Friday, November 25, 2011

Favorite Friday!

The Belle, here. And though I'm thankful for a wonderful feast with family, I say NO MORE FOOD!

So today, I want you to tell me your favorite Thanksgiving or day-after-Thanksgiving activities. Now, I know we discussed shopping last week. But I'd love to hear about your family traditions. Something beyond the eating.

When I was a teenager, we always went to a movie with my cousins on Thanksgiving evening. Of course, we also had and still have the tradition of watching parades. And (not so thrilling for me), every football game on TV.

Naps are also common!

Okay, time to dish on your family. What have you been doing on Thursday and Friday besides cooking and eating?



  1. Looks like everyone's off doing whatever they do on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

    Me? I'm enjoying a quiet day of writing and reading because everyone else in the house had someplace to be today.

  2. The last few years have been pretty quiet - Thursday afternoon/evening, we play games like Dominoes or Carcassone, and then in the evening I watch "Miracle on 34th Street" (1948 version with Natalie Wood in black and white) to kick off the Christmas season.

    Friday and Saturday we change the decorations in the house from fall to winter and start decorating for Christmas.

    Today, hubby and I are going downtown to take in the new Main Street Square that just opened - there's an ice skating rink, shops, restaurants, a new gaming store (the boys' favorite) and /gasp/ a new BOOKSTORE!!!

    But one thing I WON'T be doing is eating more than some fruit and yogurt....

  3. Oh, and I have to add that our guests loved the Oreo turkeys!

  4. My wife often sends me with a list to a Black Friday sale, but this year she opted not to after I proved what she wanted wasn't worth the money.

  5. Well, this year I didn't even get online enough to check out the blog on Friday! We were with family in south Georgia. We went to see my SIL and BIL's newly decorated house (they were just moving in when we went last Christmas). Then went back to my inlaws' to lounge around. I spent the afternoon napping outside in the sunshine like an old housecat! It was 80 degrees and absolutely gorgeous with a nice breeze.

    A perfect day! Oh, and then they took us out for Japanese food last night. YUM! And yes, I ate again. :)