back from a trip on top of a trip. I had the Moonlight & Magnolias conference in Atlanta. Returned home Sunday. Then left Monday morning for fall break in Washington, D.C., with the kids and my husband. Since I haven't cooked in ages and barely had time to recover between trips, I thought I'd just share some photos.

First, I thought I'd share a great shot of our pumpkin patch that I took a few days after the pumpkins got delivered. My kids' youth group at our church sells them every year for a fundraiser for youth trips. They're always gorgeous!

Now for fun shots at M&M!

Our Cafe friends, Julie and Piper!

I always love time spent with Janet and Debby!

Now from Atlanta to Washington, D.C.

We arrived to cold, dreary weather, but thankfully no rain. The first evening, the sun came out just long enough to capture this shot of the Washington Memorial.

And another view from Wednesday when the weather turned gorgeous. This one from across the tidal basin. Look at the reflection.

The old Smithsonian building called The Castle. Beautiful!

And now the Jefferson Memorial from across the water...

The U.S. Capitol Building. We took a fantastic tour arranged by our Senator's office. If you ever go, be sure to take advantage of this service!

I have better photos but it's taking forever for my gazillion phone photos to sync with my computer. These few photos have taken an hour or more. So this is the last one. I had a couple shots of food that I wanted to share that haven't appeared yet. I may save for later. :) I need some time to rest after traveling today! (writing this post Thursday).

I'm glad to be back at the Cafe! I've missed y'all.


  1. I'm always surprised by how BIG everything looks. Isn't that silly? But I think of it in postcard size.

    I went to DC with my mom when I was in my teens. We scheduled a day, because we'd never been there and had NO IDEA how much there was...

  2. I've never been..but there are lots of places I've never been - guess I should make a bucket list!

  3. I will get to see some of those places next year when I go to America.

  4. Virginia, it's HUGE. And my feet and legs will attest to the fact. Oh my goodness. Each night I lay in bed with my feet propped up groaning in pain. The last night, I took 4 Advil just to be able to quit hurting so I could sleep. We walked miles and miles. Then more inside the museums. Saw pretty much all the monuments. We had two and a half days and squeezed in as much as we possibly could. :)

  5. Yes, Susanna, you should plan to go someday!
    Jenny, you're going to be amazed! It's so beautiful. And in May, you should see a lot of colorful flowers. (although I imagine the cherry blossoms will be gone).

  6. Sounds like a fun family trip, Missy. Guess you'll just have to sit at you computer writing a lot so your legs can recover.

    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  7. Mary, I skipped Zumba last night but spent today at the grocery and shopping for a homecoming dress for my daughter! No rest for the wicked. :)

  8. Ooooh - Missy -- what a great getaway! I'd love to go to Washington - it's on my list. I'd love to see the Holocaust Museum for one. And all the places you saw. Oh, and the aspiring suspense writer in me would adore a trip to the FBI headquarters but I think they've nixed tours there now. I bet Washington is a place you could happily tourist around in for a week or even two!

  9. Kav, we really could have used one more day. So if you go make sure to have 3 full days!

  10. Oh, my bad! Pam's cereal mix was supposed to appear on Saturday...

    YAWN..... Not the cereal, I'm just yawning. I must have forgotten to hit PUBLISH.

    I'm such a dork.

    Okay, guys, I'll re-do the date for sometime soon.

  11. I keep checking here to see what's up on Saturday! :D