Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick Turnaround!

Got an e-mail from Rachel Burkot late yesterday that said the edits for A Family to Cherish are en route and they need them back by Monday...

I knew they'd be coming. I knew it would be a quick turnaround. I had gotten a pre-copy from Rachel with editor edits, but couldn't do anything really until I knew the copy edits were close. I have to read it fresh to be effective....

So today, we're not cooking per se. (I threw an old pork chop into the microwave at 8:15 last night as I did the initial edits from the editor's POV...)


You'd think being a partner in a cafe would keep me in food, but did Missy head over here and cook me ANYTHING????



But she's sick with my cold (cafe proximity, I told her I should have stayed home this week!) :) so we'll give her a pass.

So: ideas? Besides tuna fish which is my stand-by ER meal. Keeping in mind the whole low-carb thing for me but not necessarily for everyone. All ideas welcome!


  1. Since I live alone, when I cook anything from scratch I always have tons left over. Like soup. If I make my crockpot minestrone I could eat it twice a day for a week and still have more left over. So, I freeze portions and pull one out when I'm desperate. I usually have cheese and bread so I'd add a grilled cheese sandwich and voila a meal. And if I run out of frozen soup it's oatmeal and toast all the way. Or a scrambled egg.

    Ruthy, when is your next book coming out? It's soon, isn't it? Happy editing!!!!

  2. Ruthy, I wish you had let me know. I would have come over and made you a frozen pizza--our family standby. :)

    Or a PBJ sandwich. Unless, like me in ER situations, you're also out of bread. In that case, I usually end up making spaghetti noodles and adding olive oil and parmesan cheese.

    Hope the edits go smoothly!!

  3. Quick meals...hmm.

    Yes, we go with eggs a lot - scrambled, with salsa and cheese wrapped in a tortilla. My husband likes fried egg sandwiches - really easy! Two fried eggs between two pieces of toast. No condiments, no cheese, nothing. And he's as happy as a clam. Comfort food, I guess.

    Or soup - I keep canned broth on hand, add some potatoes or noodles, maybe some carrots and chicken (I keep a can of cooked chicken breast for emergencies).

    Missy, the spaghetti noodles are a staple at our house, too - I add garlic because I like it so much...

    And toast - peanut butter toast is always a great filling snack.

    My favorite quick meal, though, is when I have some warning - then I can throw something in the crock pot and forget about it for the next eight hours. That's my kind of meal!

    Ruthy - do a good job with those edits! I'm looking forward to reading the book!

  4. Edits on hold until tonight... Babies have arrived!


    Eggs are a mainstay. And of course the never-ending salad bowl. And for tonight, I can slow-cook something. Last night was a catch-as-catch can.

    The edits are going well. Stupid head cold is slowing me a little, but it should be better in a few days, right? Week coming? Week going?

    Most frozen quick meals are high carb. But I'm not above just eating a bowl of veggies microwaved and tossing some butter and garlic on them.

    Yum. ;)

    I gobbled two brownies yesterday. TWO.

    I blame Sandra for talkin' 'bout her cinnamon rolls in Seekerville.

    Melty, warm Cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon. That was one of my favorite Thruway/Interstate stops heading to Philly and NYC. It was worth the extra hour of drive time to get the Cinnabon rest area.

    Now I'm making myself hungry.

    Kav, I love grabbing out of the freezer! And now my new freezer is in the house... And plugged in. But the room is still in a state of "clean out"... This weekend, after edits, I'm finishing the painting of really sad cupboards and moving stuff around. The dogs do not know what to make of the confusion.

    The kids have learned to accept it as the norm, LOL!

  5. As an author with a fulltime day job and a busy life, I plan for days like this. I have them nearly once a week, to be honest.

    I have a couple of large ziplocs full of individually wrapped burritos my d-i-l and I made.

    In October, I froze over a dozen small ziplocs of ratatouille from fresh garden produce. This is the easiest meal of all for Toastmasters night, if I remember to take the zip out of the freezer in the morning! I come home from work, turn on the oven, dump the zip's contents in a 9x9 pan, stick a few sausages on top, and head out to walk the dog. When I get back, prepackaged couscous take five minutes, and dinner's on the table.

    I also can homemade soup and pasta sauce in the fall. Very busy around here when the garden comes off, but it is SO worth it. :)