Thursday, October 11, 2018

So Blessed

I forget that sometimes. In the hustle and the bustle and the busy back-and-forth of family and friends and jobs and books and children and work and God...

Ben White, Unsplash

Oh, yes.


And how blessed I am, we are to live in a country where we can worship freely. Where temples and mosques are in the same neighborhoods as churches and chapels. Where people shop wherever they want, whenever they want and where jobs are plentiful.

Where a dollar is still a dollar and not diminished like so many currencies have become.

Where our rights are guaranteed...

And the righteous will stand firm against anyone wanting to take those rights away.

As we've sailed into fall with all of our pumpkin mania and pumpkin spice everything and leaves turning and some cool breezes blowing and two single-minded hurricanes barreling into shore, today is a great day to pray for those affected. To figure out a way to help. Prayer is a great first step.

Donating (if it's possible) is another great step. We try to find a local church in the hard-hit zones and send them money to share with a family in need. They know their people best. They understand the need vs. the hardship. And while some places will do a Go Fund Me page, other people would never, ever do that... and so a little quiet money helps.

When you're surrounded by a bountiful harvest, you realize even more how blessed you are and how easily it could disappear with one natural disaster...

 Or one man-made disaster.

So today I'm sending up prayers for the families of that tragic limousine accident in Upstate New York... For hurricane victims... For those in Massachusetts whose houses were lost because of a bad gas line and a series of explosions.

We get fed news so very quickly... and it disappears even more quickly. But if we make it a point to put it on a prayer list... or a sticky note!!! .... or a scrap of paper on the refrigerator, then we remember to stop. To think. To pray.

I forget that sometimes, but in a week like this, where God's glory surrounds me in surreal colors and human fragility abounds, it's a great time to pause and remember what's important.

Faith. Hope. Love.

And the greatest of these is love.

So today I'm remembering the important things to be grateful for... And I'd love to hear about yours!

Multi-published author Ruth Logan Herne loves that she's living her dream of writing sweet books and rocking grandbabies... and then writing more books. Follow her on Twitter, friend her on facebook and you can visit her website at!


  1. Ruthy, this is such a great reminder. Even my worst day is better than someone else's everyday. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that. So thank you for this post. There's a lot of hurt in this world. If we can make just one person's day brighter, it blesses all of us.

    1. Forgot to say how much I love seeing all of your crew together. You are a blessed woman, indeed.

    2. Mindy, right? It's so easy to get jaded. And I love that picture! It was pre-Morgan and Lena, and doesn't have Paul and Mandy and Mary Ruth in it... But it's such a good picture! :)

  2. Your comments are what was needed today - thanks, Ruthie
    XO - Love you! Beautiful family picture

    1. Rosie, I love you, too! Thanks for stopping over!

  3. Thanks for this reminder, sweet Ruthy! I can always count on you to cheer me up, make me think, and/or feel grateful. Love your family picture--what an amazing family you have.

    1. Hey, Winnie! Good to see you and you're welcome... and I'm glad we're having a cuppa together! :)

  4. I'm grateful our family in south Georgia is safe after the hurricane!

    Ruthy, I love those pumpkins. Are they different colors? Or is that the lighting?