Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coffee Chat!

Missy, here. I totally forgot to post our chat topic today. Forgive me for being late.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and let's chat. Share with us your most embarrassing moment...if you dare! :)

(Oh, and did I mention my new release, A House Full of Hope, is finally available on Amazon and other booksellers! It's even been spotted on the shelf! :))


  1. Everyone's bashful today! I'll go first.

    Writing-wise, my most embarrassing moment was at my first pitch. I ran on so badly that the editor had to cut me off. I was mortified! I just hope she doesn't remember my name (since she's a top executive in the company now!)'s difficult to come up with one. I have so many. LOL One the kids still tease me about happened years ago . I've got to look up a song to tell you about it. BRB...

  2. The kids were young, and they loved that Chumbawamba song that came out, Tubthumping. The words are "I get knocked down, but I get up again."

    Well, I didn't know the name of the song (I mean, who could remember the group name or the song name??!). I just knew my kids wanted the CD. So I go in the store and ask for that "I fall down but I get back up" song. Well, they about died of embarrassment when I told them what I'd said, and how the guy had looked at me funny. Of course, their ridicule was accompanied with much laughter once they got over the humiliation. They still tease me about it. :)

  3. I'm dying laughing, because this, TODAY might be one of those embarrassing moments, Missy!

    Oy, it's hysterical that we have trouble remembering to CHAT...

    What kind of women are we?

    So embarrassing... well. There are too many. Writing? The infamous said too much on a loop because I thought I was being funny. This was LONG before anyone suspected me of being funny.

    I cannot bear to remember it.

    In life... hmm... I was sitting in the middle of the quadrangle at the University of Pennsylvania, waiting for my freshman son to meet us for dinner. A woman came along and asked me what I did. I thought (babysitter? romance writer? babysitter? romance writer?) So I said, "I'm a writer."

    "What do you write?"

    "Christian romance."

    She sent me a mock shudder. "You're kidding. Right?"


    I said, "No. That's what I write. I love it."

    She shot me a look over her shoulder that said quite clearly that her little boy would not be playing with mine...

    Oh my stars.

    That was ten years ago, when Zach was a freshman there. But I'll never forget shrinking into myself by the look on her face.

    I bet she wore knock-off shoes. And not very good ones, at that.

  4. Oooh, I love to see the Ruthy claws come out!! LOL I sure hope you gave her a look that scorched, even though her response was so hurtful.

  5. Missy, you expect us to talk about embarrassing things in a public forum? That's just not nice.

    I know I have too many to list, but the one that made me cringe the most was when I picked my now-sixteen year old up from preschool. As we waited at the elevator behind one of his classmates and her mother, Ryan said, "Allison's mom has a BIG butt."

    Of course, now that he's a teenager, it's my turn to embarrass him. And I take advantage of every opportunity:-)

  6. Oh, Mindy!! He didn't!!! LOL That's priceless!

  7. Oh, Mindy...

    Little kids. And what they say. Don't you miss Art Linkletter????

  8. Love that story, Mindy. My oldest was reminding me of one like that the other day. When she was little and in her Pocohontas phase and walked along the street next to me singing at the top of her lungs about how she wanted to kill herself an Injun.
    You have to understand we live in a very very PC community.

  9. Oh, no, Mary! I bet you were embarrassed. :)