Thursday, April 26, 2018

Custard-Filled Coffee Cake

Years ago I used to find a delicious custard-filled coffee cake at Wegman's Grocery stores.

If you've never been in a Wegman's, you've missed the chance to shop at the world's best grocery store. They're amazing.... It's a home-grown company by the Rochester-based Wegman family and they've set the bar high for groceries.... Harris Teeter is similar.... And while we're spoiled with some of the best grocery stores in the world... and the prevalence of them!!!... Wegman's is a cut above that doesn't act like a cut above.

Know what I mean?

Gratuitous Kitty Picture!!!!! So cute!

Wegman's is well-stocked, well-managed, beautiful and inviting... they're scrupulous about cleanliness and courtesy. They're almost always well-staffed, and you can't beat their seasonal displays because they're stunning and idea-filled like a Pinterest page come alive!

They've expanded down the East Coast now. We passed them in Virginia... In Maryland... In North Carolina.... and I'm not bragging on them because they're from Rochester... but because they saw a gap and filled it... they saw a need and filled it... and they believe in treating employees and customers like they're honored guests.

BUT.... they don't have this coffee cake anymore.

So Morgan and MacKenzie and I took on the challenge!

It was a split crumb cake, with a custard filling, and the original custard filling didn't taste like the chemical waste fillings that prevail today. Now today's kids won't even notice, because they've become accustomed to the taste, and that's an unfortunate fact, but for the rest of us, who know what custard really tastes like... well, let's make the real thing!

Custard Filling

2 Tablespoons butter
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup corn starch
Melt butter. Remove from heat. Mix sugar and corn starch. Add to melted butter. Stir well.

Blend in two cups of milk and two egg yolks.

Stir and heat until thick and bubbly.

Add two teaspoons vanilla. Blend well. Cover top with plastic wrap to avoid "skin" (Unless you're like me and you want to eat the skin!!!) (By the way, it's not really skin. Umm... gross!)

Coffee Cake:

This recipe is from one on epicurious.... 

But I only used the cake recipe. And I've never used it before, so we'll see....

I used my traditional Streusel Topping, but I wanted it not too cinnamony because of the filling...

Cute girl alert!!!!

So I did this: 

Two cups flour
Two cups sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup butter (softened)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg (I grated a half-one so in that area is good!)

Mix dry ingredients. Cut in butter and vanilla until mixture looks like meal. Sprinkle on top of cake but (here's a curious thing, epicurious!) their recipe suggested balling up the topping into clumps. So I did that with some of it (Super Helper MacKenzie had already sprinkled some on at my urging)...

So this will be interesting topping!

Spread cake batter in buttered 13 x 9 pan, bake at 350 for nearly an hour or long enough to edit 20 pages of manuscript.... depending on how bad your manuscript is! :)

Use toothpick test to check for doneness.... a few moist crumbs are great...

Gooey stuff on toothpick is not great.

And in a week when I don't have time for nonsense, either my computer, or Chrome/Google and Yahoo are out to get me.

My Chrome browser is doing weird things so I'm working in Mozilla Firefox right now. It's way slower... but it's not crashing and sending black squares dancing across my pages, which makes it a current favorite!

Yahoo won't let me post to a group I started....

And my Internet is 2008 SLOW.... so what's going on?

I have no idea.

But with three projects due on Monday, I'm not messing around, risking a crash.

I'm shuddering at the very thought!!! EEEEEEEEK!

 I'm hoping to post final pictures.... but you know I might forget.

But I'll try not to!!!!

Bestselling author Ruth Logan Herne loves to play in a clean kitchen, but since that's not often available she uses her own and makes do... With over 40 novels and novellas to her credit, Ruthy relaxes by playing with desserts and sometimes practical food... but she really loves her desserts. And coffee. And chocolate... and wouldn't this cake go well with some of that coffee???

Ruthy's latest book, a soul-stirring tale of healing hearts and caring communities.... America at its very best.  "REFUGE OF THE HEART" available for Kindle at $3.25.... A great book. A great price.


I killed the pudding/cream. Me, who has made that recipe hundreds of times, decided to double it mid-stream and when I added the sugar/cornstarch to the already heating pudding mix, it FOAMED ALL OVER!!!! It grew exponentially and I had to grab another pan, put it in that pan, and it still foamed.!

I ended up with NO PUDDING and a pot of foamy nonsense, but a great science experiment!

And the cake turned out all right... but not great. The topping was great. But we cut the sides away. Buttering the pan made the sides and bottom too dark....

So was it a TOTAL FAIL???

Not totally.

But nothing I'd do again.... at least with these Ruthy-born mistakes mixed in!


  1. Okay, Ruthy, some of those photos came across as videos, yet I couldn't get them to play. Were they, indeed, videos or was that my super-slow rural internet?

    Man, you had me on that custard filling. I will make a note to only make the single batch, though.

    And I love the kittens. Not to mention those adorable little girls. Always fun at Ruthy's house.

    1. Mindy, they were videos.... but they won't play. I wonder why? Have I ruined yet another website???? SIGH........

      The girls were helping create this cake. They think it's wonderful because I glossed it over, but gosh, it's not. Did I overbake it? Maybe? And yet it called for an hour and I gave it 47 minutes and it tested done.

      Not a big fan because I love moist cake!!!

  2. I'm sorry for the wasted time and ingredients!! I love the idea, though. So you'll have to try again sometime and share it. :)

    I hope you can get your computer fixed as soon as you turn in your book. It sounds like maybe a virus.

    1. It might be, Missy. It's better on Firefox and I upgraded our internet last night via Spectrum.... after I refused their TV/Cable offers about 7 times and then reminded them I was happy to cut the cord. So that will take care of one problem, I'm not getting black squares because I'm off Chrome.... But I think it needs a check up. And like so many of us, it's my friend. I have a back up laptop, but this one is my FRIEND. We've been through it all together!!!! :)

      I'm such a dork.

    2. Oooohhh....I'm getting black squares every time I scroll through a that Chrome? I was scared my computer was having a hissy fit.

  3. What a great cake idea! It sounds delicious.

    And what cute kitties. We figured out that our Maggie-cat is ten years old this year. How can that happen? Time passes too quickly!

    1. And yet, we stay the same! :)

      I'm determined to figure out how to make a good custard filled crumb cake.

      I can do it with regular cake, we fill them all the time, but there was something special about this Wegman's cake.

      Do you guys remember Spanish Bar Cake? The spice cake with raisins and the frosting???

      I loved that spice cake. Dark and rich and moist.

      I miss Spanish Bar Cake, too!

  4. Love the maternal pride in that mama kitty's face! And your sous chefs are awesome! I love anything custard and will have to do my own experiments since my favourite ever bakery closed its doors. It was German and they had some scrumptious custard slices and custard filled, fruit topped cakes...oh...and their strawberry glazed tarts with custard innards. Sob. I may have to take a baking class. Happy deadlining, Ruthy!

  5. Ruthy this reminds me of my cook book called magic cakes! The cakes are supposed to have 3 different layers. I made 4 for Easter and none turned out like they should have, buy 3 at least tasted good! So if it wasn't a total fail call it a win! My husband keeps asking for a cat, but we don't have space so I will not be showing him this kitty photo because they are WAY too cute!