Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Check. It. Out!!

The Belle, here. I'm so excited. All I can say is: CHECK. IT. OUT!! I just found out you can now buy these amazing products.

The Semi-sweet chocolate mocha sauce from Starbucks!

I've loved mocha since I was a teenager and lived off the Jamoca milkshakes at Arby's. (Anyone else had one lately?) And I still love the flavor. So I was ecstatic to find out Starbucks is selling their syrup. Imagine this not only in your coffee, but on ice cream. In milkshakes.


And now...are you ready for something that's even better (in my book)?? They also now sell the caramel sauce! Anyone else out there love the caramel macchiato? I love 'em hot and iced, with the cup drizzled with sauce (I ask for extra caramel!) as well as having it squirted generously on top. Again, this product would be amazing on ice cream or in a milkshake. Or by the spoonful. ;)

My mouth is watering! Which should I buy first? I think they're both going on my Christmas wish list!

Do you have any recipes these would work with? Please share!


  1. Ghirardelli's had fountain pumps like this. Loved 'em. Then they stopped carrying them locally so I ended up with two twelve dollar pumps and no sauce...

    Missy, I had no idea Starbucks was carrying them. Price????

    And of course they now have Dunkin and Starbucks K CUPS to go with my Keurig....

    This is my little bit of deliciosa in a world gone mad. Flavored coffees, made at home!

  2. So funny, Missy. I was just making my boring morning coffee and wishing I had Starbucks cinnamon syrup to add to it. I settled for powdered but it doesn't mix the same way.

  3. Ruthy, they're $22 but look like they'd last about five years. :) Here's a link:,default,sc.html

    Mary, that's so funny! I've never tried the cinnamon there. Will have to do it next time I'm there. They sell it online for $11 at that link above.

    No, I don't get any commission. :) But man, wouldn't it be great to work there and get an employee discount?

  4. I just had a flash of what hot chocolate would taste like with that caramel sauce drizzled in....

    My son (where did these children get their coffee-loving genes?) loves mocha. Will go out of his way for mocha. Concocts his own methods of making easy mocha at home. Won't drink coffee unless it's mocha.

    I think I found his Christmas present! Thanks Missy :)

  5. Jan, that's a great idea! He'll love it!

    I did the same when I lived at home (a hundred years ago). :) I used to mix cocoa, sugar and my dad's instant coffee. I'd mix it with just enough water to make a thick sauce and stir it into vanilla ice cream. That was back before coffee houses and such. It was just something I loved that I dreamed up in my head--a craving that led me to the pantry. :)

  6. Hey Missy, remember, my daughter DOES work there. :)

    Oh darling....

  7. Oh, gosh, I forgot that, Mary! You lucky dog!

  8. I have a mocha every morning, and I'm not even DREAMing about your version. Into my thermal mug:
    1 tablespoon of honey
    1 rounded teaspoon cocoa
    Pour hot coffee most of the way up and give it a good stir(we buy organic fair trade)
    Cream to the finish line
    A few crumbs of salt
    A dash of cinnamon
    Snap the lid and off to work I go.

    I hate buying my mocha when I'm away from home. Even at Starbucks.

  9. Valerie, that sound amazing! I especially like the few crumbs of salt. I would never think to do that. But I love salted caramels and salted chocolate.

    Thanks for sharing!