Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chocolate Mint Brownies

I love turning a simple mix into a crowd pleasing treat.

For this simple treat I use two packages of brownie mix. I usually use Pillsbury, Ghirardelli or Duncan Hines.

Mix brownies according to the directions on the box. Simple, right? Some eggs, some oil, a little water. I do a double batch because

A.  I can.

B.  They inhale them like air.

C.  They freeze beautifully.


Prepare brownie mix according to fudge-like brownie directions. (Really??? Did I need to tell you that? If you wanted cake, you'd use a cake mix, right???? Cake-like brownies?  An insult of the highest order!)

Cut in half (or don't, but I like them spread out a little more: 

8 oz. or so of Hershey's Mint Chocolate Kisses/Truffles...

How cute and happy do these guys look????

You can use Andes Candies... Or any nice minty-chocolatey goodness...

Bake according to package directions. For a smaller, deeper pan, they'll take longer to bake.

Once done, remove from oven. Spread another 8 oz. (more or less) of mint chocolate candies over the top. Allow to soften. Spread.

This is your frosting.

It is like the most deliciously easy and wonderful frosting ever. Because it's candy.

Talk about a win/win!  ;)

Cut when cool. (Of course we don't wait until they're cool Who could? But it sounds professional, doesn't it?)

Like Mary C. said last week about cake mix cookies, a good base mix is a TREASURE in the pantry. Mostly because I'm always forgetting things I've promised to do. Bring. And sometimes people, well...

They die. And I might not have a ton of extra time on hand. Grrrr............

But with a few extra mixes on hand, I can 'send a dish'....

Because that's what buddies do, right?


  1. Okay, maybe it's just me...and morning...and coffee hasn't hit system yet...and a yucky cold has left me addle-brained...

    But I'm confused. What do you mean by cut in half? After you bake? Then put chocolate in the middle as well??? Or are the Kisses just icing?

    Sorry for being dense this morning. This sounds amazing, and I want to get it right! Plus, you've used my favorite ever brownie mix so I can make asap! :)

  2. I agree with Missy - I didn't quite understand the directions. (No coffee yet this morning)!

    Have you tried using 2 boxes of brownie mix and putting three gaint Symphony candy bars in between the batters. Then bake as brownie mix directs. Mmmmm talk about rich!!

  3. Ooh, Patsy, that sounds amazing as well!! You know, maybe that's what Ruthy meant to do. Cut in half, put in candy, then pour the other half over it. Then ice them as well.

    Patsy, do you use a 9x13 pan when you do that? I usually use the 9x7 (I think it is) for one box.

  4. Wow, spreading melted mints for frosting. This is a STUNNINGLY brilliant idea.
    I've got a fantastic chocolate recipe using chocolate chips that's no fail. (trust me, if I say it's no fail, then it is, cuz I fail at recipes all the time!!!)

  5. Mary, what day can you post it?? ;)

    Seriously, email Ruthy or me and set a date. I always need NO FAIL recipes!

  6. Okay, okay. This is the PERFECT day at the cafe!

    After all, what can top chocolate except more chocolate?

    And you all have chocolate layered on top of more chocolate!

    (That Symphony Bar layer sounds "to-die for" good!)

    BTW, I read the recipe as taking the Mint Chocolate chips and dividing the 8 oz. package in half - part for in the mix and the rest to melt for the frosting.

  7. Mary, yes, please share your recipe!

    I have a date in November to be the guest - I'm sharing a famous Amish concoction. You'll all love it!

  8. Oh my goodness, you're right, Jan! I just now saw the colon after the cut in half. LOL Man, I feel so clueless. :)

    Thank you!

  9. Sorry, had to snuggle me some BABIES!!!!

    Okay, I kinda messed up those directions, didn't I? If I'm using the kisses, I cut them in half and they have a softer middle so you can't chop them. But it would work just as well to spread 1/2 the batter (great thought, Missy!) sprinkle liberally with the mint kisses, add the top layer of brownie batter, and then bake as directed for the pan size because there's no way of telling if these guys are done by look, toothpick, etc.

    And Mary, I STOLE the topping idea from an old Betty Crocker brownie package that used Peppermint Patties for the topping. They have a higher cream content, so I like the swirly effect of the Hershey's kisses better.

    AND PATSY!!!! I just had those two weeks ago. Someone brought them to my friend Lisa, my young mom who is working on KICKING CANCER'S BUTT...

    Lisa's first response????

    "I think I finally found a brownie that rivals Ruthy's!"

    And she called the woman for the recipe and THAT WAS IT!

    Two boxes of brownie mix, fixed in the fudge brownie ode.

    Spread one in greased 13 X 9 pan.

    Top with 2 or three Symphony bars with the toffee bits (if you like brickle and nuts, otherwise use plain)

    Spread second box of brownie mix over top. Bake.


  10. I love the new word you coined, Ruthy! LOL

    Thanks for the clarification. :)

  11. I have a sixteen year old boy who would go absolutely nuts for these. He LOVES mint chocolate anything!

    Mindy Obenhaus, who remains anonymous on her desktop

  12. Hey Missy, for the brownie recipe I posted you use 2 boxes of brownie mix for a 9x13 or one box for a 9x7 or 8x8 pan.

  13. Thanks, Patsy! I should probably stick to one mix at a time so I don't eat so much by myself. :)

  14. Missy, take half to some nice people. Maybe old people. They're on borrowed time.

    and then keep the other half for yourself. I think it comes out better with the two-box ratio.

    And yes, I'm a nutcase for Ruthy-friendly ratios of chocolate to cream or pastry to filling, etc.

    But I'm sure it's 4,000 gazillion calories either way, and So Worth It.

  15. Mmm those Kisses do look happy but I'll bet they'd be happier in my belly. :-P

    XOXO~ Renee