Friday, February 10, 2012

Favorite Friday--Pigs in a Blanket!

Missy, here. I recently hosted my book club at my house. My kids get home from tennis practice around 6 pm, and I knew I needed to make snacks for book club that could double as dinner for the kids. Soooo...I headed to the grocery store (at 5 pm that day!) and decided to pull out an old favorite from when my kids were really young. Pigs in a blanket. I figured I'd leave them whole for the kids and cut into appetizer size for my friends. :) I also grabbed bags of pre-washed fresh veggies and served with Ranch dressing. Then sliced up a fresh pineapple. Easy to prepare for friends and hungry kids.

Canned crescent rolls
Hot dogs (I like turkey sausage)
Sliced American cheese

Tear cheese into small strips.
Slice an opening in the middle of each hot dog, trying not to cut all the way through, leaving about a half inch uncut on each end (prevents cheese from leaking out).

Stuff a cheese strip or two inside each hotdog.

Separate the crescent rolls. These were generic and didn't pull apart as well as what I'm used to. I had to do some patching like Ruthy has talked about with pie crusts! :)

Lay stuffed hotdog at wide end and roll toward the point of the crescent roll.

Spray baking sheet with cooking spray. Put the wrapped hotdogs on the sheet cheese-side-up. Bake according to package directions. Although they'll probably need to bake a bit longer. I don't remember how long, since my book club ladies had arrived by that time. We were chatting so I didn't pay attention. :) I think it was about 10 extra minutes, long enough to make sure they weren't doughy.

I only snapped a shot in the oven. No finished photo since I was occupied. I sliced them in quarters for the appetizer size (and then, since I hadn't had dinner either, proceeded to eat four! LOL). Kids just grabbed two or three whole hotdogs each. Yep, hungry from tennis. :)



  1. Okay -- I suppose I could this with tofu hot dogs but they are pretty darn gross so I think I'll pass! Like the idea of cutting them up for appetizers though. That's pretty darn clever. And what book did y'all discuss?

  2. LOL, Kav! I can't imagine tofu dogs. In fact, I've yet to eat anything with tofu that I liked. And believe me, I've tried it multiple ways. :)

    We read The Hummingbird's Daughter. And I have to admit, it's the first book we read that I didn't finish. But not because of the book. I had gotten it on loan from another library and couldn't recheck it because someone else had it on hold. So I put in another hold request. Then got it again. But still didn't have time to finish it before it was due again! I finally gave up. LOL And honestly, I had a really hard time getting past the beginning with so many characters and changes of point of view. But the other ladies assured me it got really good once you got into it. :)

  3. These look easy-peasy, Missy! I can't believe I've never tried serving these to my family...they love all the ingredients.

    We have snow here today (yay!!!). Very light, and we aren't supposed to get much, but it's snow.

    Snow in the air puts a smile on my face :)

  4. Oh, enjoy the snow, Jan!! It's pretty cold here today. Well, cold compared to lately. :) Was probably mid 50's. I'm a wimp. I want hot weather again!

  5. man Ihaven't had these in forever! sounds good! didnt' they use to sell a hotdog with cheese bits in it? think we tried them when I was a kid and my dad thought they looked too gross..he was an 'all beef hotdog man' though I guess it'll always be a total mystery why they don't put the same number of weiners in the package as they do buns. also think we had an onion flavored pigs ina blanket wrap when I a little kid - remember my dad rolling them up. that would be good!
    ooh and another 'recipe'with crescent rolls is to take a few chocolate chips, small marshmalles,a nd bit of butter and roll up then dab a little butter on top and sprinkle with powdered sugar and bake - omgosh! now I know why I don't keep crescent rolls in the fridge!

  6. Susanna, I remember those hotdogs with the cheese! They were kind of gross. LOL

    I love the idea of the chocolate chips, etc. in the crescent rolls! My kids would love that! I need to stock up. My daughter has been craving the apple dumplings again. :)