Thursday, February 16, 2012

Apple-Berry-Cherry Cobbled Crisp

I'm totally cheating on this name because this is a crisp not a cobbler, but I found this at The Arlington Restaurant in Hilton, New York and had to try and replicate it. Yes. It was THAT good!

So, here's the Ruthy version that came out par excellence


4 cups chopped apples
2 cups sour cherries, drained
2 cups frozen strawberries (I didn't have these so I used blueberries instead and it was just as wonderful!)

Mix fruit together and spread in a deep, lightly greased  13" X 9" pan. I use my Corning Ware (yes, that is a SHAMELESS plug, LOL!) lasagna pan.... First, it looks nice, second, it's DEEP....

Now this picture is because Missy LOVES that I use huge things for my brown sugar and powdered sugar...

Fancy, right???

The good thing about these containers is A.: they're free and B.: the wee beasties can't get in there in the summer! I'm am totally not all about ants and moths in my baking supplies. I've learned to thwart them first.

This is 'Lijah making the topping:

1 cup flour
1/2 cup cold butter
1 tsp. vanilla

Cut butter and vanilla into flour with pastry blender or two knives



1 1/2 cups brown sugar
2 cups rolled oats (I assume this helps lower my cholesterol. Please do not tell me otherwise.)
1 cup chopped walnuts

(I usually double this topping recipe so that I have a bag of it in the freezer for a 'quick fix' dessert as needed.)

Mix together. Sprinkle generously over fruit. Bake at 400 degrees until top is golden brown and fruit juice is bubbling happily at edges and cracks.

Serve warm or cold and I like to top it with whipped cream or ice cream. Of course.  ;)

And here it is, ready to eat!


  1. wow - with all that fruit and oatmeal it HAS to be healthy! might have to give this one a try sometime - it actually looks doable and I've gotten better at the smooshing in the butter and gosh if a baby can do it...sheesh I'm embarrassed I even had to look the technique up on youtube that time!

  2. btw, are these real words they're making us type every time we post?! sheesh they're up to 2 words now!
    Susanna - here I go again LOL!

  3. Oh, Susanna, does that Blogger guy have his guard up again???? He's such a "gorilla-at-the-door" isn't he??? ;)

    Yes, this is easy, and LOL at you and 'Lijah cutting in the butter! I train 'em young 'round here because it's so much fun for kidlets to grow up 'helping' in the kitchen!

    And you can cut this recipe right in half and use an 8" X 8" pan, chickie! Or make the big one and SHARE... I've eaten FOUR BIG pieces of this.


    I'm out of control.

  4. One thing I love about this recipe is that you can use almost any fruit in it and it will be delicious! How about strawberries and rhubarb? Or pears and cranberries? Or peaches with nutmeg thrown in for good measure?

    Okay, I'm off to fix a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast...maybe I'll throw some apple chunks in and pretend it's cobbled fruit crisp :)

    By the way, Ruthy, how are those sweet kitties doing?

  5. You guys are right about Mr. Blogger. I think he's having fun making up those words. Maybe he's writing his own dictionary.

  6. Yumm, yumm, yummy! I love cobbler/crisp and have never been sure what the difference is. Crisp has oatmeal and cobbler doesn't? Anyway -- LOVE this and am making it this weekend for sure. Love the idea of doubling the topping and freezing it for later. Why have I never thought of that before?


  7. Oh, Ruthy love that you can put the topping in the freezer. I just put soup up so can put that up too and have a great meal.

    Jan, I have pears in the fridge and blackberries in the freezer so it will be made today thanks to your suggestion. Has to be Gluten free so will use GF baking mix, almonds, and maybe some coconut.


  8. Oh, I would love it with coconut but the peeps around here wouldn't.

    And yes, any mix of fruit would be lovely, right? :) And then I just convince myself that I'm eating a giant, healthy Fruit and Granola bar, LOL!

    Julie, I freeze bags of everything. Chicken coating, bread crumbs (I like to make them fresh), cracker crumbs, graham cracker crumbs, chopped nuts.... Whatever I might need because I keep running out of time and if it saves me fifteen minutes the next time, I'm totally IN!

  9. Oh, yum! I'm a fan of both cobblers and crisps. Especially when they served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Mmm, MMmm, MMMMMMMM....

    Anybody got a napkin? I think I need to wipe the drool off of my keyboard.

    Ruthy, this is going in my recipe file right now.

  10. Yum!!! I have to say, Ruthy, I'm just relieved that Elijah got the pastry cutter and NOT the two knives to work with! LOL

    Also, I usually double the crumbles and then USE IT ALL. I love the crisp part better than the fruit (and in a cobbler, double the bread part so there's more of it than the fruit). :) I'm so BAD! ;)

  11. Missy, confession time... That is a doubled recipe because I do the same thing! I use a double, so I actually quadruple the recipe for the topping because I LOVE CRISPY TOPPING!!!!!

    Grinning here!!!

    So this is a double batch... And then you double that to put some away for next time.

    I'm confusing myself.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's a carb addict! LOL