Monday, November 28, 2011

Breakfast with the Belle

Missy, here. And due to a technical difficulty (I'm blaming Ruthy ;)), I've had to reschedule Linnette's post until later. Instead, today I wanted to talk about breakfast. My favorite meal!

You already know about my attachment to my Keurig and strong coffee. So I won't cover that again. But I wanted to talk about healthy, stick-to-your-ribs food.

I admit, I used to eat toaster pastries (won't say the brand, but you know it. I ate the brown sugar and cinnamon flavor) or high-sugar cereal each morning. And I was always so sleepy I could hardly stay awake once I got to writing. Even with the caffeine from my coffee, I'd sometimes conk right out (which is kind of hard on an author to think even SHE can't say awake while reading her own work!). :)

When I started on a high protein, low carb diet in February of this year, I immediately found I was more alert. I don't get sleepy at all and no longer doze off while writing. :) So if you're having trouble staying awake, I suggest low carb meals.

Here are some of my favorite breakfast items:

An egg white omelet. I saute freshly chopped onions and bell peppers in a bit of olive oil. Then I add the egg whites (I buy the product in cartons but also separate eggs if needed). After I flip the omelet, I add reduced fat grated cheese. My favorite (because it melts nicely and is gooey and yummy) is Sargento Reduced Fat 4 Cheese Italian. Then I fold it and serve. If I ever do this for dinner, I add some Frank's Red Hot Sauce to spice it up.

Another of my favorite breakfast foods is a half a whole wheat bagel with a tablespoon (okay, more like 2 tablespoons) of peanut butter. YUMMO! And it sticks to the ribs.

I also like to do a whole wheat frozen waffle with peanut butter on it. I really like the Kashi 7 Grain Waffles. They have 7 grams of fiber, and only 3 grams of sugar.

Another standby is oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts added. But more on that in a later post. I want to share my copycat recipe for Starbucks oatmeal. :)

Lowfat yogurt with fruit and nuts is also good option, however I don't make that as often. Same goes with cottage cheese and fruit.

Do you have any low carb breakfast foods you'd like to share? I'm always open to trying new things!


  1. Gosh, Missy, you must have been reading my mind - so blame that instead of Ruthy. ;)

    As I was waiting for my coffee to brew, I was just wondering what my Team Six cohorts eat for breakfast. I know Ruthy talked about having the salad, but I'm guessing not for breakfast.

    I'm already using my early morning time to write so I really don't want to take time cooking before work. An apple or banana and a handful of almonds or walnuts is my best bet but I'm looking forward to reading responses.

  2. Missy, I take full responsibility! Despite my Herculean search efforts, I could not find Linnette's recipe or instructions anywhere.... Just the pics.

    And Linnette, forgive us, sweet-thing, as soon as we hear from you, we'll tuck you back in the line-up! Promise!!!

    MISSY! THIS IS SO TRUE! I was a bagel lover. And I had no idea how carbs (this is the definition of comfort food, guys and gals) make you get that cozy-sleepy-feeling....

    What a difference being low-carb is. Even beyond the weight control (which is significant), the whole energy-zing-thing: that's clutch in a sit-down business!

    I don't do breakfast. I've never been a breakfast eater, so I don't bother. My two cups of coffee get me through to mid-morning, then I do my salad or cottage cheese and celery or scrambled eggs with cheese... And that sounds like breakfast to most, but it's really six hours into my day (up at 4:00) so it's more of a lunch/brunch.

    If I get munchies while making breakfast for the urchins, I'll grab a handful of almonds... Something about chewing, chewing, chewing tricks our minds into thinking we've had more.

    Isn't the body an amazing machine?

  3. Mary, see? Great minds think alike! If you can count that handful of almonds and a low-carb or low-cal drink as breakfast, then I'm totally in!


    And I never waste writing time on something as mundane as cooking... pshaw!

  4. Mary, I'm glad it was good timing! So I'll blame you. I really hated to blame Ruthy, but it just sounded like something she would do (blame me) if the situation were reversed. ;)

    Your breakfast sounds great! And very quick. I'm not a big fruit eater for breakfast, but I'm working on it!

  5. Is oatmeal low-carb? I don't know for sure but that's what I have for breakfast every morning. Even in the summer. It's not instant either. Slow cooked on the stove. Then I add a bit of maple syrup (I'm Canadian after all) and some fruit if I have any. Hmmmm...yumm. And it sticks with you. On days I have been rushed and skipped the oatmeal I'm starving by the time I get to work! I also have toast and marmalade but i know that's not low-carb -- though the bread is always an alternative to wheat, like barley or kamut so it's whole grain. I cannot start my day without breakfast. I'd eat my lunch by nine!!!

  6. RUTHY!!! Haven't you read all the studies that say you live longer if you eat breakfast???? Now I'm going to worry about you.

    You should just nibble those almonds while you're typing. :)

  7. Kav, I'm with you. I have to have breakfast or I'll be eating the legs off the table by noon.

    Oatmeal isn't exactly low carb, but it can be really healthy with fruit. I actually buy the multi-grain oatmeal. But the slow cook kind (steel cut) is great for whole grain. Also, I like to add a few walnuts in mine for an even healthier option.

