Tuesday, November 1, 2011


People talk about everything in a cafe.
Life. Death. Food. Who's seeing who. Who's NOT SEEING WHO... ;)
Cafes are gathering spots. They're the watering holes of today. Of course the old watering holes drew COWBOYS...
Oh, yum.
But not today. Not at this El Rancho.
Today we're going Total Pink!

 Some of you already know this.
My friend Lisa has breast cancer.
She's 36 years old.
Four kids.
And silly.
She has let me help raise her children for TEN YEARS.
Obviously she's seriously deranged. But deranged or not,
she's fighting cancer. And around here???
Lisa is in the blue... Yes, we all wore pink, but it was a SURPRISE PARTY.
And she didn't want to come.
She was tired. Chemo had been rough that round. And she was a little down.
She thought she was coming to a baby shower.

Her daughter Taylor read about a Pink Party. She discussed it with her dad.
And then they presented it to us, the daycare moms.

Taylor... eating... this is not unusual behavior. She's a sassy little thing.

Taylor (10) and McKenna (7) helped plan.

We had teen girls... (not Barb on the right... She just LOOKS like a teen!)

Grenadine to color the drinks pink....

Everyone wore hats in solidarity.

Little girls.... This is McKenna, Lisa's 7 year-old daughter.

At least ONE pregnant girl.

And pink stuff. Like... Everywhere.

Pink balloons... Pink tablecloth... Pink streamers
Pink food:

People came from all over.
Family. Friends. Neighbors.

Family rocks!

Girls talking. Girls laughing. Girls smiling.

And of course, great hats:

And a puppy never hurts!

To throw a pink party, you need these things:

1.  Someone with breast cancer, dagnabbit. Lisa drew the short straw on that one.
2.  Pink food
3.  Pink decorations
4.  "FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!" posters handmade with righteous indignation
5.  Great punch
6.  Shirley Temples made with Ginger ale and Grenadine
7.  Pink napkins
8.  Everybody wears a hat for solidarity  (mine kept falling off, shoulda just worn a baseball cap!)
9.  Everybody wears pink (that actually made Lisa stand out in her blue, LOL!)
10. A cupcake breast cancer awareness ribbon, courtesy of Lacey:


It was a great day. A great surprise. A great coalition of women and girls with one goal:
Comfort. Solidarity. Love. Compassion. 
While eating great food, of course.

It took one little girl's goal of throwing her mom a breast cancer party...
And a bunch of moms who love her mom.
And it got done.

Taylor, Lisa and McKenna Tydings


  1. Girl power and God. It's a powerful combination. Looks like you had a great time (and nice weather!).

    Just prayed for Lisa. You go girl!

  2. Prayers are gratefully accepted and cherished, my friend! How beautiful is this family????? Love them!

  3. I LOVE this idea. What a precious little girl to want to do this for her mama. And what a precious friend--yes, that means you RUTHY--to help her make that wish come true. Prayers going up for Lisa and family.

  4. Lisa has a tough road to travel, but it's so obvious she isn't doing this alone! What a wonderful thing it is to have friends.

    And Pink! I love it!

    Continuing the prayers - keep us posted!

    And be sure to send pictures of the "chemo is done" party!

  5. Chemo finished last week...

    Now we do surgery. So yes, we mark each milestone of her journey...

    And Mindy, hugs to you! We've got such a great group of moms here, that I'm blessed daily.

    And they read my books.

    How much more devoted could they get, I ask you???


  6. I love pink! So I love this party! I've also been praying for Lisa to beat this ugly c-word.

  7. I read this first time round and still have her name on my fridge and pray for Lisa and her family. Glad to hear the chemo rounds are done. Will pray her through surgery as well.

  8. I hate the c word.Hope her surgery goes well and she beats this c word.


  9. Thank you to all of you for the prayers. Yes, I have a great family and friends too! They are pulling me throuhg this cancer mess and I love them for it! Especially that Ruthy! :)