Thursday, September 20, 2012

Okay, this whole production number is courtesy of my beautiful daughter-in-law Lacey...
Who not only gave me two gorgeous grandchildren, Logan...

And Pearlie May...  (her name is really MacKenzie... but she looks like a Pearlie May, doesn't she???) 

Lacey cooks, bakes and teaches high school.
Here was her Saturday Night Panini Production. 

Start with Italian bread... sliced ham... bacon, cooked and drained...

The bacon bits and shredded cheese were garnish for the Bear Creek Creamy Potato soup mix she tossed together in her spare time:

So you slice the bread in half...

And you can use dressings or seasonings or dijonaisse... As you wish...

Layer with cheese... we had swiss, cheddar or American... If you look carefully, you can see the panini stone press behind the sliced bread...
It's the "weight" that presses the sandwich together. Cast iron.

Now you add a layer of seasoned grilled in olive oil chicken breast tenders...
Note the very unclean/untidy kitchen counter.
It was a writing day.

And in Cordon Bleu style, you add slices of ham and swiss cheese...

Apply the top.
Now you grill it on a panini press. I have an electric panini press.
Lacey has a large broiler pan and a HEAVY STONE PRESS from 
Williams Sonoma.
It was a present. 
It is also useful for keeping husbands in line.
At least she says it works.
Respecting their privacy, I do not ask. Right????

Heat in the press (electric or on the stove) until sandwich is glued together by melted cheesy goodness.

Cut into serving size pieces.



  1. Oh, WAH!!! Why must I check in here before my writing time and AFTER I have had dinner and am trying to be good? Because eating a big sloppy hot sandwich over the laptop isn't good for my computer OR my rear end.

    1. There was nothing diet-friendly about this supper. But it was so delicious as to be totally WORTH IT.

      Oh. My. Stars.

      I'm grinning thinking about it!!! :)

  2. I'm hungry!


      I would have never thought of making a huge sandwich like this. This would be great Super Bowl Party fare, right????

  3. Aussie here with another question who was Pearlie May?

    I am going to be brave and cook a roast on Saturday I think. When someone can tell me how long to cook carrots and how long it takes to roast a small potato which is cut in half.
    (is that hint for help subtle enough?) I told with carrots till they are cooked! I want to be able to tell my dr in 2 weeks I can now cook a roast! shes impressed I can do spaghetti sauce now.

    1. I asked for you Jen - over on seekerville when Ruthy was talking about eating the lambs in one of her books hee hee here's the answer Hey, I cook the lamb separate from the veggies because lamb is delicate meat. It's small... (understandably) and it's got to be cooked with care.

      So, Jen... cook the potatoes on top of the stove OR... bake 'em. Glaze the carrots with butter and brown sugar...

      shoot sounds like too much work for me - just toss it all in a slowcooke/crockpot and make it a mushy stew! :-) no dont' take my advice I know nothing about lamb and very little about cooking...

      Susanna who's back to reading Missy's book after a long break of not reading so much - now it's hard to put down and darn it all work picked up :-( grrr

    2. Jenny, if you're roasting in an electric roaster, the potatoes shouldn't take more than 40 minutes or so... depending on their size. And the carrots about the same if you leave them whole. Sliced in half the long way, you can take off ten or fifteen minutes. The trick is to just pierce them with a fork. If it goes through nicely, they're done. And if you're not afraid to over-do the lamb slightly, you can just build in a window of time by leaving them in a little longer. Jenny, do you do mint jelly with your lamb? I love lamb with mint jelly!!!

    3. Thanks Ruthy, Someone told me about the carrots and a knife. I know its about half an hour per half kilo of lamb so it wont take too long being I will get a small leg. I dont do gravy or the mint jelly. (very plain eater here). I like my lamb cooked not pink. I also love cold lamb with salad etc and will have some for a few days. Its expensive at present but down to $9 a kilo. which is about 2 pounds.
      As you can see I haven't cooked alot of this sort of thing as mum did it all and I am not sure why she didn't teach me but she seemed to want to do it and I did really ask. I did find out how to do bacon and sausages. I am great with poached eggs.

    4. yep my mom always did her dishes too and I never learned in spite of asking. the few times she did try to show me she went too fast and didnt' measure the stuff.

  4. Oh I know how to roast the lamb. I roast it in the electric frying pan and we always had roast potatoes that we put in to roast with the meat.

  5. Yum, I love paninis! I used to work at a school close to the neatest little restaurant that made droolworthy paninis. Every so often all the library techs in the area schools would get together for a panini and whine fest. Sigh. And for those really needy days the place had the most amazing desserts!!!!!! Ah such sweet memories! :-)