Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sit and Chat

Missy, here. And I totally forgot about posting today! So this is a chat day. Come gather your favorite chair in the cafe...and let's talk.

What are you drinking at the cafe today? new Starbucks K-cups have been ordered and are on the way! French Roast. I can't wait! Of course, that'll go with my sugar-free hazelnut creamer. And Truvia. :)

Also, what are you reading or writing today?

Let's chat and catch up!


  1. I'll have a White Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate grated on top please. :-) It's calorieless if I have it at your café, right?

    I'm reading an early copy of Sandra Orchard's latest LI Suspense. Well, it's out in March which means you can order it online in February but I'm reading it now. Bwwwwaaahhhaaahhhaaaa! It has an action-packed start, let me tell you. Oh -- and the title is Shades of Truth.

    I'm afraid the only thing I will be writing today is book orders for work. Gotta get all those lovely ISBN #s lined up in a row!

  2. Oooh, Kav scored an early copy!! You must have an inside with the wonderful Sandra! :)

    Sorry you're stuck ordering. But how fun to get to buy books with someone else's money! hehe (And yes, authors do appreciate you ordering those books!)

  3. Hi everyone! It's a cold, blowy, snowy morning here in the Black Hills. Before we moved here someone warned us to be prepared for "dastardly cold" weather...

    My cup of Blackberry Pomegranate Green tea is just right for drinking, and I'm getting ready to make some Cream of Wheat for breakfast - cooked with milk, sweetened with maple syrup and a touch of cinnamon...and a "Weight Watcher's Power Food"!

    I started writing a new book yesterday - spent the last week or so on plotting and characters - and got 1000 words in between picking up my son from the airport and painting my office. This morning I plan to do some editing of yesterday's writing, then get another couple thousand words in before tackling the painting again this afternoon.

    Reading? Julie Lessman's A Hope Undaunted is the current read - it's so much fun.

    And I found a new, close, convenient Starbucks...unfortunately. (I have a weakness for their hot chocolate!) My dear husband and I have been mall walkers since it's dark when he gets home from work, and last night we added the food court to our route to change things up a bit - and Starbucks was hiding in a corner...I had no idea it was there. I have a feeling we're going to have to go back to skipping the food court...

  4. Jan, it's actually been storming here this morning! I'm talking thunder and lightning. And fairly warm. Not typical January weather! But the cold front is what's causing it. Lows by Friday are supposed to be in the 20's. Ugh.

    You know, last year at this time, we had a very rare 6 inches of snow!! Kept the kids out of school for about 4 days, I think. :)

    Good for you and your hubby for walking! Having a convenient Starbucks would be wonderful! My closest is 20 minutes away. And we don't have a local coffee house either. So I have to make due with my Keurig. Or McDonald's. :)

  5. I'm holding off on the hot tea til I get to work tonight - woke up and hope to get back to sleep since I've takenthe girls out and got something to eat(my wonderful but messy invention - scrambled eggs in corn tortillas toasted and guacamole and homemade salsa added - almost out of the salsa darn it - coworker's wife makes it and it's yummy(must be fattening though since it tastes so good though I don't notice any oil settling on top...)

    reading: just finished my current book before my first snooze this morning - Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis. cute with animals - he's a vet - but both had issues with relationships(though not with sex that's for sure-guess some things defy conversation!) so the entire book they ahd sex and tiptoed around major issues-guess they'll show up in Adam's book continuing since the couple from book 1 was in this one along with Adam. she does cute scenes with the animals though- this one has an abandoned kitten named Beans. up next not sure - had thought a Blaze in the Alaska series I started least year that came out recently but might need a break from all the 'heat' so will have to dig through my tbr and find something! still catching up on Christmas stories - finished Brenda Mintons and Ruthy's latest 2 recently :-)
    need to check the temperature lows for tonight - would hate for stuff to freeze just when I've unwrapped the back faucet!

  6. Hot tea sounds good, Susanna! My package of coffee arrived today! I'll try a cup this afternoon. :)

    Your egg invention sounds wonderful!

  7. Susanna, you have me laughing out loud. Oh my stars, woman.... I'm drinking cafe mocha from the Keurig with Peppermint Mocha creamer... And loving that I'm not the only one that messes up timing.

    Missy, I cannot help but love you, dear heart!

    Not reading at this time. I finished The Earl's Mistaken Bride by Abby Gaines and two NY Stock Market books by Michael Lewis... I felt a non-fiction urge to delve within because Zach and Luke both told me I'd get a lot of these books: The Big Short and its predecessor "Liar's Poker". I learned a lot.

    Sunny here. 50 degrees. Crazy fun to have a soft winter, but Dave got the big ol' truck stuck and it took three big guys three hours to work her free...


    We'll be shopping for a winch at some point in time, I can predict that!

  8. Muddy here, too! We have to wipe the dogs' paws every time they go out. What a pain.

  9. It's been crazy weather here. Saturday was so warm you barely needed a coat and then Monday and Tuesday were nasty and cold. Tomorrow is supposed to be tropically wet. In January? In NYC?

    I'm drinking tea at the moment. My treat to myself this afternoon, tea and whole wheat toast with butter and strawberry jam. It goes well with The Earl's Mistaken Bride by Abby Gaines which I moved up on my TBR pile after Ruthy raved about it last week. I'm about halfway through and absolutely enjoying it. In fact, it inspired me to drag out an old Regency I wrote to see if I can update it.

  10. Mary, isn't it delightful? She made me laugh out loud and it has the same soft humor and setting of an Austen novel. Abby really outdid herself on this. It 'felt' right, from beginning to end.

    I just loved it.

    Hey, I need to drive to NYC soon and bring some stuff to Lawyer Boy and pick some stuff up from him. I love coming down to the city. Just love it. Of course I'll be sleeping on his couch, but that's okay. For a night or two!

  11. Missy, you wipe the dog's paws.

    Oh my stars.

    Isn't that what rugs are for?

  12. Oh, Ruthy, let me know if you're going to have some free time. If I remember correctly, he lives near me. Maybe we could meet for coffee somewhere if he leaves you any free time.

  13. Abby's book sounds wonderful! I think I bought it at the grocery store last week. Need to check to make sure (Isn't that terrible that I can't remember?!).

    Ruthy, the rugs do part of the wiping. But we have cream colored carpet and red Georgia clay soil. NOT a good match!!