Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Proper Care and Feeding of Climbers

Life is more than food!

Here are three of the monsters I've helped raise.  Taylor, Kyle and Casey.

They're brats, yes. I mean WHAT ARE THEY DOING ON THE ROOF???

It starts here. In the kitchen. On the table.

This is 'Lijah. He is 18 months old.


Oy vay. Who is watching these children????

Oops. No one!  ;)

Well, when a case of NEW BOOKS COMES IN,
Especially with a cute hero like Matt Cavanaugh...

Oh my stars.Raising climbers...  The best thing to do is teach them how to FALL WITHOUT DYING.

Because they already know how to climb.

See, they start out like this. Now this looks nice, doesn't it?
Grandpa holding baby at a wedding.
Peaceful. Serene.
And then it morphs to THIS:

 On the roof.
In the dark. 
Because Emma wanted to be CLOSER to the moon.
So her Daddy took her up there because he's a climber.
And climbers beget climbers.
It's quite Biblical, don't you think?

So really, you can feed climbers anything.
Mostly they like chips and dip.
But who doesn't?

The point here is that it's okay to talk about lots of things in a cafe.
Up to and including dealing with children who are born with a death wish.



  1. Yup, I've got climbers too. That can be dangerous when you live near big rocks like Devils Tower and Mt. Rushmore.

    They've learned to watch for snakes. And Park Rangers. And Mountain Lions.

    I'm not even kidding about that last one...

    I was a climber, too. We were flatlanders, but the trees were tall. God even makes them with built in ladders!

    And of course you need smarts to be a climber, because eventually you have to figure out how to get back down.

    Mmmm hmmm, good stock in those climbing kids.

  2. Hey, my cute pics aren't showing up on Firefox. If you're looking with Explorer, you see the kids. On Firefox (at least on my computer) the pics aren't there. Not sure what's going on... if it's Google or my computer. BUT... that's what happened in Seekerville a couple of weeks ago, everything appeared in HUGE on Explorer and was invisible in Firefox.


    HAHAHAHA! Jan, I knew this would strike a note with parents of climbers! Wretched little beings. And Blogger did not want to post pics yesterday.... OY. I'm not sure if it's me and my computer or Mr. Blogger. Maybe he was on a date???

    With Ms. Yahoo????

    Terrifying thought, and world domination comes to mind!

    We NEVER WENT to Niagara Falls or Letchworth Park (a gorgeous park that straddles the DEEP Genesee River gorge) because I knew I could not keep six kids safe. Someone would get away from us and....

    Who knows?

    Trees. I was a climber too. Still am. Love being up high, such an awesome perspective. But oh my stars....

    Keeping them alive????? :) A job in and of itself!

  3. I'm on Firefox and seeing all of the cute photos, Ruthy.

    My dog's a climber, does that count? The kids not so much. They're more the type to camp out under things.

  4. My girls were not climbers. My boys however.... One took a flying leap at age four, in the family room no less, breaking his arm. Why he thought standing on the step stool while it was atop a dining chair is beyond me. I tend to have a healthy fear of heights, so they didn't inherit that love of climbing from me. Their father, on the other hand.... Well, we all know how his most recent climbing adventure turned out. OY! (my word long before I saw you using it Ruthy. Guess it's that whole great minds thing) Lord willing, hubby be out of the brace on Monday.

  5. My youngest daughter (now 25 yrs old) was a little bit of a climber. I can still just see her standing on the arm of the couch crowing like a rooster. (Don't ask where that came from because I have no idea). My oldest daughter (now 30 yrs old) was never a climber. She was do busy acting like a dog. She would be sitting in the buggy at the grocery store and barking at people. I honestly didn't know what to say to the people when she did that. Well, I just told them the truth-she thinks she's a dog. Don't know why she acted like that. We did have a dog and she always loved animals. Who know why kids do the things they do.

  6. Oh, Patsy... Our Matt (on the roof with moon-catching daughter Emma) pretended he was a dog...

    He would crawl around under the table, begging for scraps.

    Hysterical. And he'd say, "I yust a wittle doggie!"

    Oh my stars!

    Mindy, so glad that cute hubby is coming out of the brace and that things weren't worse. But gotta love a big, brave guy that gets it done! ;)

    I wonder if it's because I can't upgrade to the new Firefox because it's incompatible with my new printer. Why would it be incompatible????

    OY (just for you, Mindy-kins!)

  7. I have climbers as well! My daughter was always the worst. She was the first to try to climb out of her crib (and fall). In fact, when she had a group of friends here for her 15th b-day last month, they just about went up a tree in the front yard late that night! I had to STRONGLY discourage that night climbing. :)

  8. Y'all with dog children are cracking me up!! LOL

  9. Funny, my children weren't big climbers when they were little...

    ...unless you count the day one of my neighbors saw me at the library (where I was working at the time), and asked if she had seen my boys out on our front porch roof. I - naive as I was - thought they were safe at home, in the care of their big brother.

    I've become smarter since then.

    Ruthy, I know what you mean about not going to beautiful places with young children. We took a couple trips to Natural Bridge when we lived in Kentucky - our youngest was about ten - but I would never have done it five years earlier! Oh, the nightmare!

  10. Exactly, Jan! And Missy, the dog-children....

    Explaining a Disney Princess is SO MUCH EASIER!

  11. Jan, I was born and raised in KY. Natural Bridge would be a terrifying place for kids! Especially mine. :)

  12. I have a friend who takes her children hiking there (at Natural Bridge) - 5 children, all under ten when they first started going. I'm willing to bet they only looked at the bridge from underneath, though, based on the pictures...

    Ruthy, what do you feed climbers? You covered the care part, but not the feeding.


  13. Bananas????


    Shoot, they eat anything. Some drank a lot of milk. Some didn't. But they all ate COOKIES.

    Diet of choice: cookies. Most assuredly.

  14. From scratch mac 'n cheese is always a good choice for roof climbers :-)

  15. Oh, Renee, I love homemade mac and cheese. The kind you find at barbecue joints, right?

    So YUMMY!!!!

  16. LOL I wouldn't know, there aren't really many BBQ joints around here. :-P

    XOXO~ Renee