Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peaches and Cream Pie (long awaited!)

Okay, here it is, as promised!  I can't believe I didn't post this a few weeks ago. We are to say NOTHING of Ruthy's memory lapses from this point forward, 'kay????



So here is the basic pic of recipe ingredients:  
 Of course, you need pie crust so go HERE and use my Country Tearoom recipe that has won awards all over the place. I know this because the magazine said so a gazillion years ago when dinosaurs made pies.

Basic recipe with Ruthy flair:

1 1/2 cups sugar
1/3 cup flour
2 Tbsp. quick cooking tapioca
Dash salt  * Note for you purists.... Add it. Look at what Lindt has done for dark chocolate by adding a hint of sea salt???? Chocolate covered pretzels??? Delish, right? Trust me, adding incidental hints of salt and savory tastes will not (most likely) end the world. And it gives a background pizzazz.

1 1/4   cup heavy cream
1/2 tsp. Vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. cinnamon  or nutmeg or both (if desired)  It's great with or without the spices, but I love the scent and taste of fall.

Peel and slice 6-7 cups of fresh peaches, or use frozen peaches, thawed and drained

Combine all dry ingredients. Mix all but a tablespoon or two of the heavy cream with the vanilla. Save the extra bit of cream for brushing the top crust...  Add to sugar mixture.   Add peaches. Toss lightly. Let sit for 10-15 minutes while you do the crust.

Take two sections of pie crust, either fresh or frozen. Roll one out to fit a deep dish 9" pan. Don't roll top crust yet...

Once peach/sugar/cream mixture has sat a while and maybe you've had a cup of coffee or a glass of tea, roll that top crust out. Using a sharp knife or 'ruffle edge' cutter, make a bunch of 1" (one inch wide) ribbons of crust. To do a lattice crust, start in the middle of the pie with the longest pieces. You usually only use about 10-12 pieces of crust, and if you start in the middle, you can easily raise the piece below up enough to "weave" the next piece of crust. It's like making a potholder only more delicious than any stretchy cotton yarn I've ever eaten. And I've had my share!

Tuck the edges under, then flute the edge by pinching. Brush remaining cream over the pie crust and sprinkle with sugar. When the little boys help me sprinkle with sugar we get LOTS OF SUGAR.

They were nowhere to be found today, so we have a NORMAL amount of sugar.

I use aluminum foil strips to prevent the edges from over-browning. I'm fussy that way. I like them golden, not brown. But then, I like wimpy toast, too. Clearly, I'm a wuss.

Bake at 400 degrees for 40-55 minutes, until crust is golden brown and filling bubbles up between the lattice slats. Cool on wire rack. Store in refrigerator.

Eat. Eat. Eat. Truly, this is by far the best peach pie I have ever eaten. I'm not a peach pie person, although I love peaches. I hate soggy pies. I get SO MAD when a pie crust is ruined by day 2 because the crust is soggy. Obviously I'm a little OCD when it comes to pie, but this pie????

Oh.... THIS PIE doesn't do that. It's just perfect, even several days in.

'Sall I'm sayin'.


  1. OH, WOW!!!!

    And I have all of these things. I think I shold mail you a list of all the items in my pantry and you can make wonderful things out of just those items. I'll never have to run to the store for one or two items to make that special something AGAIN.

    I also have 30lbs of peaches in my freezer. Hubby just asked me today what I was doing with them. Well... nothing. They're frozen. What more does he want??

    He wants pie. Now I know.

    1. How serendipitous is that????? Virginia, clearly the Holy Spirit has put us together! :) (but we KNEW that, LOL!)

      Just drain them well when you thaw them... and I'm so serious, you will be lovin' on me and the pie forevermore.

      No joke. ;)

    2. That Holy Spirit is soooo wise. And must know we love pie!!

  2. now I need to find out what tapioca is.

    I really miss the pastry my mum use to make it was a very easy recipe and the dough was so yummy. I would love to eat some actually I would love to eat any of the dough from her cooking.
    I never thought it could hurt this much.

    This is mums recipe (with my friends notes)
    Five by Two Biscuit Pastry

    2 eggs
    2 tbspns butter/margarine
    2 tbspns sugar
    2 cups SR flour (sr is self raising)
    2 tbspns milk

    Cream butter and sugar, beat in eggs. Add flour and milk. Mix to soft dough.
    Roll out when warm.
    Rolls out well!!! says Mabel
    Use for pies and slices

    1. Jenny, you ultimate blogger you!!!! Look at you, recipe sharing! I'm so stinkin' proud of you!

      Hey, I'm going to try this. It's got great elements for flakiness and the eggs make it more of a cookie crumble crust I think. And I've got some of that SR flour! :)

      Jen, thank you for this! Can't wait to try it this weekend!

    2. Ruthy, If I remember you like to eat the dough this dough tastes really nice. mum use it for pies all sorts apple, appricot etc and also slices I use to like the currant slice but I dont have the recipe for how she made the filling.

    3. Okay, Jenny, you have to tell us what a slice is!

      I love that line in your recipe: "Rolls out well!!! says Mabel" :)

      And yes, I know it hurts. My mom hasn't passed away yet, but has Alzheimer's. Even though she's there, she's not there. I haven't had a conversation with her for ten years, and haven't really TALKED since...I don't know when.

      I remember the last time she baked something - my youngest son helped her so the things would be measured right. He must have been about seven or eight...he's almost 19 now. It meant a lot to her to share that time with him - she knew what she was heading toward.

