Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tater Tot Casserole with Guest Linnette Mullin!

Missy, here. I'm so pleased to welcome Linnette Mullin today! She's sharing a fabulous recipe that she created.

Linnette's Tater Tot Casserole

1 bag of tatertots or potato rounds (average size)
1 to 1.5 lbs of ground beef
1 can cream of mushroom soup
¼ cup sour cream
2 cups of shredded cheese; Colby Jack or mild Cheddar
Whatever temperature is given on the tatertot instructions (mine said 450).

Brown the ground beef (I usually season it with a sprinkling of salt and onion powder… sometimes pepper). Drain the grease. Add soup, sour cream, and ½ cup of cheese.

Pour the bag of tatertots in non-stick or greased 9x13 pan or large casserole dish. Spoon ground beef mixture on top and spread. Top with remaining cheese. Bake covered with foil for 30 minutes and another 5-10 minutes uncovered. Yum!

Great for making ahead and spooning out portions to reheat in the microwave, too! 
My picky crew of six think this is amazing! 

Enjoy! :D

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  1. Linnette, I can't wait to try this! I just love tater tots. I still order them when I go to Sonic! :)

  2. I am humbled that I have never made Tater Tot casserole and I am an avowed lover of all things Tater tot-like....

    Hashbrowns at McDonald's... Oh, my stars, to die for.

    Tater tots and ketchup???? Oh, yum!

    Addictive behavior for an addictive food: The Potato

    Linnette thank you for loving me even after I LOST YOU IN MY HARD DRIVE.... And you are still unfound!

    Bless you for allowing us to shift/punt/pick your word of the day!

  3. This looks like comfort food to die for! I have a feeling this is going to become a favorite for my boys :)

  4. Thanks, Linnette! You've just given me a recipe for tonight's dinner. I'll bet it'll be delicious.

  5. I've decided my kids like anything that has potato in it. I'm sure they'll love this.

    I made roasted potatoes the other night. I remembered them at the last minute, and didn't want to cook the pork chops to death. So I got the potatoes out a little too early. The kids still chowed down. Ate them all so hubby didn't even get any leftover!

  6. This is different, Linnette. When I heard Tator tot Casserole I had something else pictured.
    Sounds fantastic!

  7. This looks like something to fill up hungry grandsons with! I'll have to keep the recipe handy for when they all come for Christmas!

  8. Hi, Ladies! You're so welcome. I have very picky boys and they absolutely LOVE this recipe! It's easy. So easy! So yummy and filling! You can serve it alone or with a salad or fruit... just about anything goes. :D

    Ruthy, I'd already forgotten about being lost in your hard drive. Forgiven, lady! :D

    Myra, thanks for posting on FB. I'd forgotten I was on today. Been a wild and weary day for me, so I haven't been on line as much.

    Cara Lynn, I hope it turns out scrumptious for you! :D

    Missy, my boys are that way. They LOVE potatoes.

    Jan, I'm sure your boys will love it.

    Thanks, Mary! The first time I heard of Tatertot casserole, I thought, "What? What could that possibly be?" I took a friend's recipe and tweaked it to my liking. This one has more cheese and it much less soggy than the other.

    And now I'm off to pick up boys and then church. I'll check back in tonight. :D

    Enjoy, ladies! BTW, you all know I love you, right? :D

  9. Linnette, what a great recipe!

    Love the pics too. How can I go wrong since I can see how it should look! My mouth is watering...wait! I just finished dinner a couple hours ago.

    Thanks for sharing, Linnette.

  10. I just got home from the grocery store (don't ask. This is NOT my usual time). :) And I bought the ingredients to make it!

  11. I think I know what you're having for supper tomorrow, Missy!

  12. LOL!!! You gals are great! Let me know how it turned out for you. :D

  13. AMAZING. I used the mini-tater tots, and they turned out so nice and crispy with all the yummy meat and cheese on top. Kind of a beef stroganoff with potatoes instead of noodles. :)

    The kids loved it! And hubby just had it leftover for lunch. He loved it too. :)