Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Starbucks version is the best in my opinion. And since it's my favorite sweet coffee on the face of the planet, I get all sad when they run out.

I do not feel this way about Gingerbread Latte. Really?  I mean, if gingerbread was all that good, wouldn't we eat it all year?

And yet we don't.

Draw your own conclusions.

So I wait, all year. It's a sickness, really. And when I was away from our Yankee Belle Cafe in big ol' St. Louis, I indulged DAILY....The hotel had a Starbucks and I had a gift card.

Can you say "SUH-WEEET????"   :)

Here at the cafe we make our own version, but I've seen Belle sneak into Starbucks to get one of THEIRS from time to time.

(and then she brings it back to me, bless her heart!!!)

Because that's the kind of friend Belle is.

But since Belle's not always around to be my errand girl, I've come up with a pretty sweet version with my Keurig.

First, heat two ounces of Italian Sweet Cream creamer in the microwave for 35-40 seconds.
Next, brew a pumpkin spice coffee from Green Mountain on the small (strongest) setting.
Don't wimp out, use the strong setting. Trust me here. Really.

Add one teaspoon of sugar.
Mix thoroughly or foam.

Top with whipped cream.

Feel free to drizzle either a touch of caramel or a sprinkling of nutmeg on top. Enjoy!

Have I mentioned I love my Keurig????


  1. Oh boo I don't have a Keurig. I was just chatting with my little bro earlier this evening how amazing our lives would be if we had one, hopefully he can take a hint...Christmas is coming!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  2. I don't have a Keurig, but I do love the Starbucks variety. My nephew bought one last fall and didn't like it, so I got to finish it. Lucky Me!

    My favorite fall flavor is Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. Last winter I stocked up and didn't run out until July. In fact, there's still a can in the fridge at church. So I guess I did't run out. ;)

    Love the new look, ladies.

  3. Renee, yes! Hinting is good, chica! Keep up the good work, LOL!

    AND ANDREA!!!! You may be my long-lost child! My husband is stocking up on diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash even as we speak! (He works at a big grocery store here in upstate) IT IS THE MOST WONDERFUL SODA IN THE WORLD!

    No calories and tastes like a Christmas party in a can. I am stockpiling as well... why don't they sell it all year? It's SO WAY better than ruby splash!!!! ;)

  4. Good morning Miss Yank! I'm so glad you woke me with a pumpkin spice latte! You know, I've never tried the flavored coffee K-cups. That may be one I need to buy.

    Renee, tell him he can find a Keurig Mini for a good deal. I got mine at the outlet mall for like $69! And it's perfect for me since I only have one cup in the morning. It would work for the two of you as well. You'd just have to take turns. Since you're adult siblings, maybe you could manage that. ;)

    Andrea and Ruthy, I've never seen the stuff. MUST LOOK THIS WEEK! You've both got me craving bubbly cranberry punch this morning!

  5. Oh my goodness, that sounds sooo good! I don't have a Keuring but right now I'm using a French Coffee Press.

  6. Patsy, does that make nice strong coffee? I've thought that it would. I like mine strong enough to walk! :)

  7. Oh, someone featured a French Press in a Superromance... Holly Jacobs, maybe? It was a couple of years back and I was enthralled. I'm probably outright lying, but that's what got me to thinking of IDEAL coffee.

    And (no Keurig doesn't pay me, but they SHOULD!!!, Missy, get on that, won't you dear????)that's what I love about this machine. I can use Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee on the strong setting and it's stinkin' perfect for me...

    But too strong for my young mothers. So they use Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream (Let me just say here that I WISH I had money to invest in Green Mountain stock two years ago...)or Van Houte's Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. And Dave uses Newman's Own BOLD which is too bitter for me and just right for him. Once you figure out which flavors/kinds and settings, it's like having Captain Jack Sparrow as your personal kitchen barista.

    And we all know I LOVE ME some Captain Jack Sparrow!

  8. So, do you think Captain Jack can whip up one of those Pumpkin Spice Latte's without the coffee?

    Oh, but that would just be pumpkin spice flavored hot milk, wouldn't it?

    I think I'll stick to pumpkin pie...with my tea!

  9. Jan, how about a nice chai? Maybe they make a pumpkin flavored one. :)

    You know, when my daughter was younger, before she developed a taste for coffee, we'd go to Starbucks, and she'd order a milk with the toffee nut flavoring! :)

  10. Hey, the little urchins and I made pumpkin roll yesterday... with cream cheese filling. Oh mylanta, to die for.

    I'll do that one day soon, but it's so not hard and so delicious.

    I cannot/will not diet in the fall. It's just wrong to say "NO" to all this spicy goodness. It's like a punishment for doing nothing more wrong than eating Abbott's frozen custard (ice cream to youse) a little too often from April til... um.... now.


    Stupid dryer keeps shrinking things!

  11. Dieting? Did someone say the "D" word?

    Ruthy, wash your mouth out with soap!

    Planned eating. Smaller bites. Share with friends.

    That's how to keep that dryer in line!

  12. Jan, I knew I loved you.

    Think cabbage...broccoli...meat, no bun.

    and then reward myself with ice cream, LOL!


  13. Missy~ You gotta find Cranberry Splash!

    Ruthy~ I've ceased being surprised when I find we like the same things. From movies to TV shows to beverages. I've come to the conclusion that you and I could live together quite happily without ever fighting over the remote or the contents of the fridge--unless you drink the last of the Cranberry Splash, then we could have trouble ;)

    And let me say, the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle sounds divine. I used to buy Millstone's Chocolate Velvet and their Raspberry Creme and mix them together in the coffee can. Such a wonderful pairing.

  14. Please don't kick me out of the cafe for not jumping on the pumpkin wagon. My daughter adores the pumpkin spice lattes but I can pass them by.

    This summer I went nuts for the coconut mocha frappucino. (heaven!)
    One of my students gave me a $100 gift card to Starbucks. That's a LOT of mocha coconut frapps. Tina could tell you - every time we ran into each other at RWA it was at Starbucks.

    Winter makes me happy too once Starbucks switches to the peppermint mocha. *happy sigh*

    Just think, I can hang out in the corner and leave all the pumpkin spice for you. I'll be sipping my apple cinnamon tea.

  15. $100??!!!! Wow. I want your students!! :) I'll tell you what, if you'll share that gift card, I'll let you have all the coconut and peppermint you want! ;)

  16. Mary, I could mostly live on these. Really. Truly. It's like the most delicious drinkable meal EVER....

    But I would have liked those coconut mocha frappuccinos too. Missed that. I don't think I ewent to Starbucks (sorry!!!!) for four months. And hey, you can usually get a black cherry mocha and/or a raspberry mocha evebn when they're not featured. At least here, they keep the syrup on hand and make me happy all year round. Now if I could just convince them to do that with the pumpkin spice!!!

    The peppermint mocha.... Lovely. Just lovely. And Andrea, I agree. I love that we find "like" folks online (although do you drive your family crazy??? Because I do... but they like me. Mostly)...

    Hey, Belle, didja cook something up for dinner??? I'm a mite hungry!

  17. I had a veggie omelet and will be glad to share! :)

  18. Ooo a mini Keurig? That sounds right up my alley! Thanks ladies...will be directing my brother to this post LOL!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  19. Veggie omelet beats the OLD salad I tried to eat...