Saturday, October 29, 2011

New England Roasted Potato Slices

I just love potatoes. Oh, I love them so much. there is nothing you can do to a potato to make me not like it.

This recipe (or nearly this) was one I found in the Yankee Magazine cookbook or in the magazine. And it's a family favorite because, well... It's easy and wonderful.

Take nice baking potatoes.

Wash them. Leave skins on. Slice into thinnish chips.

Now here's the fun part:

Dip each chip in butter. You can sprinkle them with garlic, salt, and/or parmesan cheese. Or leave them plain, just buttered.

Lay on cookie sheet. (I use several and fill the oven)  Roast at 375 degrees until golden brown and the smell is intoxicatingly good.  (See, I can use adverbs with "ly" over here and no one will yell at me.)

These have rosemary garlic seasoning with salt and pepper:

They are amazing. And the only time you spent was slicing and dipping the potatoes. Easy-peasy. 
Eat. Eat a lot. Because all you did was dip them in butter and bake them, and the fact that they're THIS GOOD is like a miracle, so you should respect that and eat tons of them.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  The FDA has determined that the consumption of potato products in excess is likely to produce symptoms of celtimania. These symptoms include but are not limited to the urge to smile at strangers, dance a jig or reel in public places, raise a brew to wet a baby's head (also known as celebrate a birth, an ancient tribal process) speak with a brogue and wear really cute layered clothes accompanied by sweaters. If any of these symptoms should appear, be assured the FDA has determined they are not life-threatening and may actually make you popular among your peers. Although you are sure to embarrass your children.


  1. Now potatoes my guys will eat. I can't wait to try these.

  2. I must try these!

    By the way, love the Editor's Note!

  3. Patsy, gotta love a good editor that WARNS OF EXCESS, right???? :)

    Big family favorite. Just love these. And Mindy, yes... men love these. I seriously might be concerned about how many of these they can chow down, except the only ill effects so far appear to be an urge to dance a jig.

    That can never be a bad thing, right?

  4. Oh, yum!! Garlic rosemary? My mouth is watering. Do you think these would work with red-skinned potatoes?

  5. Natalie, yes, they work fine, you just have to shorten the baking/roasting time a little. Red potatoes are a little less dense... so they tend to cook faster.

    And they're a touch sweeter, and that makes a delicious combination!

    I love melting butter in a 13 x 9 pan, adding in garlic, rosemary, paprika, salt and pepper, and whisking it up, then laying in small red potatoes or red potato pieces... bake until golden, turn now and again. It doesn't hurt to overbake them, either. I usually do it in a 350 degree oven... So wonderful!

  6. Urchins in Seekerville!

    Film at 11:00!!!!

  7. Urchins :) I think someone needs to step away from the computer and stop trying so hard to win one.

    Those potatoes look delicious. We've got a bag about to go bad if I don't do something with em.

  8. Seriously, was I ever a teenager???




    These are ONE WAY to a man's heart... The other?

    His own remote, LOL!

  9. The guys in my house think potatoes have to be fried but these look so much easier and tasty!

    I think I've missed a few recipes on here. Time to take good look around.

  10. Jamie, this is such a fun corner of Seekerville! Our first "shop" in the village!

  11. Sure and this recipe has me salivatin' and ready to rush into the kitchen to grab me some spuds! Soooo very Irish of you, Ruthy. I don't know how old I was before I realized you could actually have a meal that didn't revolve around a potato dish! I've never tired cooking them this way before though. I think I'll give it a whirl tonight for supper.

  12. This sounds wonderful! The Irish corner of my heart is dancing a jig already.

    That, however, is sure to embarrass my children.

  13. Looks good; my daughter prepares them with layers of onions, cheese...bakes them..mmm. But we have a diabetic in house, and potatoes really shoot up the sugar level!

  14. Ruthy~ It's no surprise really, but I have a similar motto, "I never met a tater I didn't like."

    I had to amend that once when I ordered a breakfast platter and got egg yolk and maple syrup in my hash browns, but otherwise it still stands

    These sound amazing. Since my hubby had a heart scare, I've been using a lot of Mrs. Dash. It has all those lovely spices (including rosemary, which I don't really like on its own, but it seems to play well with others in the mix).

    I think I'm gonna try this the next time I need a tater dish.

  15. Andrea, I love Mrs. Dash! I just love the name. How cute is that???? MRS. DASH????? ;)

    Jackie, is her dish like a scalloped potato? It sounds wonderful... tell me more.

    Jan, the jig dancing... Keeps us in shape! ;) My daughter's friends still talk about coming to our house and "jigging" around the kitchen and living room...

    KAV.... Isn't it amazing how potatoes can s-t-r-e-t-c-h a meal????

  16. Ooooh, yummy!! I'm glad to get caught up. I'm sorry I didn't get by this weekend. Was hanging with my son and his girlfriend. :)

    Will definitely try this recipe! Rosemary and paprika sound so good to me. And salt, of course. Lots of salt. :)