Saturday, January 7, 2012

Janet Dean's Olive Dip!

We invited our beautiful and impeccable Janet Dean to give us a "FIRST PICK" recipe to go along with our "Month of Firsts" in Seekerville.

Janet sent me her Olive Dip recipe, perfect for Simply Saturday because you know we go easy-peasy on Saturdays in the Yankee-Belle!

Here it is and I can't wait to try it on celery... Or as a dip for cauliflower and broccoli so I stay low-carb. And remember how good those olives are for you! The first pick is the low-fat cheese "Neufchatel Cheese"...
Here's a pic of  standard Philadelphia Cream Cheese, actually developed up here in NY... In a little North Country town called: (you're way ahead of me, aren't you???)  Philadelphia!

And black olives, one of my fave low-carb, high in MUFAS (right, Missy???) foods:

Janet's recipe:

1-8 oz. cream cheese, 1/3rd less fat  (I use the full-fat stuff because I LOVE IT!!!)

Small can of chopped black olives 

Bunch green onions, diced  

(If raw onions give you GI problems, try milder "shallots", the purple tinged sweeter variety. Much easier on the tummy for some of us. Or chives. I can do chives without a problem, but fresh onions don't work for me.

Serve with Ritz Air Crisp crackers.

And our Janet has a new Love Inspired Historical release this month: An Inconvenient Match! 

I would totally love to be in that yard, that garden, wearing THAT DRESS... awww... right now. Including the hat because I love hats!


  1. Hey, Ruthy, give the 1/3rd less fat cream cheese a try. No need to let it sit out to soften. Just stir in the black olives, green onions and viola, a delicious easy-peasy dip. I've had people tell me they don't like black olives but loved this spread. Veggies are good with it but those Ritz Air Crisp crackers are wonderful!


  2. Janet, thank you for sharing this recipe! I've always loved this stuff but never made it.

    I'm a calamata olive fan. I'll probably try it with those.

    You know, during Holy Week, we have church services each day, followed by lunch of sandwiches. Lots of people make the sandwiches, so there are many different kinds to choose from. One of my favorites is spread with an olive/cream cheese mixture. I bet this is it! So I'll even try this spread on bread. :)

  3. Janet, I'm so glad you're hangin' with us today! Thanks for stoppin' by, sharing a Dean favorite.
    And I just might try that cheese. I didn't realize it was a neufchatel cheese in your recipe, until I pulled up the pics.

    Do I dare say that I buy Philly cream cheese at Sam's in the 3 lb. blocks??? ;)

    I love cream cheese.

    And Missy, what a fun way to try it, with calamata olives! Oh my stars, they're delicious!

    I love new ideas that play with my brain.

  4. You know what just hit me. The sandwiches that I mentioned actually use green olives! I had forgotten that. Gosh, there are so many variations of this dip that you could use.

    Janet, I'll try it your way first. :)

  5. Hi Janet,
    Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. I love olives of any variety.

    Missy, one of my favorite lunches as a child was cream cheese and olives sandwich. That's also my spread of choice at the bagel store.

    Ruthy, I love cream cheese too but I usually go for the whipped. I feel virtuous - like there can't be as many calories if I'm using something with air whipped into it. Sssh (forget that most of the calories come from the bagel.) Seriously though, I've taken to eating a slight smear of whipped cream cheese on a plain brown rice cake when I need a snack. Because of the cream cheese, it actually tastes really good and the rice cakes have pretty much negative calories.

  6. LOL, Mary. I love the idea of negative calories! :) Crunching on those rice cakes must burn energy! :)

    I also use the whipped cream cheese. I buy the Weight Watcher's one. It's yummy!

  7. Missy, I'm sure this spread would be delicious on rye bread, the cocktail size. Let's have a tea party!

  8. I love Kalamata olives too, but those seeds are tricky. :-)

  9. Mary C, you're a strong woman if you can eat rice cakes. I've tried. Of course never slathered them with cream cheese, which is delicious with just about everything. Oh, wait, you use a slight smear of cream cheese. Proud of you, gal.

  10. Ooooh, a tea party at the Yankee Belle. That sounds so delightful.
    Could we plan one for one of these cold winter afternoons.

    Or, we could set up a tea buffet and then everyone could go to their own tables to write - a Writer's Retreat at the Yankee Belle.

  11. This dip sounds fabulous - on crackers, with veggies (especially celery!), Rye bread squares.... My virtual self is in for the tea party/writer's retreat. My real self is researching the Badlands in winter.

    At least, that's one excuse for a day trip with the family...

    If there's any dip left over after our tea party, I think it'll be good as a snack while watching the football game tomorrow.

    People say Tebow has lost his magic, but I'm willing to stick with him until the end of the season.

    Which could be tomorrow...

  12. I love a tea party, writing retreat!

    Jan, if the season ends for your team, come on over and root for our Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs. :)

  13. Jan, any excuse for a day trip is wonderful. I need to plan one to talk with hot cops...

    I love my job. ;)

    Of course most of 'em are young enough to be my kids, dagnabbit, but a girl's gotta immerse herself in her research, right? At least peripherally?

    I love cream cheese and green olive spread. Oh my stars, that's just delicious!

    And I can't imagine not loving this one, either. I've had the whipped cream cheese at restaurants. Loved it. I'll try Janet's neufchatel and see how it goes. If Janet likes it (and Janet's got excellent taste, we all know that!) then it's got to be delicious. And since I just ate salad instead of stopping by the apple farm for some of their fry cakes, apple bites and fritters...

    Which I love.

    I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now. ;)

  14. YUM, YUM, YUM. I wonder what the history is behind cream cheese.

  15. I don't know....

    And I actually listened to a little "tape" about it when Seth was in school up there. That's where I got the idea for the North Country series.

  16. Wow -- this sounds easy enough for me not mess up. I've never made a good dip. Isn't that weird? I even have cream cheese in the fridge but not the olives but that's halfway there!

    And I loved An Inconvenient Match, Janet! Even if I still want to throttle Abigail...but the blood pressue is going down. :-)

  17. Janeto!!! I absolutely ADORE black olives, but have avoided them because I thought they were diet busters, but I just may have to give this dip a try. The only one easier that I've heard of is the David and Harry (my husband yells at me because I transpose the names every single time!!) dip with only cream cheese mixed with their pepper and onion relish dip, which is also pretty good.


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