Thursday, September 6, 2012


Okitty Dokitty, I'm psyched.

Not because I don't love having kids around. I do.


Oy, there's only so much of the easy-peasy, whenever-ya-wanna summer mentality this type A personality can handle without shooting someone.

And then they'd put me in jail and I'd have to use an open toilet and we all know how much I detest the thought of that. It's about the only thing that's kept folks alive for years.

So now that the kids are back in school... the invasion of the yellow jackets has kept me OUT OF THE KITCHEN.

How stinkin' annoying is that?

I dream of peach pie.

Apple crisp.

Carrot cake.... mmmmmmm................

What I have is dozens of stupid wasps zipping into each other and nailing windows because they're half-drugged. I will not show you pictures of the piles... Let it be said that when the exterminator comes today, I might KISS HIM.

Oh my stars, it's beyond crazy....  Bzzzzzz............


So we can talk pests today. But trust me when I say, I've tried all the nice organic remedies I could find...

And then the POISONOUS ONES.

And now: the pay 'em to come and save my sorry life guys from Target Exterminators.




  1. I have to say I get bees in spring at times and they seem to come down the chimney and die on the window sill.

    I actually have a huge ant issue. they like my back garden and seem to multiply each year and the tiny ones seem to love my front gate in mid to last spring and makes it hard to get in and out. Oh forgot to say I am alergic to ants come out in welts.

    1. Oh, ants can be a whole other problem, Jenny!!! And they do multiply each year. Sandy soil just invites them to come and hang out, party on!

      Dratted things.

      I wonder if you have a bee hive in your chimney? Could be. But then I wonder why they don't bother you again in the fall?

      I'm confusing myself, LOl! We'll commiserate. I'll make you a cuppa. What flavor?????

  2. I think in spring they are looking for a new hive in fall I start having fires and they get smoked out (also the chimney gets cleaned out.)
    I have a Chocolate milk shake (seems I'm living on them at present!) But then I did get myself some tea/supper/dinner tonight albeit the other half of the tin of spaghetti I had sunday night.
    Today was an interesting day I got more sleep then the mail came and two cards from America which totally blew me away with the caring. I did go to friendship centre for a bit (craft morning at church) and felt disconnected. ended up chilling out at home (didn't feel up to going to my computing course). feeling better now but will be in bed soon after 7pm.

    1. Jenny, you've been through so much in the last few months. The way you keep going is inspiring. I know you don't have a choice - you just have to keep living, right? But your spirit, although tired and worn, is still burning bright. Get the rest you need, take the time to grieve you need, and know we're praying for you!

    2. thanks Jan, the think is I am not coping right now. I cant seem to sleep and its really getting me down. I am going to try and see my dr today as I need some help to sleep. the stuff from the chemist didn't work. I am really praying I can get in cos I dont want to go to a dr I dont know. You all know how I had a fear of them and going to a strange one still scares me. some i know hand out anti depressants and i do not want them I just need sleep. So if you see this pray I can get in.

    3. Praying, Jenny...for the doctor's visit and for restful sleep.

    4. got an appointment with one of the newer drs at 11am. hopefully they can give me something that will help for a few days.

  3. Don't get me started on bugs.

    I made a truce with bugs years ago. I announced it to the whole bug world - "you stay out of my house, and you can live". So from then on, any bug that crosses that threshold is fair game, right?

    Every place we've lived has had its own bug problem, but the worst, the very worst, was in Kentucky, Kansas and Texas - they all have the "water bug", aka, wood roach.

    I don't care what fancy name you want to call it, a roach is a roach is a roach. They would get so bad during spring and fall (they like damp) that I developed a phobia about them. I hate roaches anyway, but these...they come out of nowhere...they hide where you least expect them...they insist on sharing your living quarters...

    Just one of the many reasons I'm glad we live in the north.

