Friday, September 28, 2012

Amazing Chocolate Covered Oreo Cake

Missy, here. I'm finally sharing the cake I hinted at last week. I made it for my daughter's Sweet Sixteen birthday. It was a HUGE hit with the girls. And I have to say it turned out looking pretty good--close to the photo I first shared on Pinterest.

Here's the original recipe on the Kraft website.  (click here)


1 package Devil's Food Cake mix
4 squares bakers semi-sweet chocolate (I used chocolate chips)
1/4 cup butter
1 package cream cheese softened (I used the light version)
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups thawed Cool Whip (I forgot and used one whole container which was probably about 4 cups!)
12 Oreo cookies coarsely chopped or crushed

Preheat oven to 350 and bake 2 layer cakes according to directions. Recipe said 9 inch, I only had 8 inch pans and it was fine.

For newbies...If you ever read about testing for doneness with a toothpick and wondered what to look for, I took a photo to show you what it looks like. The first time (left), the cake wasn't ready. The second time, it was.

Cool for 10 minutes in pans, then remove to cool on wire wracks.

While cooling, crush up the Oreos in a ziplock bag. I pound mine with a meat mallet.

 Heat chocolate and butter in microwave until butter is melted (1-2 minutes). Then stir until smooth. Cool about 5 minutes.

Yum. Don't you just want to lap that up?

Beat cream cheese and sugar in large bowl until blended (I used my stand mixer). Gently fold in the Cool Whip and Oreos (by hand).

This is a bite right before I did a taste test! :) It's amazing. I could sit and eat it straight out of the bowl. Who needs the cake anyway, huh??

But since you might want to invovle cake, I'll finish. Spread the filling on one of the cooled layers. Then top with the other layer.

Notice mine is quite tall since I used like twice as much Cool Whip as I was supposed to! It's a monster cake! :)

Next spread the melted butter/chocolate mix on top. It's pretty yummy by itself as well!

Here's the finished produce (minus the candles). :)

By the way! You can find me on Pinterest by clicking here.


  1. Oh my stars, gimme!!!! MISSY! Must try this, must try this.

    But I'm a frosting surrounder, so I'd probably slice the layers, use a double batch of filling (it's all about the filling, isn't it??? And I can TASTE this, it's that delicious-looking!!!!!) and then have four layers of thin cake, thick layers of filling, and then I'd frost the whole thing with that dark chocolate frosting. Because in Ruthy-world, the cake's sole purpose is to HOLD MORE FROSTING. I think that's in the Bible somewhere...

    Book of Ruth, per chance???/ :)

    1. Ruthy, that chocolate on top isn't like icing. It hardens and isn't sweet. It would be too much if you tried to coat it (plus it would run off). But you could certainly ice the thing in your chocolate icing. Of course, that would probably be too sweet with the whipped cream and cookie filling. You could actually ice it with the filling, though. :)

    2. Missy. Honey. The words too sweet only apply to tea.

      There is no 'too sweet' in the cake world in Ruthy-land.

      But you made an excellent point. I need to try this layered FIRST before adjusting to add more junk to my trunk.

      Good words of wisdom, Missy!

  2. You got me with the cream cheese/oreo/cool whip filling! What a combo!

    And then you add in Devil's Food cake layers and chocolate topping...I think I'm swooning just thinking about it!

    I'm going to have to try this for our ladies night at church next week :)

    1. You know, envision this with all of the above, but more of the chocolate drizzled down the sides (think bundt cake) then... melted white chocolate drizzled over that for white/black effect to reflect filling. Just drizzling some melted white chips back and forth off end of spoon... Wouldn't that look nice with this cookies and cream interior?

    2. That would be pretty, Ruthy!

      Jan, I hope they like it!

    3. Ruthy, I think you just described heaven on a cake plate...

  3. wow a cake with dirt cake filling! the filling sounds like the dirt cake recipe my mom used to make! no way I could be anywhere near this cake!

    1. Susanna, live dangerously, honey!!! I don't like dirt cake. The fruity worms on top make it taste weird to me.

      BUT this... Oh, Susanna, oh don't you cry for me, sister!!!! I think this has amazing possibilities!

    2. my mom didn't put the gummy worms just layered crushed oreos and the was awesome! even better as filling in a chocolate cake!

  4. I wonder if a ganache icing would be too sweet. Ganache is my very favorite! :)

  5. Gee, I guess I have to start making double layer cakes. No more puny one layers for me. That filling looks scrumptious. Bet you could eat it like pudding! LOL

  6. Donna, it can't hurt to try it! :)

    Kav, I have to admit, it was very tempting to eat the whole bowl with a spoon! Like a light, whipped pudding. :)

  7. Oh, WOW!!! I'm so late to this aprty there's probably nto a piece left for me!

    This is really great- like the toothpick and the COOLING part. I think I've missed that step a few times...