Saturday, September 29, 2012

Simply Saturday Bear Creek Soup Time!!!

I have lauded Bear Creek Soup mixes ever since Tina Radcliffe came along last year and proclaimed their excellence last year on this very blog!!!

And here is a very happy head of cauliflower. After eating it for a couple of days, I had some leftover... Raw and delicious!

And I had a chunk of ham in the freezer...

I thawed the ham... cut it up... Did the same with the cauliflower...
Dragged out a soup pack (we bought twenty of them at the Christmas Tree Shoppe... for $2.50 apiece. Are you kidding me??? That's a half-gallon of delicious soup for $2.50... Snap!)

Make soup according to directions. Add cauliflower (about two cups, more or less) and ham (about the same, more or less) when you whisk in the soup mix...

Let simmer.



  1. Oh that looks fabulous! One of my favorite things about autumn is soup.

  2. Unh. You lost me at cauliflower. Or was it broccoli??

    And then you had me at ham and cheese. I suppose if you dunk it in enough cheese and add enough ham, I could choke it down.

    But cauliflower is too close to cabbage. And cabbage is... yeah.

  3. Okay. This looks fabulous. But I'm saving it for next week, because we're having GORGEOUS fall weather and the colors at Custer State Park are supposed to be at their peak today - or we may try Spearfish Canyon, instead.

    Either way, once I get my work done, we're heading to the Hills and I'm not coming back until the cows come home :)

    Supper? Who needs supper?

  4. Well, our temps are back in the upper 80's so I'll hold on to this recipe for a while longer. :) But I look forward to having soups again!!

    This looks so yummy. I love cauliflower! Virginia, how could you not love it?? Or cabbage?! :)

  5. Perhaps you are happy, Ruthy -- but Wilbur ain't laughing! Bwahhaaahhhaaahaaa! I'm making my tomato veggie soup this weekend. It's nearly as easy as this only there's more slicing and dicing involved and all snout-nosed creatures are spared. :-)

  6. If I liked soup or if I like cauliflower or for that matter really liked ham or liked them together, I could see this would be a great dish.
    But alas I dont like soup, cauliflower and not that mad about ham either.

    I had a meal that was even more simple. Poached eggs on veggemite and toast. It was so yummy. (I like that I want to eat again although have discovered if I eat a whole block of chocolate it still makes me feel really sick. which is good as it means I dont eat as much but sad cos it was such a good special and I feel like I didn't get to enjoy it).

  7. How is it I haven't wandered through here before? There's homemade food! Yum.

  8. Soup! Yum!!! Comfort for body and soul on a cool fall day!!! Virginia and Ausjenny, how can you not think this looks deeeelishhoussss?