Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mary Connealy's Famous French Dip Roast Beast!

 Mary does not take pictures when she cooks. But if she did, you would see this baby slow-roasting in a crock-pot like this:

Oh, wait, there is none!

And a hunk of beef rump like this!!!!

Okay, well, you all know what beef rump looks like, right??? So who needs pictures????

And the fact that this all comes out tasting splendorific, is no accident. And if the Connealy clan loves it, it must be good... Or they're so desperate to eat something SAFE that Mary cooks, that they jump for joy at the prospect of a square meal.

More likely.

French Dip Sandwiches
1 rump roast
1 C. beef consommé (buy it canned in the soup section of the store)
1 can beef broth (canned)
1 C. water
1 pkg. Good Season's Italian Dressing
Put in crock pot for 8 hours on low.
Slice meat. Serve on hoagie buns. Use liquid for French Dip sauce. Serve sauce in coffee cups or small bowls.

Now Mary has shared this with the Seekers before and it's every bit as good as she claims and TAKES NO TIME so it's perfect for Simply Saturday!

And when you're as popular as our Mary, then you want crowd-pleasin' meals with little fuss.

This one fills the bill!


  1. This sounds fabulous. We just bought a slow cooker so I'm looking for recipes to use in it.

  2. YUMMO!! I love a good French dip sandwich! Will add the stuff to next week's grocery list. :)

    Mary, we're so glad you joined us over here in the cafe!

  3. Mary! Pull up a chair and sit down! There's coffee somewhere, and we can eat some muffins while your crock pot is cooking away.

    Oh man, this scrumptious! And I know my carnivores will devour it.

    And beef - I love it. Whoever was running cattle on the hills next to our neighborhood sold them last week, so now no more Herefords grazing...I used to fantasize about one of them spending the rest of his days in our freezer...

    Mary C - I love my crock pot. I use it at least once a week! "Fix It and Forget It" is a great crock pot cook book.

  4. what's the difference in consumme and broth? other than one sounds fancier? hmm I think the only ingredients I have are beef broth and that dressing mix! and the only reason I have the dressing mix is I got it for another recipe I never got around to making! this does sound good though. I'm in one of the 'beef eating ' states - Texas!

  5. Interesting question, Susanna! I'm not really sure. I think one may be more concentrated.

    okay, I had to go look it up. Here's what I found on
    Editor's Note: Consomme is slightly thicker than beef broth, but broth can be substituted in most cases. Check out our Taste Test of Stocks and Broths with more tips on cooking with prepared stocks and broth.

    So I guess I was pretty close! :)

    Mary was attending a wedding today, so I'm sure she's been busy. I bet we'll hear from her later.

  6. Susanna, I asked Mary the same question... I thought the two were interchangeable.

    Here was her response:


    Therefore I'm buying the consomme (which I always thought had a wine-ish flavor) and using my Beef Base to make broth....

    I think the big thing is to use the seasoning s and slice that baby nice and thin....

    Melt in your mouth good, LOL!

  7. I love french dip sandwiches, thanks for posting the recipe!

  8. "Wren" I love your Raggedy Ann and Andy pic! They were favorites for my babies. Babies love that bright, wide-eyed simple face image. They're drawn to it!

    And you're welcome, dear, thank you for stopping by.

  9. I don't think there will be much slicing to it! It'll fall apart. :)

  10. okey dokey I shall look for consomme for the first time in my life! has to be easier to find than tahini..sheesh never did find that stuff but luckily I found the hummus already made so didn't need it.

    so is chicken stock different from chicken broth? I see those mentioned in recipes sometimes so now I'm guessing there might be stock over with the soups or something...

    LOL I think it'll fall apart too! I tried this chicken leg recipe in the crockpot a year or so ago and they fell apart so my plate didn't look anything like the picture with the recipe(still think they cheated in that photo!) tasted good though..


  11. Aw, Susanna, they always cheat in the photos! ;)

    And this might fall apart, but a rump roast isn't like a chuck roast or corned beef... Those do fall apart. A rump (I think) holds together but can be sliced real thin.

    I MIGHT BE MAKING ALL THAT UP BECAUSE I NEED TO GET CONSOMME. And if we LOVE this then we all need to keep consomme on hand every day.

  12. Consumme is also stronger and sweeter flavourwise.

    And tell that Mary she doesn't need to take photos WHILE she's cooking - she just hasta take 'em BEFORE she eats!

    Absolutely love French Dip sandwiches at Arby's so will try this one for sure. Thanks!

  13. LOL, Anita!

    Susanna, as far as I know, stock and broth are the same. :) I just usually hear it called stock when you make it yourself. Broth when you buy it.

  14. Missy, I agree... Any soup stock starts as some kind of broth, right? Veggie, beef, chicken...

    and how come no one makes pork soup? 'Sup wi dat?

  15. So, I'm not late checkign in or nuthin' am I?

    I wonder if anyoe made this thing?

    It's no fail. I know this because I am the master at fail and I've never failed with this one.

  16. Busy week, huh, chica?????

    Understandable! I can't wait to try it, but tell us. Does it fall apart or do you slice it thinly? My rump roasts (not MINE, per se) stay together...

    Unless we're talking chuck roast... Tell us, Mare.

    Slice? Fork apart?

    (Remember I HATE being wrong.)

  17. Mouth is waterin just thinkin about this...but I'd like it on subway flatbread if I could figure out how to get some. mmmmmm with a pickle spear and a blanket of pepperjack cheese...oh, and plenty of salt and pepper. mmmmm Hi Ho Bookman, away!

  18. And remember when you're chowing down on the rump are what you eat.


  19. I had to say that. Sorry.