Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little Lunch for You Today

Missy, here. Though we usually talk pastries and coffee, we are a cafe. So I thought I'd share one of my favorite lunches with you today. A turkey wrap sandwich. It's yummy, and it's HEALTHY. (Ruthy, just cover your eyes and don't read that word if you like.) So pull up a chair and have a nice glass of sweet iced tea while I prepare your lunch.

I got the original recipe from the Duke Diet and Fitness online plan. I've been on the program for a few weeks. This is one meal I make several times a week. I've made a few alterations to suit my taste, so you can play with it, too.

First, I use high fiber, low carb tortillas. And I spread about a tablespoon of hummus along the middle. Then I pile on julienned carrots and baby spinach--as many as I can use without overflowing. For ease, I buy already-washed and prepped spinach and carrots. See how colorful!

 Next, I add thin-sliced turkey (or ham) and provolone cheese (Sorry for the shadow on the plate. I was probably leaning over it, drooling, ready to dig in.)

And then I carefully roll it (munching on the carrots that fall out if I've over packed it!)

See? Yum! Secure with a toothpick if needed. You're ready to eat.

Okay, I know I offered sweet tea above. But honestly, I drink Crystal Light tea almost all the time. I'm addicted to the stuff. If you won't tell anyone this Georgia gal hasn't drunk sweet tea for years now, I'll share some Crystal Light Lemon or Peach tea with you. I'll even let you borrow my favorite cup I carry with me everywhere (including to Zumba!). :) Enjoy!

Do you have any healthy food favorites? If not, how about your favorite sandwich?


  1. Missy, that wrap looks delicious!

    I've got so many recipes to share. Once I would have considered it almost blasphemy, but since I started writing for the Healthy Writer's blog, I've come up with SO many delicious healthy recipes. I have to head to work now, but when I get home this afternoon, I'll pull some.

    Speaking of my not-so-healthy inclinations, Ruthy, I don't know if you saw it since it was late yesterday when I got to it, but I posted you a link to a scan of the recipe for the Cinnamon Bread. I think you'll love it.

  2. I make a version of Starbucks Chai tea that is delicious and diet. One Chai Tea bag. Steep in a mug of hot water. Add a dash of vanilla, a couple of tablespoons of liquid sugar free vanilla coffee creamer.


  3. That turkey wrap looks scrumptious! I'll have to try it :)

    My healthy food favorite for fall and winter is soup. I make a big pot of vegetable soup (or maybe split pea with carrots) and stick the leftovers in the freezer in single serving containers. It's a quick, hot, healthy lunch.

  4. Mary, thank you! I hope you have a great day at work!

    Tina, that sounds so yummy! I've never thought of chai as something I could make at home. Will definitely look for the teabags and try at home!

    Jan, I LOVE soups! Especially vegetable. I do a clean-out-the-freezer version so it's different every time. :) But I never think to freeze it. I usually end up throwing some away. I'll definitely try your method to do single servings!

  5. Oh Missy, I used to make clean-out-the-freezer soup, too! After every meal there were always leftover potatoes or veggies or meatloaf and I'd stick it all in the freezer. It made the best soup!

    My dear husband asked me recently why I didn't do that anymore - well, you have to have leftovers to make it!

    One of the downsides of living with the skinny as a stick boys we have now. There are never any leftovers.

  6. Oh, I know I talk BIG about sweets, but most of you know that I kind of live low-carb... So when I indulge, I love it SO MUCH but I don't do it often.

    MISSY!!! I love this! It actually looks like it could be a Ruthy-fave. And I drink Crystal Lite all the time. I'll take a Peach, please. And we make our own version of lemonade iced tea by using 3/4 of a 'sleeve' of lemonade Crystal lite and 1/3 sleeve of their iced tea... Perfect proportions!

    I'm checkin' out that cinnamon bread recipe chica! Company this weekend. And they're all skinny so they (brats!!!) get to eat whatever they want!


  7. Missy, I love the plate, too. My kitchen is a mix of red, green and dirt.

    But I love blue and yellow kitchens! It's like spring all year. Lovely!