      Long term grieving is the pits.

      Heck, grieving at all is the pits. No fun. Should be outlawed.

    4. I agree its the pits. and guess whos still not sleeping!

      Mabel was my mum and Julie who I retrieved the recipe from added that.

      a slice is made in a slice pan which is a shallow rectangle pan normally with a layer of pastry then the filling and pastry on top (or sometimes other toppings on top) its cooked and then its cut into square slices. so like a pie only a bigger version. good for lots of people, also most of the slices can be served cold. Mum used to also do one with raspberry filling I think it was just raspberry jam (conserve I think you call it or jelly) and then had a crumbly topping with butter, sugar, coconut I think on the top. She did one with passionfruit butter or spread and then I think had a passionfruit icing when it was cold. its a great base to do lots with. me I like to eat the dough.

    5. I think I see a repeated theme through all your comments today, Jenny.

      You like to eat the dough :)

    6. Oh, Jan, I didn't know that. Hugs to you. My grandmother had the slow descent into Alzheimer's. We were twins born 60 years apart. So much in common, same sense of humor. But she was a lot smarter than I am. And a lot nicer. :)

      Jenny, praying hard that you get some real rest. Grief is restless.

    7. Jan and Jenny, my heart goes out to both of you. Dave's dad has Alzheimer's and it's just a horrid disease. Finding a cure for that and cancer...there's my prayer list... Jen, I love the "slice" notion...kind of a deep dish 13 x 9 pie and a "bar"... so fun and a crowdpleaser!-

    8. Yes Jan the common theme is I want to eat some dough im tempted to make something just to eat the dough how desperate am I! Even thought who can I give the finished product to as I don't eat much of this sort of stuff!

      Alzheimer's is so cruel. Jan When your mother does pass away you will remember lots of memories of her before that happened. thats how it has been with mum. I know its normal not to be sleeping well but I miss my sleep! I use to go to bed read and go to sleep and then get up in the morning. now I go to bed and last night I did read a bit and then not sleep. I finally got some early this morning and dont feel completely exhausted but I know sleep will really help. (feel like I want a break away but am to tired to consider it)

  3. Ruthy, this pie looks fantabulous. Look at that lattice top!

    Like Virginia, I have peaches in the freezer...but I love to eat them in the morning after they've been in the fridge overnight...still icy...delicious!

    I think I'll have to buy fresh ones to make this pie...

    1. We'll have to see if GinnyLouWho makes it with frozen fruit. I want to know if it stays nice and soggy crust. I can't abide a soggy crust!!!

    2. just eat it fast before it has time to get soggy - simple solution see?!
      Susanna who can't look at these pics anymore without drooling...not weight watchers friendly I'm sure!and no willpower for 1 slice! if I ever need something to take to a group I'll have to come here and search! :-)

  4. Oh Yum!!!! I never heard of putting cream in a pie but this looks fabulous! And I love peach pie -- I think it has to be my favourite so I'll definitely try this recipe. I'm guessing the tapioca is to thicken the filling? I think the recipe I have uses cornstarch and it doesn't do the trick. I always have exploding pie! Love your fancy artwork too. Your pie is a masterpiece.

    1. Kavalicious, I've tried just tapioca luck. I've done flour or luck. That's why I was so excited when my mother in law told me about this!!! I never thought of doing a "pudding" type blend!

  5. Oh. My. Galaxy. I think I just gained five pounds while reading this. Of course, in my mind I ate the whole thing in one sitting. I don't have any peaches on hand, which is probably a good thing since conference is next week and I need to be able to fit into my nice clothes. Nope, that cream would not be a good thing right now.

    However, after conference, all bets are off!

    Which reminds me, who all is attending the ACFW conference next week?

    1. Mindy, did you read that part at the end of Ruthy's post where she's bragging - uh, informing - us that the crust doesn't get soggy?

      Who keeps pie around the house long enough to KNOW something like that?

      And yes, I'm attending ACFW. Consider this my RSVP! I'm bringing my Texas accent :)

    2. Yay! I can't wait to hug your neck, Jan.

    3. You know when the kids were all here, nothing had a chance to get soggy. But now, depending on who's moving in or dropping in, these things happen. And I like my pie late in the day... When I can chill-lax, put my feet up, ignore the world and write... or read... or doze.


      But I hate soggy crust. Wet bread. Oh, yuck. Soggy things just don't do it for the Ruthinator.

  6. Ruthy, I agree about the soggy crust. Sometimes they are soggy by the next day, so I eat lots and lots the day I make it! I'll have to try this. It sounds terrific!

    1. I like the way you do pie, Donna!

    2. Donna is my kind of people!!!! :) We non-soggers must hang together, or most assuredly we shall hang separately.

      Don't you just love Ben Franklinisms???? I love that Dude.

  7. Yay!!! I'm going to try this! Peach is my favorite pie. Well, my favorite FRUIT pie, anyway. :)

    Thanks for sharing, Ruthy! Of course, I'll probably be buying the frozen rolled up crusts. :)

    1. Missy, that's fine! You'll still love it and Terry will think I'm a great friend!!! :) Seriously, this is a wonderful thing. I can't say that enough! (Obviously, right?)

    2. But you've got to remember my hubby doesn't do fruit desserts! He says fruit dessert is an oxymoron.

      The man only does chocolate or ice cream (with chocolate in it). :)

  8. And I'll be at ACFW, too! Can't wait to see all of you who are going!

  9. And those of us not going will eat CAKE. Very French Revolution peasant friendly.