    And oh, I'm sooooo jealous of the maple syrup! I wonder if it's any less expensive for y'all? A small bottle at the grocery around here is like $10. I do splurge every now and then. There's just nothing better.

  8. Maple syrup is crazy expenseive up here too. I pay like $35 gallon.... Although now I buy it in half gallons for $19 from a local grower. You can get it cheaper at Sam's, but I like supporting local farmers when I can.

    Missy I love it when you worry about me! ;)

    But pumpkin spice latte.... That's almost a yogurt, right, honey???

  9. Um... NO.

    I got hopeful the other day, looking to see how much calcium I have in my creamer. My NON-DAIRY creamer.

    Duh. Felt so stupid.

  10. You guys are so funny!

    My favorite stick-to-the-ribs breakfast is similar to yours, Missy. I saute frozen chopped spinach (about 1/4 cup) in 1-2 tablespoons coconut oil until the spinach is thawed, then I add some onion and let them saute until they're getting soft, then I pour on two beaten eggs (whole eggs...), and cook everything together until it's almost done. Then I add a couple tablespoons of shredded cheese - whatever I have in the house. The whole concoction is 5 points on Weight Watchers.

    Other favorites are oatmeal or Cream of Wheat with maple syrup and cinnamon (also 5 points).

    Or a slice of my homemade whole wheat bread, toasted, with peanut butter (4 points).

    Fresh fruit (0 points) or juice (2 points) rounds out the meal.

    I eat breakfast around 9-ish, during my mid-morning break. If I get hungry earlier than that, then I have some almonds and/or prunes (yes, I love prunes!).

    And always a big glass of water when I get up, and tea to sip throughout the day.

    By the way, you guys can celebrate with me - I lost 2 pounds during the holiday week! (even though I ate my share of pumpkin pie...)

  11. Congrats, Jan!! That's amazing!

    You know, I was horrified that I gained about 5 pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday. I enjoyed my pumpkin cake way too much. :) But then this morning, it was all off! Yes, I behaved the last two days. But 5 pounds?! I don't think so. I guess I was holding a bunch of water weight because of salt or not drinking tea like I usually do.

  12. Weight and women is such a specious thing.

    We should only weigh ourselves once a week... Same time of day...

    Same level of clothing. (Naked's fine, but shut the door. Please.) ;)

    I don't own a scale. I'm too obsessive. When my pants get too tight, I go low-carb. Scales???

    I can't stay away from them if they're here, so I down-sized it. And a scale in an old farmhouse with uneven floors? Right away it's different every day.

    No more weigh-ins at Ruthy's. Just 'belt' checks.

    And yes, I'm that weird. Like that's a big surprise to anyone.

  13. Belt checks would be good - but then I would start convincing myself that my belt is stretching...or shrinking.

    I only record the once a week weigh ins, but I've found that it's easier to keep myself on track if I weigh myself daily - a nudge down keeps me on track, and a nudge up reminds me to keep on top of things. (And you can relax, Ruthy. The door is shut.)

    And for a week or so a month I cut myself A LOT of slack.... My husband is right about women. We are pretty weird when it comes to how our bodies work...

  14. Yeah, I'm with you on that monthly slack, Jan. :)

    Ruthy, I'm obsessive, too. But I'd probably go crazy having to judge by how my clothes fit. Plus, who wants to go by the doctor's office scales?! They're terrifying!

  15. My usual winter breakfast is rolled oats, the old-fashioned kind. I make a big batch once a week with a couple apples diced in, a handful of raisins, and some snipped candied ginger. I just zap a bowlful every morning and add a dollop of vanilla yogurt. I need breakfast.

    In the summer it's homemade granola with fruit-in-season and vanilla yogurt.

    Sometimes wholegrain toast and cheddar.

  16. Oh my gosh, Valerie! I've never thought of making oatmeal in bulk and reheating. What a great idea!! I never buy the steel cut because it takes so long. But I could do that once a week!

    I'm a huge fan of cheese toast. Haven't had it in a while. Sounds like something I'd love to have tomorrow! I like mine on leftover hotdog buns. :)

  17. Oh, Valerie, that's a great idea. Whole grain goodness and convenient because any oatmeal lover knows that the instant packets just don't cut it. It's like the difference between basmati rice and Minute rice...

    You wouldn't even think it's the same grain, right? Love this idea, Val.

    Jan, I hear ya'. Hormones in women LONG for carbs.... chocolate.... comfort.... It's got to be a nesting thing, a prep-academy for "what-ifs" but really?????

    I think we should all adopt old Italian Renaissance paintings of CURVY, PLUMP WOMEN and put them in our homes as our new status symbol of normalcy.

    Forget VS models.

    Let's go with Italian villa, all the way!

  18. Nope, Ruthy, I'm not going for it. Those Renaissance ladies might not have to worry about carbs and fat, but can they climb to the top of Harney Peak? I think not.

    But I'd never want to go for the VS model look either. I have a feeling they'd fizzle out less than a mile along the trail.

    (fyi - Harney Peak is the highest point between the Rockies and the Pyrenees, about 20 miles from my house...and I made it to the top last month!!).

  19. That's amazing, Jan! Congrats on that huge accomplishment!