Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oreo Thanksgiving Turkeys!

I saw this pic on facebook and knew that my kiddies would LOVE making these babies. And how cute are they to serve on Thanksgiving? To have a tray of these out on the dessert table? Or use them for name tag holders and the kids can write their own names????

Last year we did Pine Cone turkeys. They looked great and provided great roughage, but hard to chew.

These will no doubt be easier!

You need:

Double Stuf Oreos
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures
Candy corn (I grabbed mine half-price yesterday at Wal-Mart)
Malted Milk balls (Whoppers)
Frosting for glue (simple recipe follows!!!)
Remove top from one Oreo. "Glue" candy corns into place with a smidge of frosting. I use a frosting bag with a small round tip, but you can dot with a sharp, pointy knife, too)

FROSTING:  Pour a couple of cups of powdered sugar into bowl. Add only enough water to make thick paste. You want thick, glue-like consistency, not sugar-cookie soft. Okay? It hardens as it dries.

Replace cookie top with smidge of frosting to 'glue' in place.

Glue that cookie (the one with candy corn feathers) to a cookie flat on the table. Leave to dry, propped against a wall or something so it stands up until the frosting dries enough to make it secure.

Flatten (I slice a thin piece off and eat it. Yes. I'm am that willing to take one for the team!!!) the wider edge of the peanut butter cup, add a dot or two of frosting, and glue it to the upright cookie. This is the belly. (Ho ho ho!!!)

Glue a Whopper above the peanut butter cup. This is the head.

Now dot two eyes onto the Whopper. And a tiny beak.

You can add two candy corn "wings" by gluing them slanty-upside-down alongside the peanut butter cup. And two candy corn "tips" make great feet.

And there.


Oreo Turkeys.  How stinkin' cute is that?


  1. Ruthy, my boys have made these for years. It kept them busy while I was doing all the cooking on Thanksgiving day. They'd make one for each place setting. And you know, my twelve year old even mentioned them the other day, that maybe he could take the makings to the nursing home so he and his grandmother could make them together. Fond memories. Alas, my grands usually aren't here for turkey day, so I haven't been able to make turkeys with them yet.

  2. Way too cute!!!!! I think I'll do this with my library club even though our Thanksgiving has passed. I'll think of a way to turn them into festive Christmas turkeys instead.

  3. How cute!! I've never seen them before. I love it!

    The beauty of it is you can GOBBLE them up when the meal is over. ;)

  4. Meant to tell you please give a spew alert next time you call pinecones roughage. LOL

  5. Cute, cute, cute!

    We're hoping to have a crowd for Thanksgiving - but in a new town, far from the rest of the family, we're sounding out the few people we know - "do you have family to spend Thanksgiving with?".

    So far, it will be just four of us (dh, me, 2 boys), but we've only begun to ask.

    BUT, I know my boys will think these are the cat's pajamas...after the pumpkin pie is gone, of course. First things first!

  6. HAHA This is adorable. Now I'm craving oreos. :)

  7. Oh, guys, aren't they so cute! Mindy, I'd never seen them before. So glad to know you guys had fun with them.

    And tell me you don't really have grandchildren. Were you a 13 year old child bride? Just wondering.


    Pinecones: roughage.


    Good catch, Missy!!!

    Jan, I love that you're inviting people in. That rocks, my friend. Gotta feed the hungry. Clothe the naked. It's what we're here for.

    Bless you!

  8. We're filling up our Thanksgiving table (our pastor and wife with adult kids back east - I love lovin' on our pastor!), and bought the ingredients for the oreo turkeys today -

    Thanksgiving is coming together!

  9. Five of them, Ruthy. The oldest one is ten while my younger child is twelve. Yeah. My daughters are so cruel. However, their offspring are a joy.

  10. Jan, you're so sweet to think of them and include them!

  11. Missy, I'm a PK. I know how public/lonely/exposed/wonderful a pastor's family's life can be!

    If you were here, I'd be lovin' on you, too :)

  12. Cute, Ruthy.... have never seen them! My Mom (deceased) used to make cute flower cream on bottom of a clear plastic cup, oreos crumbled all around for the "dirt", a plastic flower......she usually made them in Spring or Easter. I have forgotten exact details....maybe some of you ladies have seen them??

  13. Jan, thank you! I'll have to come visit sometime. :)

    Jackie, I've had similar--with gummy worms in it!! :)

  14. those are cute but I'll pass - I couldnt' even do those paper chains back in the day without making a huge mess and these look like waayy too much construction for me!