  8. Jan, I have skinny teenagers, too! Now that my oldest is away at college, I don't have to make so much (and no longer have to buy 3 gallons of milk a week). But we don't often have leftovers. Except for those veggies! LOL

    Ruthy, I've recently discovered 4c brand drinks. They make little sleeves of half tea-half lemonade. And it's sweetened with Splenda instead of Nutrasweet. I like to vary my artificial sweeteners...just in case... :)

  9. By the way, I love yellow and blue! My kitchen is just blue and white, but I've considered adding yellow touches. Those plates are just cute Corelle plates I got at Walmart after we broke so many of our other plates. Plus, we were testing the theory of using smaller dinner plates to keep from eating so much. :)

  10. BTW, one of those skinny teenagers has now broken 2 plates just this week! Although he blames one of them on the cat knocking a plate off his desk. :)

  11. Mmm... looks so good! I love wraps. My favourite filling is diced sweet peppers, cucumber, garlic sausage (I know that's not low calorie, but it's gooood!), with shredded carrots, all mixed with a tablespoon of no-fat ranch dressing and topped with lettuce. But Missy, despite also buying those pre-washed bags of greens and carrots, I still wash them since hearing how often they get recalled because of contamination. I'm finicky about things like that.

  12. Carol, I'm covering my ears and singing "lalalala" very loudly! LOL I'm so paranoid already, I don't need to hear about recalls! :)

    I love your fillings! I'll have to try that. I love smoked turkey sausage. Maybe I'll try that in it. YUM!

  13. Missy~

    Your plates are adorable. And I have a cup very much like that. Mine's red and says "Dora Falcons" where yours says "Keurig." I do not have a Keurig, but my husband coaches the Dora Falcons (softball, and they won their district championship this year =D but lost first round of state:( bummer.)

    What? I'm supposed to be looking at the food? ;) Yes it looks wonderful too. I've never tried hummus, so I think I'd be a little afraid of it.

    I don't do much in the way of health food. We eat quite a bit of fruit, fresh and canned. Favorite sandwhich? I'm loving the flatbread at Subway these days. Probably a club with ham, turkey, roast beef, spinach, tomatoes, olives and about half the mayo they normally use. Oh and cheese of course.

  14. Go Falcons! Andrea, I'm sorry to hear about the loss at state. Still, that's a huge accomplishment to get that far! Tell your husband congrats.

    I love my double-walled Keurig cup. I also have a larger plain one I got at Walmart. They're great for keeping drinks cold and no sweating. I sip on the tea all day! Probably refill it about 4 or 5 times.

  15. Carol, I hear you on the contamination! Except...

    I barely wash things because they keep telling us that no amount of washing really kills the e-coli...

    Really???? So yes I eat strawberries, grapes and other soft fruits. Because the odds are in my favor... mostly. And if God's calling me home, he's savvy enough to find a way!

    Although that's about as edgy as I get, though!

  16. The Falcons cup, and the giant hospital mug I got when my daughter was born are my favorites. They hold a lot, and they don't leave a water ring. I find if I keep a full cup next to me, I have no problem drinking my 8 cups a day.

    Thanks for cheering our Falcons on. They worked hard, and the play-off loss was painfully close. Lost by one point and the winning run was on base when the game ended. :[ Ouch. But they've got several very talented freshmen, so who knows about next year ;) (now I'll lay off the softball talk)

  17. Missy, I first read your post before I'd eaten breakfast. (Note to self: DO NOT visit the Yankee Belle before eating) You made me so hungry. I was out of tortillas so I had to make a trip to the Mexican restaurant at lunch. Talk about carb heaven. Yeah. I won't be eating dinner tonight.
    But I digress. Mexican food will do that to you, you know.
    This looks like an excellent lunch option (most days, that is). Just need to pick up some of those low-carb tortillas next time I'm at the grocery. I'll pass on the Crystal Light or any sweet tea for that matter. Ick. I'll take my tea unsweetened, please:-)

    Mindy Obenhaus

    P.S. My word verification was WRAPP!

  18. Andrea, maybe next year!

    I had Mexican yesterday for lunch with my Bible study ladies. The four of us at our end of the table finished off more than a basket of chips! :)

    I can't believe that about your word verification, Mindy!! LOLOL

  19. Back from work so I went looking for some recipes.

    All this talk of soup reminded me of a recipe Michelle Butler posted for Caldo Verde – a Portuguese soup.

    I LOVE this Super Energy Kale soup from the World's Healthiest Foods. When you make it in winter, the winter kale is especially sweet.

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