Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Missy, here. My post is late! I totally forgot. Was heading to bed and remembered to check. I wasn't even sure if I'd posted anything! :)

And, of course...I hadn't.

So, here's to all the last minute holiday craziness...

To pulling out all the ingredients for that sweet potato casserole you're going to make ahead of time and finding you don't have the apricots. To going to the grocery store to get that ingredient and realizing you need several other things as well!

To pacing the floor until your college son gets home safely.

To realizing you don't have a thing to make for dinner, so you'll go out. Only to find out that above son already has plans with a friend. And middle son has a haircut appointment at 6:45. And husband can't get home until at least 6:15.

To going out to eat early (with poor hubby still at work) and to end up with a terrible stomach ache so you have to miss Zumba, which you terribly need after all the eating this week!

To having a craving for oatmeal with dried cranberries for a snack, only to find out you're out of cranberries. (By the way, in a pinch, apricots will do.)

So, if Tuesday was any indicator, Wednesday might be even wilder. Then again, maybe the rest of the week will run as smoothly as can be. :)

What prep are you doing today?


  1. Missy, the last seven days has been crazy for us. Last Wednesday we were hit with an E F2 tornado. Had severy damage, lost everything outside,damaged my truck and totaled my husband's truck. But boy, are we greatful!! God is so good! So many things are just falling into place. We have a long way to go with clean up and repairs, but this Thanksgiving we are so thankful.

  2. Patsy!! Oh, no! I'm so sorry. But like you, I'm grateful that everyone is fine.

    I won't complain about my lack apricots or cranberries anymore! :)

  3. Patsy, God bless you. I love your attitude. The fact that you made Missy feel GUILTY....

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!1 Usually that's my job.

    When Teeeeena, Mary and I were heading to the KC airport from Tulsa, we drove through Joplin, Missouri.

    We were gut-struck and humbled.

    God bless everyone in the storm's path. Such amazing power.

    But nothing compared to God, right?

    I love that Missy is waiting up for her son to get home. Nick is her oldest....

    Luke is the youngest of six.

    "Mom, we're leaving Boston late to miss the traffic."

    Ruthy: "Great idea. It's supposed to rain. Drive careful."

    Luke: "Will do."

    Ruthy: "And I'll leave a key outside for you."

    Luke: "Okay. Love you."

    Ruthy: "Love you, too."

    I am that awful mother who GOES TO BED.... And Luke made it in around 3:00 AM.... Almost time for me to get up, LOL!

  4. Well, Ruthy, I'm just a paranoid person who's a worrywart. You're more together than I am. :)

    Plus, he got home in the afternoon! LOL

  5. Patsy! I heard about those tornadoes - so sorry you lost so much, but I'm also very thankful it was only stuff. But such stress! I hope you still have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    Ruthy, I'm with you on the youngest. Mine just got his driver's license (we wait until 18yo in our family), and was driving on winter roads FOR THE FIRST TIME - black ice everywhere - and driving himself to and from work for the first time...and what does this stellar Mom do? I completely forgot what time he was supposed to get home. Hubby and I were out enjoying ourselves while my baby was in mortal danger.

    Umm hmm, he's the youngest.

    Thanksgiving prep: yesterday was cleaning day - actually working on the unpacked-but-not-moved-into family room.

    Today is baking - my favorite! Pies, dinner rolls, jello salad, potato prep, etc. etc. I like to get as much work done as possible on Wednesday so I can enjoy Thanksgiving.

  6. I hope you all got your prep work done today! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!

  7. Patsy! My family was in an EF 2 tornado 3 yrs ago and we came out of a basement to find the building collapsed around us and our vehicle totaled. Since then, God has seen us through and as you said, everything 'fell into place.' Praying for you and all others who were touched by the storm.

    Missy! My sister and I are cooking thanksgiving dinner by ourselves for the first time since our Mom is on crutches from an accident a couple months ago, so we're prepping ahead as much as possible. The turkey is already cooked and sliced and the sweet tater casserole, cheesy, bacon-y brussel sprouts, mac n cheese, roast carrots, and Ruthy's carrot cake are in the fridge. We'll still need to make the pumpkin soup, rolls, lima beans, and pecan pie tomorrow, but we LOVE cooking, so it'll be fun. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  8. Natalie, I hope it went well! I'm sure you and your sister did a great job. :)