    It's time for me to move the cars so the gravel can be delivered - but I'll be back later to talk about Yellow Jackets. {{{{{shudder}}}}}

    1. Oh, one more thing about the "wood roach". If you call an exterminator, they don't seem to think they're a problem if you see fewer than ten hanging around.

      Ten? One is ten too many!

  4. I'm with Jan, I hate bugs. Hubby got stung by a wasp this weekend at the ranch. Nailed him on his ring finger and his whole hand swelled up over his wrist. And this is the guy who tries to catch whatever bug we find in the house and set it free outside. Hmph. I just stomp 'em. Stomp 'em dead. Unless, of course, I'm barefoot. In which case I look for the nearest shoe (which isn't hard with two boys in the house) and smack the dear bug.

    Scorpions are the ones I hate the most. Been stung multiple times. Stupid things just freak me out. But then, if you saw one crawling up your thigh while you were on the commode, you'd probably freak too.

    1. Oh, and I'm uber glad to be getting back to routine too. So glad school is finally in session.

    2. {{{{shudder}}}}scorpions{{{{shudder}}}}

      I only saw dead ones during the three years we lived in West Texas, but I heard stories. That was plenty.

    3. And that is why I'll stay north, north, north where it gets cold enough that scorpians don't stand a chance! Mega heebie-jeebies here now.

    4. I've had wasps over the front door but yellow jackets in the kitchen?! ugh!!! May the exterminator eradicate your problem pronto!

      My biggest pests have been mice. I live in an old rickety bungalow that by rights should be burned to the ground and built. Still, it has it's charm in a crooked kind of way and lovely hardwood floors. But the foundation is toast -- cracks everywhere that just keep getting bigger including a fist size hole where the mice were coming in every autumn. Running up and down inside the walls, scoping out the pantry, communing with the dog. Yes, the dog that gives chase to every squirrel in sight doesn't seem phased by a mouse.

      Anyway -- I rent and my landlord wouldn't do anything but my neighbour's cat saved me. He's Mickey the Might Mouser and loves my garden. It's sacred hunting ground for him and I haven't had a mouse in the house in two years.

  5. What is it with dogs and mice?

    I showed our dog a mouse under the kitchen sink once. It was sitting on the garbage disposal plug, fat and sassy as you please. The dog looked at it, wagged his tail and looked at me. "Yup. It's a mouse. Now what?"

    Cats, on the other hand... Our Maggie-cat brings us regular offerings of mice, moles, shrews.... At least they're dead. The snakes she brings home are usually still alive.

  6. My poor son got stung by a scorpion in his bed last week! They are freaky things that I never saw until I moved to Georgia.

    Ruthy, I hope they got the problem solved and that you can figure out where they came from. We had mice behind the walls a couple of years ago that woke us scratching early every morning. CREEPY! We got a wildlife guy to come out, and he found a couple of spots in the attic where they could get in. He covered them and then told us to cut back our crepe myrtle, which is probably the spot they climbed up to get in the attic. We spread poison around the attic, and no more mice problems.

    Of course, bees don't climb! LOL So who knows how you're getting them. I know you've had to battle mice before, too.

    Jan, I'm with you. Roaches are the very worst thing ever. Maybe worse than snakes and spiders. Definitely worse than mice.

  7. Missy, I feel for you with the mice. We have that problem every great once in a while. The bigger issue for us has been squirrels. They lived in the roof for a while and I'd hear their claws on the metal light fixtures. *shudder* No one could figure out how they were getting in so my husband went and sat on the roof and watched til he figured out they were climbing into the air vent from the bathroom. He put screening and that has so far stopped the problem.

    Now we have raccoons invading the neighborhood - literally eating their way into people's houses - all this in the city! My daughter came home at 1AM one night and found one on our fire escape.

    Hope the exterminator got rid of the problem, Ruthy!

  8. I have an exterminator come out quarterly or thereabouts...not taking any chances. I made the mistake when I moved of not killing the one roach I saw and I ended up with an epidemic- talk about rabbits reproducing - I dont think anything compares to roaches. :-(