Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rotisserie Cooking: Gadget, Ruthy-Style!

Well, Blogger won't let me load pictures tonight, so that's what I get for being last minute with this post, right????


Who doesn't pass a wall of roasting chickens or ribs like this and not want to let the carnivore within, OUT????

(pic of big in-store rotisserie would be here... right here!)

The smell... the sight... the flames...

Did I mention the smell?

Oh. I believe that I did!  ;)

It draws you in... pulls you forward. Tempting. Mouth-watering. (Not you, Kav, but you can envision rotisserie veggies!!! Peppers... spuds... mushrooms... YUM!)

I have one of these:

(Imagine picture of my Showtime Rotisserie!!!)


Yes, it's a TV promotion tool, but it's one of the best, most useful toys I have.

I do Roast chicken:  (Coat a roasting chicken with garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper, skewer and cook...)

(envision roasted chicken here)

I do Roast pork:  (Ditto!)

See? It's not at all hard to blog with or without pictures.

I'll try tomorrow. See if I can get them to come up. Blogger just keeps spinning.... and whirling... and spinning.

Silly blogger!

So who uses a rotisserie?  Who loves 'em???  Who's got one that's collecting dust???

Save me from my uninspirational pictureless blog and talk to me, Peeps!


  1. But we are good imagineers, Ruthy! You can talk about nothing, show us nothing, and we still have a good time because it's you!

    Peace, Julie

    1. You are too sweet! And then I messed up and didn't forget to change the time when I put this in last night... so it was scheduled for 9:57 tonight!

      What a dork!

      And it still won't retrieve my pictures. It won't access my online ones or go to my computer ones. Oy.

      So I'm glad you've got a great imagination, Julie!!!

  2. You painted the word pictures, Ruthy! My mouth is watering...

    A rotisserie is one of those things that doesn't move well. (Same for deep fryers). Needless to say, I've never owned one.

    But I love chicken or pork roasted in the oven or in the crock pot - and oh, those rotisseried chickens at the store? I have to avert my eyes. But the smell still gets me every time!

    1. Jan, you're right, they like their stationary little lives!

      Pork roast... mmm.... :) I love it with a pecan coating. Mmmm.... ;)

      That rotisserie smell???

      As grabbing as fresh-baked bread. It smells good even when I'm not a bit hungry... That's good salesmanship right there.

  3. I don't own that gadget (believe it or not!). :) But I do love to smell them cooking at the grocery store! Plus, they're inexpensive ($4 here for a whole chicken). And easy to use in recipes. Of course, we usually just eat them as is.

    I've bought one of the rotisserie pork tenderloins before and was not very happy with it. It was tough and dry. Do they usually work well for you? I've found I love my baked/basted pork tenderloins much better.

    1. Missy, the pork roasts in mine are to die for. You know I would never kid you (unless I thought it would sell books, and then I'd LIE LIKE A RUG!!!) ;)

      But in all honesty, they're wondrous. Juicy, seared on the outside, tender on the inside. I do loin roasts usually, but I've done others and you can't beat them. I'm sure you can overcook like you can with anything, but that's one thing I haven't ruined YET.

  4. I've come close to getting one of those rotisseries but never did - I like the smell and figured my dogs would go nuts with one cooking all day and I'd have to stand guard and smell it myself or they'd find a way to get to it. then I'd probably have a vet bill on top of losing my chicken and rotisserie..sheesh now I might have to go by a rotisserie chicken...

    weight watchers said yesterday that today is national marshmallow day! I didnt know we had differnt food days...


  5. "Who doesn't pass a wall of roasting chickens or ribs like this and not want to let the carnivore within, OUT????"

    Uh...that would be me, your friendly token vegetarian. :-) I see those poor little chicken legs and that skewer going from neck to nether regions and I think Minerva and Little Red Hen and Rosie and Louise and Zinnia...and, well you get the idea.

    1. HAHAHAHA! Kav, that totally made me laugh.

      My older kid told my toddler that it was a 'chicken ferris wheel' so he wouldn't be sad for them. Hm.

    2. Oh, that's a hoot... Kav, you can do veggie-ka-bobs on the skewer... Lovely! ;)

  6. It all sounds good to me. Yes, I am a carnivore through and through. I've never rotissed meat at home, but I love to grab those rotisserie chickens at the store for a quick meal. Throw in some cole law, a fresh loaf of French bread and call it dinner!

  7. I'm WAY behind, but wanted to say I use my rotisserie to cook beef roasts (sirloin tip, usually), as well as the chicken and pork. Yummy.