Friday, November 4, 2011

Favorite Fridays

Missy, here. I've decided to do Favorite Fridays on some of my Friday posts. So I declare today the first ever Favorite Friday!

What I envision is all of us sharing some of our favorite things. Food-wise and otherwise. :) So I want you to chime in and share your own!

Today, I wanted to talk about my favorite restaurant. But I have too many! So I thought I'd start by sharing my favorite place to get Chinese food.

They have outstanding service. And the very best tropical fruit flavored iced tea! In fact, I've been known to go there just because I had a craving for the tea. :)

Some of my favorite dishes include the Chang's Spicy Chicken. My friend Amy and I always share this one. It has a little sweet. Also has little spicy kick. And is always very tender chicken.

Some dishes that my family loves include Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Salt and Pepper Calimari and the Crab Wontons. Personally, I love the veggie steamed dumplings. The dipping sauce is amazing!

My most recent favorite is the Chicken Chopped Salad. I order it with both the ginger and the soy dressings and mix them. :)

And my VERY favorite thing about eating there??? The chopsticks! I LOVE to eat with chopsticks. When I was in graduate school, my roommate, who was from Hong Kong, told me she'd cook for me if I'd learn to eat with chopsticks. And of course, I took her up on that offer! She even taught me to cook some dishes.

My family thinks I'm a little crazy, but I even use the chopsticks when I order the salad. :) Besides being fun, I think I eat slower and get full faster. A nice tip for eating less.

Okay, your turn! Where's your favorite place to eat Chinese food? What are your favorite dishes?


  1. We like Pei Wei's which is PF Chang's fast food chain. Yumola to the Honey Seared Chicken and Fried Rice.

    Pei Weit

  2. Okay it is PEI WEI. No t.

  3. Oh, favorites. I love this. I've never been to P.F. Chang's... We have one an hour away on the East side, but I'm not over that way often.

    But we have a great place locally called Chinatown. For going out, sit-down food, they rock. A great family meal... Amazing. But take-out is THE GREAT WALL, a family run Chinese place here in our hometown. On those nights when Dave knows I'm not cooking ANYTHING, we'll grab an order of Sesame chicken or sweet and sour chicken from The Great Wall. I make my own rice (basmati rice, YES!) but I love the ease of having a quick, delicious meal. That makes me happy! And they just opened a second location about twenty minutes away, so that means I'm not the only person who loves their food!

    Great idea, Missy!

  4. We've done PF Chang's once, but we weren't impressed. Probably because we have a place right down the road from us that's very similar. Lava Grill has Pacific Rim cuisine, so we're talking Chinesse, Japanese, and Thai. We're big sushi fans, so that's our go-to place. Our oldest son is addicted to Panda Express, though, (he loves their orange chicken) so we get that frequently, as well.

  5. TEEENA!!!! I had no idea there was such a thing!! Oh my gosh. I'll have to google it and see if there are any in Georgia. That would be amazing. And probably more affordable. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Well, bummer. The closest Pei Wei is in Knoxville, TN. Maybe someday while traveling...

  7. Ruthy, sounds great! I love sesame chicken. And the kids love it, too, so we often order that.

    Another of my favorites from a local place I love is Mongolian beef. They do it even better than Chang's.

  8. Mindy, I LOVE Japanese and Thai! Your restaurant sounds amazing if they have all three! We love sushi, too, although I try to force the kids to only eat the cooked rolls. :)

  9. Every time we move I have to find a new favorite Chinese (or Asian) restaurant, and haven't found one yet in our new town. My dear husband doesn't like most Asian foods, so that's a real obstacle to trying new restaurants!

    Before we moved, my favorite was a locally owned Thai restaurant called Tup Tim Thai. Their curries were fabulous, but my absolute favorite were the appetizers. I could make an entire meal out of their money bags.

    Another favorite (and one my husband loves) is Hu Hot Mongolian Grill. You load up meat, veggies and sauces and they grill it for you while you wait. But alas, the closest one to us now is in Omaha.

    All this talk is making me hungry - egg rolls for breakfast, anyone?

  10. Jan, we ate at one of those Mongolian grills at the beach last year. It was soo good! We now have one at our mall but haven't tried it yet.

    I love Thai food. Love the curries. But I think my very favorite thing (and I often make a meal of them) is the basil rolls. Oh, wow. Now I'm craving them. And our closest Thai restaurant closed. :(

  11. Also meant to ask what the money bags are. I'm not familiar with them.

  12. Money Bags might have been created by this restaurant - I had never seen them before, either.

    They're similar to Crab Rangoon, but instead of deep fried, they're cooked like Pot Stickers. The filling is a cream cheese blended with something else delicious - crab, maybe?

    The filling is put in the center of a wrapper, the corners twisted together so it looks like a money bag, and then they're cooked - probably sauteed? - and served with a soy sauce-type dip.

    They're small enough that you can eat them in one bite, but I cut them into two or three pieces to make them last longer!

  13. Jan, sounds like something I would love!

  14. Everyone's favorite seems to be Asian at the moment but I just finished eating my Friday Favorite - Pizza from a wood stove.

    I love the taste but even more - I ADORE not having to cook dinner on Friday night after a long week of work.

  15. Mary, pizza is one of my favorites any time! Eating out every Friday night sounds so wonderful! You know, I was on the Medi-Fast diet for a few months this year, and I craved pizza more than anything else! I was so surprised because I thought I was burned out on it. I thought I would crave bread more than anything. But all I wanted was pizza! LOL

  16. We need a diet that not only includes pizza but DEMANDS it. Dagnabbit.

    I have a confession. I have never eaten Thai food. Mind you, there are no restaurants serving Thai close by, but on the east side of Rochester? There's Thai, I'll bet. But I'm married to a steak-and-potato adventurer. Yup.

    "I'll have the steak."

    Dave shoulda been Texan.

    Maybe I'll bug Zach next time I'm in the Big Apple to take us to a Thai place. He loves it and he'll know what's what. I need to branch out a smidge... Relinquish the safety of my Sweet-and-sour chicken.

    It's scary.

  17. Go for it, Ruthy! Spread those wings. :) Try the massaman with chicken (It's my fav curry dish). Oh, and the coconut lemongrass soup! I crave that stuff. And, like I mentioned, the basil rolls.