Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Country Sampler

Have I mentioned how much I love living in the country?
After living my entire life in either small towns or suburbs, our move to the country has been a nice change. One I'm not apt to grow weary of anytime soon. 
I love our evening walks that sometime take us into the woods, through the pasture...
And around the tank.
Especially when there's a beautiful sunset.
This week was much quieter than the week leading up to Easter. And while I'm still in love with nature, it's mostly the flowers I've been watching this week.
The amaryllis are in full bloom.
As are the roses, snapdragons and other annuals.
And as we drove through the countryside over the weekend, we were able to catch the tail end of the bluebonnets. 
Oh, and would you look at the smile blooming on this little munchkin's face.
I dare you not to smile.

So, if you'll recall, we spent most of the last year renovating my in-laws' house. And while we've been living in the house since mid-December, there was still one room that wasn't complete. But as of Friday, the powder bath now has sink/vanity.

You see, we'd picked out a vanity that we loved. But when it was delivered, it was damaged. (You can't relate, can you Ruthy?) So we reordered and the second one was damaged even worse than the first. Then we had to make a decision. Take a chance on ordering again or come up with another option. 

After seeing something a friend posted on Facebook, we came up with another option. One that began with finding a really cool slab of spalted maple. And finally, after almost four months...
It's nothing at all like the one we'd originally ordered, but I love it none the less. For starters, I got the vessel sink I'd always wanted yet the other vanity didn't have. Beyond that, though, this vanity has character. It's got imperfections. And instead of trying to hide the rough edges, we decided the highlight them. 

Honestly, it turned out better than I expected and I couldn't be more pleased.

So that's my uneventful week in nutshell. What's going on in your neck of the woods?

Three-time Carol Award nominee, Mindy Obenhaus, lives on a ranch in Texas with her husband, the youngest of her five children and two dogs. She's passionate about touching readers with Biblical truths in an entertaining, and sometimes adventurous, manner. When she’s not writing, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her grandchildren. Learn more at www.MindyObenhaus.com


  1. Oh, I love this vessel sink on the slab! SO COOL!!!!! And yes, I can relate so well, I was so glad when bathtub #4 wasn't broken! HAPPY DANCING!!!! And I love the image of bluebonnet fields... Lisa Wingate has used that in TX books and other authors as well. It comes so early, and it's fleeting, isn't it? Do they re-bloom, Mindy? Or is it a one shot deal like our forget-me-nots up here?

    The image of a bluebonnet field... or a field of heather... or fields of gold... there's something so earthy and good and beautifully perfect about those images.

    A land where fairies dance... and young maids dream of love.

    I wax poetic. Because of one picture.

    Love this!

    1. Wow, you really are waxing this morning, Ruthy. But you are so right. There's just something peaceful and poetic about a field of wildflowers.

      The bluebonnets only bloom once a year, but they do come back the next year. And the depth of their color and abundance vary with the weather. If we get a good bit of rain at just the right time, they'll be everywhere with a more brilliant shade of blue. Other years, we don't see quite as many and their not nearly as pretty.

      That said, we always look forward to bluebonnet season and always hope to have them in abundance. Actually, I think we're going to plant some near the house, so next year we can have our own mini-field to enjoy.

  2. I'm trying not to be too envious of your country life, Mindy! I'm so glad your long-awaited dream has finally be realized. :-)

    And I think Texas is the only place I've ever heard a farm pond being referred to as a tank. When we first moved there, I had visions of stock tanks like we see here - metal or plastic containers that hold hundreds of gallons of water for the stock. I was really confused when someone mentioned fishing in a stock tank.... Only in Texas!

    Our country is so much fun in its diversity!

    1. Ummm. The ponds on the ranches are called tanks in South Dakota too...

    2. Jan, we usually just refer to this one and the one in front of the camphouse as "the lake." However, having grown up in Michigan, I know folks would laugh at that. And pond just doesn't feel right, though that's probably what it really is. But they're also for the cattle, so it's a tank.

      And yes, our nation is so diverse in its landscape. However, now that I think about it, so is Texas. From the Piney Woods to Big Bend to South Padre. I think I feel a road trip comin' on.

  3. What a sweet baby photo!!

    Mindy, I'm so glad you finished your bathroom. I like the Plan B!

    BTW, I've never heard the term tank!

    1. Missy, I just told my husband yesterday that every time I walk into that bathroom now, I smile. I'm glad we went with plan B, too.

      And as for that baby pic... This Grammy's heart swooned. She's such a doll.

  4. Country living suits, you, Mindy! Love that adorable baby smile...kinda coy, like she knows she's got your wrapped around her little itsy bitsy finger.

    That vanity is awesome!!! Love it so much! That belongs in a decorating magazine. And totally fitting with your rustic surroundings.

    And I might be a wee bit jealous about the bluebonnets (though not the snakes that are likely lurking among them..yes I'm fixated on those shuddery things.) Have you read The Legend of the Buebonnet by Tomie De Paola? Beautiful picture book and the reason I am fascinated by bluebonnets.

    1. Kav, it's her daddy she's got wrapped around her finger. He is definitely smitten. Not that I'm not.

      I hadn't thought about vanity that way, but you're right. It does fit our surroundings. I love it.

      You always bring up the snakes, Kav. I've only seen one this year. A harmless one, but as I told my snake-loving son, I still don't want it in my garage.

      So let's talk bluebonnets. I absolutely love them. They're even prettier when they're highlighted by the other wildflowers. Shades of pink, bright red, yellow, white and reddish orange... (contented sigh)